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Who cares? I'm playing it nearly every day. #15
Can't wait to find out which are the most disappointing games of the millennium. #3
Also, please don't nerf tour difficulty. I don't usually buy much DLC, but those tours are a good price with some great content, and I love the challenge. #7
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I'd like to see replays soon, but at the same time, I'm so busy playing the game and the ton of challenges I'm getting, I don't have time to watch replays :-) #6
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All your grind are belong to us #2.1.5
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fuck off #15
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I'm glad they are adding two more tour packs in July, in addition to what was originally planned because they gave out the first two free.

Those tour packs are well worth the money IMO, and will keep me busy for a long time. #4.2
I generally use bumper view and there are times when you really can't see a thing. Always have to be careful about getting too close to the car/cars in front too, or they end up filling the screen. Still, that view is a rush. #2.1
Gaming journalism is so boring these days.

It's a chore to even read the soundbites.

Time to go do something else. #39
Never pay attention to reviews anyway.

Currently loving Driveclub. #19
Joined 7 days ago and already down to 3 bubbles?

That's impressive. #17.3
Vita is getting an app, just like last time. #2
Anyone want to join my club, or looking for someone to join theirs?

I'm driver level 35, club level 15.

PM me if interested. #7
Wow, Media Create did publish those figures.

I've no idea how PS4 suddenly sold so well, but congratulations. #4.1.2
So what is the explanation for PS4 suddenly selling a truck load without any new games or hardware bundle/version?

I suspect that whoever leaked the Media Create figures simply made a typo, but happy to be proven wrong. #4.1.1
The Famitsu figures had things the other way around.

I suspect this is an error by whoever leaked the figures, as there's no obvious explanation as to why the PS4 figures would be so high without the release of any major software or new hardware version/bundle.

Wii U has momentum in Japan right now due to Smash Bros. Let's not forget that it's also significantly cheaper than PS4. For PS4 to win 'toshidama week' would be very impressive. #5.2
Yes, I've had this at least twice. I find it seems to happen after a firmware update.

Anyway, caseh's first solution (power off, unplug the power cable from the PS4, reconnect) resolved it for me. #3.2
I'm in the UK and my Vita has been OK. Synched trophies an hour ago and was playing LBP online fine yesterday. #7.1
Not even a 40GB patch can fix this one. #6
I was playing on the new Elements events just last night.

Awesome. #1.2.13
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