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Is she hot? #6
That didn't stop Youkai Watch shifting 118K units during the holiday; a game that's been out for several weeks now...

I wonder what the excuses will be for HW's second week of sales? There's been heavy rain in southern Japan the last few days, maybe that will hit Hyrule's sales... #2.4.1
'well it gives the game a few more days on the market to sell more units for starters..'

Which is just the same for all new releases. Almost all Japanese games get released on a Thursday, and these figures cover Aug 11-17, so that't the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Next week I predict this game is going to drop like a stone. Even I thought it would do 150K first week; it didn't even do half of that. #2.1.6
Sometimes? OK, I'll be keeping my eyes open for this sudden consumer demand. #5.1
Yeah, it's not surprising that Hyrule Warriors didn't increase sales very much. #1.1.1
What does full week ever have to do with anything??

It's the same for all new releases... #2.1.1
@ Chrischi1988

Mortal Kombat better than SF4 ? I think you might have a hard time convincing anyone but yourself on that one.

Let me guess, SF4 got less popular with the Nintendo fans all of a sudden (but I bet they liked it just fine when the DS got a port). #5.3.8
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Sure, but if the combat is like it was in AC2, I have to question why it is there at all; the game would have been more fun without it.

Anyway, I've only ever played and beaten AC2. The ones that came after it just didn't look like much of an improvement. ACU is looking like the game I've been waiting for.

My other wish for this is to be able to select French voice acting with English subs; sorry, but being in Paris and hearing northern Englan... #3.1.1
Getting more interested in this, but want to know if the combat still sucks. #3
Yeah, there ain't no evergreen when the install base is low, and the Wii U doesn't have its, 'Wii Sports', this time around to keep shifting hardware. #5.1
I guess Nintendo isn't very popular in them Nordic parts. #1

#1 Titanfall
#2 Mario Kart

The guy that runs it is an MS fanboy and a Sony hater, so Nintendo come before Sony. #6.1
Probably because it's just half a game that you are forced to play through twice; the second time while dragging around an NPC with bad AI. #5.4
Those shadowy babies in the school really freak me out, especially that noise they make. #2.1.2
Some good looking stuff.

Guns Up! looks cool.

Good to see they are doing a sequel to Rocket Birds. #6
Q Games too?

I was wondering what they have been up to all this time; surely not just other Nu Nu game they are working on.

This has me interested. #18
Have to agree that playing driving games with a pad when you have a wheel sucks.

Don't want to replace my G25. #1.4.1
They just guesstimate figures, then tweak with a slice of bias.

Finally, fix the numbers based on more reliable sources when they think nobody is looking. #2.1.3
I have the original game via PSN, which I can play on PSP, PS3, and Vita. Also played through the GC remake back in the day.

No anger, but no excitement either.

Having said that, I never bought 5 as I didn't like the demo, and 6 looked even worse; never played it in any form.

I'd rather they remake 2; I have it but have never really played it. Maybe that will be inevitable if Capcom sense some easy cash. #3.3.1
'It is met with postive reactive due to the fact that the new "Resident Evil" games are complete rubbish.'.

Agreed. #3.2.1
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