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It really did feel like a return to the NFS roots. It wasn't on my radar (this year is extra busy!), but it certainly is now!

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I'm not a big MOBA player, but I have been enjoying the twitchy-shooter action of Paragon. It also looks pretty crispy at 1440p/60+fps.

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I like it when games bridge the gap of entertainment and something deeper. Thanks for the review.

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I was floored how well the story integrates with the live action stuff. Looking forward to this one.

841d ago 6 agree0 disagreeView comment need TWO plastic instruments. ;) At least the microphones are just a standard USB, so you can re-use the plethora you likely already have.

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I imagine they struggle with "resetting" the player between each game. Mass Effect pulled it off, but DA has always did a hard cutover. Interesting as it's the same company!

1004d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment Monokuma still in this game?

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I understand where you are coming from. To some extent, I agree that many games have become more 'simple' with their solutions, the new dash and better focus on verticality looks like it'll add a lot more options to the mix for tackling areas.

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NEW SCREENS! Oh wait, they are the size of a postage stamp and can't be clicked on. :/

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I'll certainly agree that 1 and 2 were both rife with some issues. Witcher 1 with "you can't rest until you find a fire" stuff, and the super-constricted world of Witcher 2 were problematic. This looks like they've taken, at least, both of those shackles off. I've got high hopes for the parts of the game we've not seen yet...

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Lol. It's true - we are very aboard the hype train. :)

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I'd say it's new as no other (other than maybe the Gothic series) open world game has this level of depth. Most open world games have an incredible amount of mindless repetition.

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There is a LOT of room to dig into the why of how he became such a psychopath though. That'll be fun

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Dungeon Keeper from EA is a very....VERY low bar to hurdle. It's kinda not even a hurdle as much as a bar laying on the floor or perhaps sitting in a depression. What a horrible money grubbing piece of crap that was.

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Would you like some salve for that burn, Travis?

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Oh but you should. Seriously. You should not only play it, but play it twice for both sides of the conflict. Soooo good.

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Happy to not only own, but have completed every one of these. Witcher 3 is gonna be soooooooo amazing!

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Rock Band 3 is a staple of my household. Every weekend, almost without fail, it's Rock Band and movies with family.

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With such a very, *very* long cycle on the last generation of consoles, it's a pretty huge pool of games to choose from. Looking forward to seeing the whole list.

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I have a sneaking suspicion this might rile a few people up. 0_o

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