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I absolutely and entirely agree, but several conversations with management on their side has not yielded positive results. The review that goes live is permanent and forever. :/ #17.1.1
And the best part is CAN'T pull your review. Sure, you can remove it or change it on your site, but if it's on Metacritic, it's forever. It sucks, but it's their policy. #17
Vehemently no. I'm not playing your F2P multiplayer game. Give me a single player experience and I'll gladly pay full price for that, but this isn't in any way interesting to me as longtime fan of the Kain / Raziel universe. #7
I predict Pachter will be as right as a broken clock, or slightly less accurate than the weatherman in 2015. Why does this guy get any airtime? #22
Literally the first building I tried to climb when I got to Paris, Arno spun to the side and clung to mid air. My first multiplayer game? I fell through the world, twice. Don't have to believe me - I've got video proof: #4.1
It's also coming to Android. #3.2
Give me an 8-bit hideous Battle Arena Toshinden character please. :D That was my first brush with Sony. #1
I hate the sound of my own voice but this was fun. #1
This links to another page that asks you to download a "program" to fix these issues. It feels SUPER thanks. #2
I 100% agree on The Banner Saga. That game is amazing. #1
What I like about this one is that it doesn't just follow a single character. Like the books, it's split up and follows several characters throughout their "chapters". #1.1
I'd go with TLoU, except it was the tail end of the generation. Now, GTAV on the other hand is a great way to START the new gen! #4.2
Why when I read "lining up the pieces" I immediately think of Tool? Anyway - here's to hoping that Kingdom Hearts III gives more than a cursory nod to the gameplay advancements that have come since KH2. #1
PUNNY! I see what you did there....

Seriously though, Nintendo certainly saved their best for last. When you think about it, it's kinda genius. They avoided all of the big-name titles entirely, catching everyone on the rebound of "what's next?" #1
Dear SquareEnix,

Nobody wants this game. We want a single player experience. Want to tack this nonsense onto a single player game? Fantastic. Do that. Let's not pretend this is what the fans of this series want.

Everyone #4
I'm very, very grateful that I've survived. I've had brushes with death while I was in the military, and brushes with suicide when I got out. My family and friends, as well as the incredible community of gamers I know, have helped me stand strong on my own two feet and get my life on the straight and narrow path. Today I'm in a much better place, and every day is a gift. Sorry for the sappy response, but there you have it. #213
I have a real appreciation for Bioware tackling these sorts of topics. It's certainly a part of the real world, so there isn't a good reason to not include it in the living worlds Bioware creates. #1
You can adjust it in the options. I dropped mine from 50ms (the default) to 4ms and had no problems. #5.1
Yep. As long as it has an audio jack you are good to go. #1.1.1
Thanks. I have to admit, I had a blast making it. :) #2.1
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