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I wondered the same thing.

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They are rushing it out to meet the current financial year ending on March 31st.

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The odd thing is the presentation was clearly trying to show Nintendo's new blood producers and directors, while keeping the likes of Miyamoto very much in the background.

Unfortunately the result seems to have been everything put into a pot, mixed up, and thown at the wall in the hope that it will stick.

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Aiming a weapon with motion control makes everything else seem stale in comparison?

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Scalpers are interested in this thing.

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Nintendo is trying to push inferior hardware at a higher price.

It is unfair: unfair to consumers.

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Mass legal cases incoming when people play gimmick software like Arms in handheld configuration and throw their Switch main unit across the room.

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Imagine taking your fully charged Switch on the road with you but then forgetting that you didn't charge the joycons.

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The JP launch has 4 games on March 3rd:

1 2 Switch
DQ Builders 1 and 2
Bomberman R

So 2 or maybe 3 ports, and 1 2 Switch....

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I laughed.

Tokyo Jungle on PS3 looks superior.

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Do you need an additional controller to play this? Looks like it. If so, probably means they couldn't really bundle it without bundling in an additional controller too.

Now add the cost of all that up, and decide whether you'd rather play cowboy bang bang using your finger instead.

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Snack Mama : Cocktail Master

Take the role of the lady that runs the bar in the original Yakuza game. Feel the joy as you put 3 ice cubes into a glass before serving up a highball to the local thugs.

Switch exclusive.

You saw it here first!!

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* Imagines Reggie approaching strangers and asking if they want to share the joy *

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Scalping does not mean success, and knowing Nintendo they'll pull their usual stunt of holding back production to try and make it look like there is huge demand.

Supply constraint!

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Lol, you just reminded me they spent a bunch of time going on about ice cubes in a glass..

Maybe their new IP is Wii Cocktail.

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Sounds half-baked: rushing the launch.

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Jack of all trades but master of none.

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I want to see someone playing Arms on a plane!

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Good question.

One Two Switch I think.

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