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So glad that this site is going to be put out of business soon with articles like this being the type of things to come out of Gawker sites now. Not that jumping on the Xbox hate-train circle-jerk isn't anything new when it comes to N4G.

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Now someone should write a separate article about the mind-blowing way that you can unlock Super Saiyan 2 by buying it from the store using zeni.

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Extremely impressive sounding and I'm glad to see it is as good as I hoped. Can't wait for Friday to come so I can pick up my copy.

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Was really surprised with how fun Nekopara ended up being. Fluffy and cute visual novels like this deserve some recognition, though I have a feeling it'll be a while before we end up seeing the second volume.

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While this is certainly a list of high rated games, about 85% of the games you have on there are also available on Xbox One. Not exactly the best comparison to use especially with most of the PS4 exclusives ranking lower than the Xbox One exclusives. Of course this place being what it is, it doesn't matter.

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Seems like the reason Grisaia no Kajitsu is on Kickstarter is so that they can purchase the rights to use the original Japanese voice track as it was not included in their licensing of the game.

Same thing happened to a few other visual novels in the past. For example MangaGamer released Koihime Musou without any voice work and when it reached a certain sale point, they were able to buy the rights and add them into the game through a free patch.

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Wow, I never thought that they would try and bring the whole trilogy over. Hopefully with the anime airing now to raise awareness they will be able to bring all three of them over. Glad to see that they are also going to aim for the mature versions as well rather than just the all-ages ones.

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I really am loving this game. The anime does make predicting some things pretty easy but there is a lot more to it than that since you can actually interact and learn more about the characters and the class trials are a blast.

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Almost every MMO requires an initial price to pay when you start up. FFXIV:ARR does, even WoW still does unless you want to remain at level 20, though I haven't really kept up with that game. Sure free to play MMOs are fine but sometimes you need quality and need to pay a bit for it.

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The last time I really looked close at gameplay for this was about a year ago now so I'm really glad that it has been polished up a lot from what it once was. Might be tempted to pick it up once it is released on the next-gen consoles, since my PC is pretty shitty for something like this.

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Glad to see a lot of love for Ni no Kuni and Project X Zone in those few categories. Not a big fan of the console winners though as Gears of War was really terrible compared to past games.

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I have to agree that I really don't see how One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 won, even with Last of Us getting the whole GotY award that doesn't seem to fit at all.

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I really hope this game does well enough to warrant the Vita version coming over. I've already picked it up and I love playing it, but it does have its faults and everything I've seen of Shinovi Versus looks great.

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To be honest, after playing this one I don't know if I'd be able to go back to playing a normal Harvest Moon game again, A New Beginning didn't really do anything for me.

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This game is seriously addicting. I downloaded it earlier today and ended up sitting plugged into the wall for awhile because I nearly killed my 3DS battery twice. Finally had to pull myself away from it to let it have a real charge for tomorrow.

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Funny how the review mentions at the end how it'd be best as a portable game or a phone app... Should point him towards Game Dev Story which came out two years before this...

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I'm still amazed that this game got released in the West, especially in physical form. I'm hoping that if it does well in sales, not only will we be seeing some future Miku titles but maybe other idol rhythm games may make the jump too, such as that Neptunia one or even a legitimate [email protected]

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So we're meant to take advice from some unknown person's unreliable roommate's half-blood sister about some strange scam job she pulls off on a computer? Clearly spam of course but c'mon at least try.

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Hm, using Fox News in the video for saying how violence is always blamed on violent video games is real low hanging fruit. Fox News is pretty much the trash of televised news and will do anything to keep their talking heads spouting BS and keeping people in the dark about important factors.

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I've been playing this since it came out on Tuesday and I really cannot get enough of it. Sadly I thought I'd know nearly every character except for the originals but there have so far been about eight of them that I have never seen before playing this title. Cannot recommend it enough.

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