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Rock Band Sundays - my mom comes over and plays bass or guitar, I have an ION kit for drums, my wife sings. We play Rock Band, and we have a nice dinner with family. My wife and I are learning guitar and bass for real with Rocksmith, but there is a lot of fun to be had with plastic clicking instruments. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Nothing would make me happier. #11
Dear OP,

When a girl takes off her top she's "topless". When a girl takes off her bottoms and her top she's "Completely naked". Learn the difference. Thanks! #11
Based on what, exactly? #2.1
Ran out of time at E3 and didn't get to try this for myself. :/ #1
Becoming? It has always been a press and special guests only affair. Go to PAX - that's for consumers. #8.1
If I learned anything at E3, there are several companies that don't think we need anything to play in 2014. :/ #3
I'm invited. No NDA at all. Not sure where you are getting that sort of idea, but I've never in 15 years signed an NDA at E3. A lot of other events? Sure. E3? Never. #1.1.2
I foresee this one being on a lot of "of the year" lists, including my own. #3
This one flew under my radar. Sounds like it's halfway decent though. #1
I'd be more than happy to set aside some cash for both of those, thank you very much. #26
You beat me to it. Came in here to give him the "Lighten up, Francis" speech, but you nailed it. People need to thicken up that skin a little bit. #2.1
Not much point to this though - money is used for vehicles and weapons, but vehicles are everywhere and you need about 350k to buy all the weapons. #2
From what I hear, you'll be happy you don't have it for a few days while they iron out the PC issues. Still, it's an awesome game. :) #1.1
Thanks for the compliment - means a lot to me. :) #4.1
Gotta disagree. I really enjoyed the game quite a bit. I enjoyed this title over GTAV, hands down. #1.2
Thanks - I appreciate it. I had to build out more than a dozen supporting videos just to really cover the side activities. This game is full to bursting with things to do. Hate to sound like a cheerleader for the game, but it's a blast. #1.1.1
Yea, they did a good job ironing out almost all of the technical issues. Pop-in is minimal, and framerate issues only seem to happen on rare occasions. #2.1.1
Not much to do? The fuck you say. There is a TON to do. Been playing it non-stop for the last five days. There is PLENTY to do. This is just a pathetic load of clickbait. #6.2
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So the fact that they demonstrated that each of these can, with enough work, be done in the real world didn't convince you? This article is ignorance personified. #10
I love Ubi passion projects like this. They aren't gonna set the world on fire in profits, but it's totally a cool little game. #4
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