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I think I will be good to go! #6
Totally agree about the gunplay statement. I think the gunplay and movement in Watch Dogs is far superior than GTA 5 currently. I hate tapping the sprint button for 90% of the game. Why? Why not just hold down the button? lol #2.1.3
LOL Just what we needed I suppose :p #7
Yup! You're right. Self proclaimed vampires, though I think it is pretty creative take on cannibals still ;) #3.1
It's more than likely a melee finisher dedicated to Homeruns and grand slamming your opponents' heads off than an actual mini-game. Same thing with the football reference. #1.3
Don't listen to the reviews. Play the game you want to play. Even if it gets a 7, you may really enjoy it. Some people like Destiny, some people hate it. Just let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. Geeze. It's video games. And yes, there are SOME good gaming journalist out there too. #1.2
Forward Operating Base. Talking about the 1v1 challenges on your base. #4.1
I played it and I killed 3 people with the seeker mine. So it was definitely powerful for me! :D I think the kill time needs to be adjusted just a little though. #7.3
My main rule about life is if you don't like something, keep your mouth shut and let other people enjoy it. It's a good rule too. I love that rule.

Boogie's health issues have been explained in previous videos, the why's and how comes. Don't judge a book by its cover. It's a mistake. #1.1.2
Same. I really want to see the base of operations at this point. #5.1
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Everyone gets the loot from the dark zones. You all have to place your own bag on the helicopter rope and protect the one who called the extraction. After doing this, you get the dark zone loot. But if one person opens up the dz container, everyone gets that loot. Hope this helps. #2.1
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Thank you. Glad you liked the video! #1.1
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This is probably why I will revisit this game for sure :) #2
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Welp, maybe someone that has never played this game will enjoy it that much more...There's nothing wrong with that.

BTW, does it run at 60fps? #2
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Trust me, it looks great in person guys :) You can switch on the fly as well between 1st/3rd. And the in-game visuals are nearly identical to the cinematic in-game trailer. #1.4
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I can't believe a tactical SWAT game is encouraging you to shoot through walls -_- I can understand it as a defender, but not as SWAT. I was hoping it would be similar to Rainbow Six: Vegas. As SWAT, they need to remove sprinting, any heartbeat sensor, and discourage players from shooting through walls. #1.2
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Peter Moore said it was gameplay :) I hope it impresses, but DICE usually makes great games (notwithstanding the launch of BF4). Thankfully BF4 is stable now and I am enjoying it. I really want this one to be something special! #1.1
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Seems like it is always something in the gaming industry. I just wish everyone could get along. Damn -_- #2.1
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OMG. I am never buying another game again. Throwing away my Xbox 360 and PS3 collection now guys. I have the gasoline and match ready to go.

Goodbye my shitty Xbox 360 and PS3 subpar 720 games that are still to this day some of the best games made.

/sarcasm #1.2
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I didn't expect it to be revolutionary, but then again I am having a freaking blast in it so far. Love the maps and intimate feel of the gunplay this time around. Same thing with Dying Light. Loving my time in that game as well despite the low review scores.

Bottom line: Enjoy the games YOU want to enjoy. #1.2
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