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Capcom - proud of their Osaka roots, and keeping it real. #40
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I prefer MGS2 to some of the others. I still don't like how you can just run through MGS3 without penalty. #1.1.7
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Was also pretty funny how ANY driver coming along would just go crazy and come after you, regardless of what you did. #11.2
I loved Far Cry 2.

Yeah, the respawning outposts were a bit of chore, but I loved the immersion in that game with the 24 hour cycle and the weather. I really got hooked up in that. I still have my copy in the hope that I'll play it again some day.

Also hilarious sniping those fools when they were on a boat, and watching them hop off into the water. #1.4
I wish Japan had a season pass... #3.1
Pretty much all of the dlc has to be bought, either via season pass or individually.

Still, it's pretty good value. #1.1.4
Classic #5.1.2
Fishing for hits while trying to make some BS politically correct stance is creepier. #10
Yes, another location please. #10
I have a G25 that I use with GT6 and love it, but I also play Driveclub with a pad.

Driveclub is most certainly playable with a pad.

I imagine DC is better with a wheel, but it's a lot of fun even if you've only got a pad. #2.1.1
I know Triumph bikes are held in high esteem, but why? What's so good about them?

Genuine question. Is it build quality? Engineering? Reliability? #2
If they keep doing this they'll have nothing to remaster next gen, as they won't have released any new games to remaster.

RE4: 4K Remaster? #35
Housemarque? Day 1. #4
1CC Raiden IV #10
So don't use it.

Doesn't justify the feature not being there. #1.6.1
'Beautiful'.. Kinda low key :-) #3
Says more driver levels will be added each month. #2.2
Love that trailer when it goes slo-mo and the lightning strikes. Kinda cheesy but cool! #10
Really you just need to learn the tracks and get used to the aggressive AI. #9.2
Typically a clueless idiot being paid to write garbage. #4.1
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