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I'm in the UK and my Vita has been OK. Synched trophies an hour ago and was playing LBP online fine yesterday. #7.1
Not even a 40GB patch can fix this one. #6
I was playing on the new Elements events just last night.

Awesome. #1.2.13
They are perfectly OK if made by Nintendo. #24

Far Cry 3 coop mode on PS3 was buggy as hell, crashed probably as often as 1 match out of every 4 you played, and Ubisoft never patched it once.

Maybe they patched it after I sold it, but I must have had the game from launch and owned it for about 6 months and not a single patch for a buggy mess in all that time. #2.1.2
I beat it.

Enjoyed it, but main complaint is that it gets repetitive, and the gameplay never really develops after the first few stages.

I also found there's no way to control what type of punch Knack does, using the standard punch attack, and they are not all the same. There are many times where I'd swear he should have hit the enemy, but instead whiffed it, and I'd either die or lose a bunch of health as a result. I can definitely say that'... #2.5.2
superchiller called it.

Bubs up. #17.4
Every time someone sells their Wii U, a Nintendo fanboy screams out in pain. #12.1
They never said it was bad.

If you don't like the same old Nintendo IPs that they release for every console generation before moving on and doing the same thing again, then you won't like the Wii U. #4.1.1
Yeah, they hate those Z rated western games... #1.2
Don't do it so much these days, but I like to play through Uncharted from time to time. #20
I just remembered I have the PS3 game. #4
So Nagoshi san does higher level stuff now that he got a promotion? #6
It's only OK if Nintendo do it. #5.7
Yeah, absolutely nobody but you... #10
Someone fetch the ointment. #2.2
I gave up on Nintendo after the Gamecube.

Sorry, but I'm tired of their games, their mentality, and the way the media always gives them a free ride. #1.1.8
+1 #4.3
Lol. I just ordered the special edition. #1.16
You're right, it did release on a Saturday. #5.3
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