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Switch has yet to prove it can be sold to any audience other than the die hard Nintendo fans.

1 2 3 Switch has already failed to attract casuals.

Will be interesting to see if Arms has legs.

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My folks just replaced a TV that I bought 16 years ago.

A widescreen CRT.

It was pretty badass at the time.

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Fair point.

I'm not really a collector, just found that I haven't had time to play it.

Also, mine is the Japanese one, which is still being manufactured and fairly easy to buy in Japan, so I'm not depriving anyone of their retro fix :-)

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Colossal hunger.

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As an owner of an imported US SNES back in the day, I'm tempted by this (even though my NES mini has yet go leave its box)

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The import version of this seems to be surprisingly popular in Japan.

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Nintendo advertise Arms day and night on TV in Japan.

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Cash grab to try and recover some of the moolah they wasted on Ultra SFII

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Marlow was too stupid to be believable as a villain.

Talbot was good though.

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Lol I remember their nonsense about not mastering HD development.

That's because when EVERYONE else was embracing the latest tech, instead Nintendo was desperately trying to keep the casuals entertained with Wii shovelware.

Wii Sports Resort !

Wii Fit !!

Wii Music !!!

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Wipeout HD did 1080p 60fps in 2008

There are probably better examples.

Yes, the Switch is powerful for a portable device but it's also incredibly overpriced for 10 year old tech.

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Don't make me laugh.

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PC fans arguing with X Box fans.

Grabs popcorn

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Shadow Fall and Gravity Daze have already been on Plus in Japan as Tapani says.

Not sure about Child of Light but probably that too.

I have all 3 already one way or another, so this isn't of much interest to me, but it does mean I can sell my disc version of Shadow Fall for peanuts.

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Like how Hori's new stick is said to have improved/reduced input lag.

So, it is a controller issue too.

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^ SONY need to fix the root cause, but I find this works well for me.

The main issue I have is trying to load the PSN Store after playing Uncharted 4. It just never loads, but use the quick fix above and voila.

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I thought input lag is also affected by the controller.

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So true.
In Japan they are using Dragon Quest as bait to sell the New 2DS LL - the most unnecessary hardware iteration in history.

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I just put 55 hours into FS16.

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