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I sold my GC long ago. Kept hold of K7, but then sold it too..

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Pretty much this.

Software support is the key.

Vita is still a valid platform to this day.

Having said that, the first / second party games didn't sell. I don't know why as I enjoyed most of them. Everybody's Golf 6 was a main series sequel, perfect for gaming on the go, and a great game. It should have sold very well, but didn't.

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ONRUSH has to be the worst name for a game ever.

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Id buy a remake / port as I no longer have the original.

One of the most memorable games I've ever played.

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This could be mind blowing in VR but I wonder if motion sickness will be an issue.

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'There are far worse problems with the Switch than the lack of an ethernet port:
- The awful wifi connection'

I'm lost for words.

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Maybe, but that's not saying much.

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For the final time, I haven't over exaggerated anything.

I haven't even mentioned the pros and cons of wired V wireless.

Nintendo are too cheap to put a wired port in the dock. This is what the article is about, this is what the author is requesting, and a point you keep avoiding.

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Started Silver Case HD earlier today.

Controls are weird but enjoying it so far.

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The question is specific to the dock.

Ask the author of the article, who requests: 'Nintendo, Please Add an Ethernet Port to the Switch Dock'.

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Only, you don't need to spend a penny to do that: just get up and change a cable.

How 'fresh' is that?

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1) I didn't over-eggagerate anything. Simply stated that lack of wired is cutting corners, and Nintendo being cheap as usual.

Don't bother replying: I already know you believe wireless is better than wired...

2) The dock should have had it in the first place.

Enjoy trying to get your Wii ethernet adapter working with your Switch. Gotta try and get your money's worth!

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Hardly ever watch streams.

Would much rather be playing.

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The typical response of a Nintendo fan.

1) Ignore the original point and root cause
2) Advocate spending more money to upgrade something else

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Plus, as a result of Nitendo's corner cutting, the system probably isn't engineered to pass network data anyway.

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I'm not convinced.

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At this point, does anyone care?

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So far?

Well, whatever, but the tiresome, scripted hospital sequence at the start of V is easily the worst of the lot.

I had to force myself to play through that.

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*Insert "Well that's just, like, your opinion, man" meme here*

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I think you already got confusion.

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