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Didn't bother with the article, but I wonder if the author has beaten Survival mode on hard yet.

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You keep mentioning publisher of the year. Where is the link?

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Yet the reason this time is simply to release the game on the NX at the same time.

For those with short memories, or living in denial, it's the exact same thing they did with TP on the Gamecube.

Which is one of the reasons I haven't given Nintendo a penny of my cash since the last time they pulled this BS.

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I don't think you can fix who you fight against in rank matches.

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They were hoping to attract the Golden Week buyers, but only 20-40% of shipment sell through doesn't look good.

One online retailler already has it at 20% off.

Still, not all doom and gloom. Kirby on 3DS seems to be doing well for Nintendo.

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DC didn't kill my DS4. I remember Warhawk killed at least one DS3.

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I read you may be able to fix that by resetting the pad via the pin hole on the underside. YouTube it if you haven't tried it yet.

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@ Monkey

For someone so satisfied you seem to spend more time on here attempting damage control than you do playing your beloved Wii U.

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You just need to convince 800,000 people of that.

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1.03 seems to have broken the dates that are linked to replays.

You should also be able to report players. I'm seeing an unpleasant trend of trolls in casual matches: players with a ton of experience that try to make out they are noobs. Just ran into one and when I checked their profile they had obviously deliberately lost a string of rank matches to get their LP down to zero.

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I don't own a 4K TV, and don't plan to get one at present.

If I did, I would want hardware that supports it.

What's the big deal?

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Yup, Ken has banana hair.

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Would that work though seen as the user in questuion has already disconnected from the CFN?

Played a bunch and every single match has gone through to completion.

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It's going to be difficult to hide Alex and Guile back behind a paywall when the time comes.

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Might have to get me some of that.

Seth, Ramon, and Vanessa.

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I got the Arcade Archives version recently.

Do do do doo do do, do-doo do do, do doo

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This article is thought provoking.

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Totally agree.

I'm so tired of having to fight Ken.

So refreshing when I find an opponent that is using someone other than Ken or Ryu.

Love punishing whiffed dragon punches.

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Sales of Wii U went down on the launch of Starfox compared to the previous week.

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