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It was sold at a loss for a long time prior to that.

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Wow, this could blow my mind.

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It's THAT site.

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Bu bu but, it's not a handheld, it's a hybrid.

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Septic, moldypizza, and krib

It's like a group therapy session in here.

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I'm surprised to see you being so outspoken about Forza's franchise fatigue.

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I got the game on day 1 and am still only about 55% through the 'campaign'

The final level 5 challenge was awesome.

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Overpriced plastic garbage.

Polluting the environment near you soon, if not already.

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I'm enjoying GTS.

Last night's session was particularly enjoyable. Challenge mode, the first mini endurance race, 15 laps of Alsace at dawn in cockpit view. Even though I only have a 1080p TV with no HDR, the visuals blew me away and the overall experience was awesome. Finished second. Tonight, aiming for first!

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Like, climbing?

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I personally prefer well designed, satisfying combat over climbing.

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That actually made me chuckle.

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Vroom in the Night Sky

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Same here.

The Thing is better, but I can always watch EFNY again.

You're A number one !

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JokeX said

'Already the best selling atlus game. Now go cry about how flopza 7 sold 176k on xbone. Look like all 30 million xboners aren't supporting it. Lmao. Embarassing to get destroyed by a 'niche' JRPG.'

You're too bad.

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Gos back to playing Uncharted 4

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I was playing Crash Bandicoot last night and thought THIS is the kind of platformer I want to play.

Really brutal but fair and very satisfying to finally beat a stage.

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I do have fun with it.


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Plan to get one in 2018

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GT Sport out sold Project cars 2 and Forza 7

Wouldn't be surprised if it outsold both of them combined.

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