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Bumblebee Wrongski #2.3
I thought I would never want a Wii U, but now it has quite a bit of games. Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, and the upcoming Zelda. And of course Smash Bros.

Now, Sony and Naughty Dog, where oh where is our Crash Team Racing? :) #1.3
Oh boy...Mass Effect 4 is going to look amazing. And then there's the unannounced Star Wars project they are likely working on right now as well. For now, can't wait to play this one though! It's sticks out from the pack imo this year.

So. Many. Games. #1.1
Comes with the territory of livestream events unfortunately. Still looks pretty good and yeah, definitely going to be picking it up as well. I'm really digging the art style. #1.1
This holiday season looks insanely good. I am so excited. We've already got Forza Horizon, then AC Unity, Dragon Age Inqusition, Halo Master Chief Collection, Destiny (which I think is still a good game in some regards, though disappointing in some ways), Far Cry 4, GTA V new-gen, etc.

Then Bloodborne, Dying Light immediately in 2015. Looking pretty damn good to me! Then in Spring 2015 the Star Wars Battlefront announcement.'s endless.
... #1.2
Why is a difficult end-game so important? I just think the game is missing a ton of content reserved for DLC, obviously. I think all games need to provide multiple difficulty settings. Some of us like the extreme challenge, others don't. Dying a billion times while shooting an enemy that takes a ridiculous amount of damage does not sound like fun. I think it is obvious now that the 6 veterans that left BUngie during the development of Destiny had more influence than we all initially... #1.3
You can't be serious. I play games on my Xbox 360 and PS3 to this day and most of them are 720p. They'll nail down the 1080p eventually. This game was in development during the transition from old-gen and while new-gen was being created. It has been worked on since Brotherhood. Late 2015-2016 will give us more stable games in terms of resolution. Give it time people.

For now, can't we just enjoy the games? #2
The embargo was September 26th. I uploaded footage of the game on September 28th after the embargo, which is usually allowed. WB Games copyright striked my footage that had commentary. I bought the game, I posted the footage after embargo, AND made sure to include commentary and an introduction with my face. It is unacceptable. Content ID's are one thing, but when you copyright strike...that's uncalled for. #1.8
Val, you going to be in this rumored Top Gun 2 sequel or what? #1.3
I am hearing there is another map about the same size of this one. They act as zones, much like the locations in Assassin's Creed 2. Awesomeness! :) #1
Dmitri, yeah I noticed. It's crazy. November 11th-18th is going to be insane. I suppose they know what they are doing. They've got a game for racing fans, FPS fans, and third-person gamers. And there's even 2 Assassin games! LOL #1.2.1
Embedded video is obviously not Assassin's Creed Unity as the false reports claim. Thanks guys for helping me get it approved! #1
Well it's by Yager, they brought us Spec Ops: The Line so I can't imagine it being a bad game. I just think the demonstration was a bit uninteresting to be honest. They stayed within a very small area. Anyway, their history says that they can create good games so that is a good start imo. #2.3
So 2015-2016 will be Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V, The Division, Bloodborne, and Star Wars Battlefront? OMG, we are so spoiled! :D #5
The face tech is truly amazing I will say. I would love to see myself as a cartoon character in a game stylized like Team Fortress :D #1
Seriously can't wait to play this one! The actual gameplay looks like it will be the thing that sales the game! :) #2
What about the main protagonist from Hell on Wheels? Can't remember his name but he sure is a depresso sometimes on that show :P #1.1.5
It looks...ERMAZING! Thankfully we aren't going back to the same old American city for an open world game! #8.1.1
Pleas help get this approved. This is HD quality as compared to previously bad livestream quality. I am almost certain N4G wants to see 1080p HD!

BTW, I cannot wait for this one! :) #1.2
Oh...well that just sucks. #1.2.2
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