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Playing multiplayer online is stupid? Because that's 90% of the reason I buy NHL games #2.2
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Not trying to knock the bundle, seems fine, but it's basically just a $10 discount on Destiny. All well and good, but not a "hell of a deal" in my book. I'll stick with my black model anyways, looks better in my entertainment center #4.1
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Uhh... Because it's a song. I'm not sure the artist would be thrilled if a company changed the words on their track to please a partner. #6.1
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Youshouldproblywait #24.1
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Yeah I honestly don't get why they would choose this. I like the part where you get bruises and scratches if you are more of a criminal, but the hereditary system is just pointless. #23.1
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Or do GTA missions and get GTA money. either way. #4.1
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How is one score more "real" than another? I'm not in any way saying this 8 isn't real for this reviewer, I'm just wondering how you know that someone else didn't really think the game deserved the number they gave it #1.1
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Do you really think Rockstar would sacrifice a huge install base of customers on current consoles in favor of the relative few people who will have a next gen system at launch? With the amount of money they've spent in development and marketing they need to sell as many as they can, which means selling first on current gen, then in 6 months or so on next gen.

You'll get your PS4/XB1 GTA V in time, be patient. #2.2
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Depends on what you mean by "holiday season". Since GTA is out before what would usually be considered holiday season anyone who buys it in the first month or more would not count for this bet.

If the bet is "which game will sell more from today until Christmas" I would go with GTA by a pretty safe margin. #6
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Before you go deciding a which is the Game of the Year, you might want to play it and not just watch a few short videos. I havn't seen any of the leaked videos so I honestly don't know if it has any "WOW", but I won't make any determination of the game quality until I have a few days of hands-on. #1.1
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Booooo! Boo this man! #1.1.5
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Is it bad that I just checked the ticket prices for a flight to Spain? Region lock ruined my plan. #1
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Well ill have the game in my hands in 96 hours, so good luck if any politician wants to pry it out of them (which I don't expect, video game outrage has largely subsided if you're not playing the role of a terrorist in an airport) #1.1.3
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Can't tell until I try both. #1.1
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Same time as the reviews show up from every other website (10AM EST Monday)? Got it. #3
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If Franklin is the only player that get's to have a dog (not confirmed, but seems implied) then he just became my favorite of the 3. #6
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Even just Los Santos proper looks a little bigger than Liberty City (and all the water between IV's islands). And then you have 3 or 4 other towns and huge swathes of country, desert and mountains between it all. I'm honestly not disappointed in the slightest. #1.1
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@abzdine... pedigree. #1.1.6
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north west corner has a property right on the beach. not an island, but that will be my first purchase #23.1
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Relax bud, this had nothing to do with Xbox bashing, just curious. Not that I really should be defending myself here, but I have both Xbox and PS3 and I'll be buying this for Xbox because I have more friends who will be online there. #2.3
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