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I am a little confused...does this mean that all developers have to implement the Vita remote play feature like it is with trophies or is it just Sony 1st party studios?

Thanks Snookie...this is good news because it means that developers can focus 100% percent on their game not not worry about other things that will take away time from the single or multiplayer experience.

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Kinect + Illumiroom + Porn = Pornzation

I am still not sure why people subscribe to this porn sites when you can get porn for free almost anywhere on the net.

Edit: @cl1983, please tell me how this is any different than the thousands of VChartz sales articles that get posted on here or those articles of someone killing someone over an XBox or PS3? Its gaming related because it will be on the 720 which is a gaming platform.

I am not sure what...

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Dont own a Wii U but would run to the store to purchase one if a Wii U Zelda is released this year.

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Shhh...some people cannot handle the truth.

It would be more profitable for Bungie to release a half arsed Destiny on the 3DS than a dying VITA.

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What a troll...someone is still living in 2009.

The 360s is a very reliable and quiet machine...also the PS3 fat is very loud as well and I have had 3 go faulty on me, two becuase the Blu Rey player kicked the bucket and 1 just did not want to turn on, so if you are going to point fingers at one point fingers at the other

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If it was up to Bobby Kotic he would have Destiny release on the Atari if possible...that man loves money more than a fat kid loves cake.

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One thing I am hoping for is for MS to get rid of that power brick, sure it is much smaller on the 360s but it is 2013 and MS has no excuse to still have a power brick for the 720, make it internal or much much smaller MS.

Also the disk tray needs to go..I dont want next gen to be like this gen were some of my games got scratched because I accidently moved my 360.

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@KingtofTrash - just because you are not looking for it, doesn't mean that it does not excise.

Also this is MS we are talking the people who have a Gears and Halo midnight party release with thousands of people attending.

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MS could announce that the 720 can cure cancer and end world hunger and you Sony fanboys will still act like the PS4 is a god sent.

The funny thing is that you and your faction is what is making the 720 so popular even without any announcement or official facts.

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Good game but does get a little boring after awhile.

They need to expand on the gameplay and add more of a story to it.

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Long live the King and may he enjoy many more years of trolling us with Half Life Ep 3.

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Jump in and enjoy the stay.

May 21 will be a revolutionary day for the gaming industry.

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Very bad idea by Sony...GT is a console seller and would be huge if it was a PS4 launch game.

The PS4 will sell good even without GT6 but I know people who own a PS just for GT so this would have really boosted the PS4 sales.

Sony needs to make wise decisions with the PS4 as they cannot have another PS3 fiasco.

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You know what is amazing...the fact that MS has kept a hush on the next box for so long - MS must have the Next Box secrets under a vault that is only accessible by key employees who probably live in the vault :)

Usually you get some sort of leaks this close to reveal but we know nothing about the Next Box.

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Sony's PS4 reveal was good but forgettable and did not have much impact on the gaming industry...Sony will try to steal some of MS thunder by revealing GT 6 for the PS3 and Vita but dont think anyone outside the PS fanbase will care.

I am not sure if it is the 1 million rumor articles that have been posted on N4G about the 720 or the fact that we know nothing official about the nextbox, but the hype level for the next gen XBOX is over 9000!

On May 21 you ...

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How is this a duplicate? the other article was failed because the article did not mention the PS brand but this one does.

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Good show old chap - now make one for the PS VITA and Kinect...before you hit the disagree button, ask your self "what would geewizz do".

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20 million minus thanks R*, GTA 5 will be a bargin bin purchase for me.

After the borefest and dissapointment that was GTA4 and Max Payne 3, I dont think I can ever buy another R* game on day one.

The only thing that gives me some faith in R* is RDR which is the most awesom game that I have played this gen.

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They should hire Jade Raymond...she did a good job with AssCreed.

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Thats cool an all but why dont they just introduce more factions.

Does the KZ universe only consist on two factions the ISA and Helghans?

Also they need to explore the current universe more, where are the kids and women, where id the wild life, why are they only millitary buildings, where is the culture and do Helghans have feelings....the universe needs to be more alive.

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