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the wanted system is similar to GTA but i think its better

1 star -warning get a ticket
2 stars - get arrested
3 stars- get shot at with pistols
4 stars- get shoot at with tommy guns and shotguns
5-stars not sure what it is havent gotten that far haha

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where is MGS4? i could name mayb 3 games that arent supposed to be in this list and MGS4 should b in this list

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yea he is missing out but imo i dont think this game was so hyped i mean some poeple that liked the first game couldnt wait for this i was one of them once i first saw that first picture on E3 about them making a RD game i was excited and this was like 3 years always been under the radar until the news started coming up people found out it was going to be a sandbox so they got into it and thats when they hyped when up
i didnt mine the hyped i like the game one of the best ga...

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looks like u dont even know nothing about this sport last time i know Fedor lost? well i guess not, but what can you say to someone who doesnt know anything about the sport btw Fedor Emilianenko is not the best ever in MMA

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dont believe game designers/developers they are always lying because they dont want to spoiled it for u but sometimes they do lie like CLiffy saying Gears 2 will push the limits of the xbox but he said the same with Gears 3 hmm sounds fishy right? o well

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@Raddog yes i heard that from Dana but looks like u dont follow UFC if Dana White said if anyone signs with EA they will not fight on a UFC banner then tell me this why is Randy Couture still fighting for UFC?? he has a match coming up on UFC 118? why is he fighting still under the UFC Brand?

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haha of course they wont be an alan awake 2 because the first one didnt sell so good they wont bother makin part 2

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i think this game will flop wont beat UFC...who wants to use the analog stick for fighting? seriously? and the could they get any fake? i mean Fight Noght Round 3 had good graphics but they lower them to this? EA could do better. this game might be good but wont beat UFC...EA thinks by bringing some old fighters into the game is going to sell well think again many people want to play fighters who still fight

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stupid article name i was just playing thus yesterday and yes hitman is awesome game

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i loved MGS4 even if it was mostly cutscenes i think its a game most not miss i love the ending and didnt expected took me like 2nd run through to actually get it right but MGS4 is an awesome game

For Red Dead i was shocked for the ending took me a whole month to pass(busy with work and school) and reading articles and stuff never spolied the ending for me iam suprise i didnt see that coming another great game from Rockstar Games

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we pissed because its $150 worth of lies

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i agree with blaze its stupid because its a work in progress demo...its not the full game so u cant review...if u think its not stupid then let game journalist start to review hundreds of demos and it will just be waste

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we reviewing demos now?

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how many articles we need that say the same BS about halo reach being its the hardest halo game so far...

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why would they make u pay to play halo online? when they already milking the series?

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i wont say this game is awful or has its fun parts in the start of the game...u shoot people with a flashlight and guns and u run around. thats mostly it...mayb the best part is the story its going to keep u playing it like i said before it gets repatitave because all u do is run and run aim light at a shadow or object who is possessed and u run again aim light shoot them with a gun nothing new here but ill give this a rental for anyone looking to play this game

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whats with the disagrees? i said i liked the game the aiming is ok and i know u could turn of auto aim

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actually i like the demo idk why people dont like it...the shooting isnt that bad unless u suck at shooting and for the multiplayer i got on a game like nothing but then this was before demo release iam a PSN plus so i got demo earlier this game is going to be on my watch list when price lowers not a day one buy but a game to look out for

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i like plus it makes me actually use the PSN other than free stuff

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is this article comparing red dead vs mafia 2??? of course we see the winner here red dead...lame article comparing red dead with mafia 2 pre-orders...i think mafia 2 is going to be a good game and will sell good after it releases

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