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I agree, no. Battery life + a game like Dragon Age + touch controls = nooooo thank you. #1.3
You don't like three-color option slideshows? #1.2.1
I'm hopeful that they've learned and listened to fan feedback. With Darrah, Laidlaw, and Gaider at the helm (pun intended), I'm hopeful. Also...what the hell is your icon?? #1.1
Ha! Good eye. That spider sure ate his Wheaties! #24
I really, really need to get some time set aside to beat this game. I played it when it came out, but never got around to actually finishing it. #5
This Need for Speed was good. Regardless of whether you went to the event or not, the game was solid. The review scores bear that out. The one for next-gen launch on the other hand, was not nearly as good, and the scores bear that out. I think there is a lot of teeth-gnashing and hang-wringing about pretty much...nothing. Either you are a professional, or you aren't. Trips here and there to cover things make literally zero difference to that, if you are a professional. #6
"WELMMMM TO YRR DMMMMMMM!!" Ahh yes, the start of voice work for the Genesis. Good times. #2
I'm a fan. I'd love to see one of these in person. #54
These are kinda slick. I wonder if these will get banned at some point though... Still, I want one! #32
True! Don't forget that MGS5 is also coming to Steam as well. PC gamers win out too. #1
From what I've heard, the second one is far better. #4.1
I didn't know anything about this series until I read this review. Holy...crap. This game is DARK. I assumed it was just another cutsey dating-sim-esque type game. I was mistaken. #1
Fans are now making fan art decrying the death of Tomb Raider. I don't mind exclusives, but this timed exclusive business is just super frustrating. Do I buy it for XB1? Do I buy the super-mega-ultra-totally high rez version later? Annoying. #14
I feel like I should snap into a Slim Jim while I read this. Or perhaps tear off my shirt or paint my face. #1
I feel like COD had kinda settled into a pattern, so it was good to see a shakeup beyond the usual. #2
The art in this game, including the box art, is simply fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend the art books from Titan. #3
I know folks that were working at Timegate at the time of this debacle. Gearbox is totally on the hook for this. Want to know why you get a machine gun, but then in another level get a pistol? That's because that level was moved, wholesale, mid-development. In fact, that sort of "Can I get the icon in cornflower blue?" sort of development went on the entire time. #2.2.3
I've tried, but I simply cannot care any less about what he has to say. Having met him in person, it's not any better live. #16.1
Absolutely not. For instance, I own Too Human. Those who bought it digitally can never play it again as it was removed from their library. I don't WANT to play it again, but I could. Just one example though. #30
You could...oh, I the article. Your reply suggests that you didn't. #1.2
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