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But there are no PS4 games in the hands of the public. So how is that a relevant argument?

That's like discussing space policy from the perspective of already having colonies on the moon.

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I'm pretty sure you are entitled to your Nintendo opinion.

I just don't want to hear it, either way.

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Have you played many PS4 games?

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I've always found the dumbass things he says to be the rule rather than the exception.

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The sales projections were set to disingenuously bolster their financial projection for the year. They never actually expected 5M+ sales of the game. They needed those games to not only cover their own dev/marketing budgets and profit. They needed those games to completely buoy the company financially while their Japanese core continues to flounder spectacularly. It was a hefty bet on their own financial shell game.

They knew full well how these games would perform. This was ...

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I've definitely had much better luck with PCSX2 than with Dolphin. The only games I have that encounter any major issues, in the form of intermittent FPS drops are Kingdom Hearts II and Dragon Quest VIII. I also get some infrequent crashing on FFX. Playing those games in 1080p and universal button/stick remapping is a pretty good trade-off, generally.

Dolphin on the other hand doesn't seem to run anything particularly well.

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I haven't seen anyone say they'd pay $600.

Anyone you've seen say that is probably lying or at least in a very small minority of the general market.

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Doesn't confirm anything. It's a safe assumption that it won't be free.

I've always assumed the Gaikai BC service would be a subscription based, all-you-can-eat streaming service like Netflix. (If it happens at all.) $5 or $10 a month for the entire PlayStation back catalog seems like a reasonable proposition to me. You would be paying for some stuff you've already got, but you're also paying for thousands of things you don't.


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I expect AMD will be making a negligible return on console hardware.

I do think they'll benefit by being the defacto standard to which games are made, having a huge impact for them in their PC market.

We've been seeing a lot more studios put more focus on AMD chipsets lately, likely due to heavy investment from AMD themselves. We're about to see every studio put more focus on AMD chipsets.

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I can't imagine this works very well. It's pretty spotty, even on PC.

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The Mod Squad are always ready.

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Do yourself a favor and don't talk on behalf of very large groups of people.

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It will be fine once it makes the logical leap to PC.

If for some reason this isn't possible, such as a contract restriction with Nintendo, then it's probably not going to be fine.

I've been gobsmacked with the Wii(U) exclusivity since it was announced and it's playing out exactly as I would have expected.

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It's true. We're all ignorant boobs over here. No clue what's going on.

This is further evidenced by Bethesda's on-going success in the face of their continued belittling directly to their customers' faces.

Can I have Fallout 4 now, please?

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To be fair, I felt that even Rocksteady themselves kind of lost a little bit of the spark of the first one in Arkham City.

But they definitely showed a passion and depth of knowledge in the Batman mythos that is rarely represented in media outside comics and often in comics too.

WB Montreal has big shoes to fill. My advice: Don't focus on Rocksteady would do. Focus on what Batman would do.

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Whoa whoa whoa.

Whatever Level 5 is working on.. I want it. I am a big fan.

Let me make that utterly clear.

I just... kinda don't want to by hyped about it for 2..3..4+ years. White Knight Chronicles took 5.

More than that.. I don't wanna see those guys kill themselves to deliver on a promise made prematurely.

I'm thrilled they're working on a PS4 game. Fingers crossed it's another Studio ...

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Just like they did with White Knight Chronicles.

Just like SE did with FFXIII, Versus XIII and Agito XIII.

Just like Rockstar did with Agent.

The list goes on and on... And it never ends well. They're doing themselves a disservice more than me. I'm trying to help.

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Mega Man X2 probably isn't worth the trouble to remake in the same way.

Mega Man X4 on the other hand, gimme gimme gimme.

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Don't announce a game because you're working on one.

Announce a game because you're preparing to release one.

Let's please not start this stupid merry-go-round again.

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