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"Rolling out the good stuff!"


Nope you are going to be very surprised. This one looks like it is going to be pretty violent. They really want you to feel like your in the Reign of Terror it seems.

I think Elise will balance it out nicely. She seems like an interesting character. #1.2
I sure hope they consider a definitive addition for the PS4 and Xbox One much like Halo is doing with the Master Chief Collection. Would love to see Venice on the new-gen consoles! #2
It all depends on TV settings, capture device used, gamma adjustment, component or HDMI, etc. There are going to be color differences for sure, but I have played both X1 and PS4 and they both look equal. #1.10
I wouldn't be surprised if that happened! LOL! #4.1.2
I'm going with State of Decay! Best one imo! #4
I did not realize that. Do you have a link to the info about this? So we got some famous Assassins to rescue. That's different! #5.1
Good luck running it at max settings everyone! lol #1.2
Thank you for saying it. This is ridiculous. It's almost like he wants this. #2.1
That's...different. Though I admit I'd love to see WWII on new-gen hardware. I think even though there is a lot of hate for COD these days, COD2 was an excellent game. #1
I really like the art style of this game. It has such personality. I am curious to see more. Some unique IP's lately. No Man's Sky, Wild, and this. Good to see in a sea of shooters! #2
psuedo, are you real? I mean...seriously. You can't be. You must be a automated troll robot. Yes, that must be it. #1.5.2
If you don't want it, don't buy it. It's really quite simple. Square Enix would get the hint. However, for anyone that hasn't played it, I highly recommend it. It's one of the FUNNEST open world games out there. Not the biggest in terms of world or features, but wow is it fun! #1.4
I wonder if it'll be the slogan for Bloodborne...Sounds about right! #1.1
Would love to be able to roam the high seas with a friend though. And engage in ship to ship battles in pvp. Now that would make for some great multiplayer I will say. #1.3
They usually recast people in movies because they are either too old or are asking for too much movie, or are busy with other projects.

I am not hearing David Hayter retiring or busy with other projects. I am not too sure if he asked for more money though.

I doubt this is a hoax as well as it has hurt the game in the press as did Ground Zeroes' price and total length. #1.3.3
My whole problem isn't that Kiefer Sutherland is the new voice actor. It is the way the situation was handled. Bungie managed to peacefully hand the reigns over to 343 without much issue when dealing with Halo. But David Hayter, apparently, was not even informed he is not the lead in MGS. There was no respect given to David Hayter as a talented VO actor. He really did make Snake his own. I mean, how terrible. In many ways, he IS Snake.

Honestly, Konami and Hideo Ko... #1.3
This info is unfortunately outdated. The game is set to release alongisde Episode VII around December 2015, not Summer 2015. #1.9
Really? I had no idea. LMAO! Damn, it figures! Should be an open world game though. #8.1.1
Add Fifth Element in there. That would make a great game! #8
AC Unity and Destiny this year are going to be my main games. Can't wait to try the new LOTR game though! #4
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