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Same here! I am a huge fan of space, so exploring these planets is just one of the reasons I am so interested in this game. That and it is the original creators of Halo, so yeah...I am there! #1.1
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Same here!

It's projected to dethrone Call of Duty. If it does that, it is enough of an accomplishment. #1.1
Early access is a great idea, but for me, I just want a completed game. Unless people like me can influence the actual development process, now that would be neat. But dealing with bugs, glitches, etc is a pain - especially after the fiasco that was Battlefield 4. Even if its free, I hate bugs...It destroys the game experience. It does not sound like fun.

Give me a game that I can purchase in one go and play without issue. Seems like it hardly exists anymore. #1.2
All they have to do to really nail the Killzone franchise is make a memorable lead character and great story to really set the stage. I'd also love to see the option of vehicles in multiplayer as well. #1.2
I just got done playing the singleplayer campaign in Killzone Shadowfall and I have to say, the environments are absolutely stunning. It has become an experience more than anything else. It's a shame the story didn't make much sense, but graphics are offering new universes to explore. I can say it is a much, much different experience than from year's past. I also cannot wait to finally play AC Unity this Fall.

Of course, gameplay is king, and I do think Killzo... #1.7
Didn't even think of this. Would love to see vehicles in competitive pvp. Also, a hardcore mode would be amazing, especially in coop! #1.1
Been playing it without problems so far. Just finished the campaign. It has some amazing moments. The story is "meh" but man, the experience is amazing. Plus, I love the mp because I played a lot of KZ2 but thankfully, the controls aren't as heavy. #1.4
Only select Partnered Channels on YouTube can play 60FPS at this time. This channel doesn't appear to be partnered and doesn't look to be 60FPS. Runs at a smooth 30FPS though. Still looks pretty good.

Looking forward to seeing how it looks on PS4! #1.1.2
I wonder if they are testing the waters to gauge fan reaction.

Well, I definitely want a POD Racer that's for sure! :) #1
As I recall Bethesda hasn't announced anything significant during GamesCom in the past. I think they'd aim for the VGA's for Fallout 4 to be honest like they did with Skyrim. #1.2
@JohnJ, unfortunately sales become important when you meet someone and they say they have a PS4 and you want to game with them. It especially becomes an issue with friends over seas, which is understandable since PS has been more friendly to users in other countries in many ways. #1.4
10 days sounds good to me! I'll be exploring every nook and cranny :) #2
I know one of the employees there via Facebook. They left Crytek happily and took a pic of themselves with a lighter and a firetruck outside of the building. It appears the hate for Crytek has grown and is very real, especially among employees.

Such a shame. If only someone else could have taken the reigns of the company before this apparent fiasco. #1.4
Can't tell if you being sarcastic or genuine.

Hmmmmmm... #7.1
I am a bit confused. The article mentions rumors only by stated "According to some very recent rumors" but I do not see their source or them quoting the actual rumor.

Anyone find the source of the rumor, because I can't. The only way this would be credible is if Episode VII was delayed, which they have stated recently it is still on track (even with Harrison Ford's broken leg).

If Episode VII comes out December 18th 2015, that will be the... #1.2
It's entirely possible it was a compliment - haha :D #2.1.1
I still love this game. Have been enjoying it, especially online Decryption. Now if only the servers were fixed. The frame rate and vertical tearing destroys the experience... #1
Well this is how Sony is. Sort of like Ubisoft. They will be patient with their dev teams for the most part. And because of it, usually we get excellent games. Though thankfully it seems Naughty Dog really hasn't been like this. They seem to release games when they release games and they still end up brilliant. #1.1
Thank you for this article. It's nice to see a positive article about Watch Dogs. I think it is a brilliant game and the sales definitely reflect that.

Now I am hoping Watch Dogs 2 takes us to London! #2
The driving mechanics remind me of a rally game, much like the DIRT franchise. I've played all the DIRT games so I picked up on it pretty quickly. The cars have a weight to them. I would agree with you there are no memorable songs though.

Overall I think the internet loves to overreact. GameSpot did an interesting article that showed a study that negative people like to post the most. I find that interesting and mostly true considering the like/dislike ratio of YouTu... #1.1
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