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Oh, it IS a good sales number if we're talking about numbers alone.

We don't know how much they spent to MAKE it and sell it though. If they're disappointed, it must not have made a profit, or not very much of one.

It's easy to forget that these games might be awesome, but the length of production cycle, advertisements, testing, and all kinds of stuff...sadly isn't free. Most of those names we see in the end credits aren't people who...

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They're talking about sales.

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If it doesn't cost much to manufacture, then it doesn't need to sell 25 million to be successful.

It's all about profit margin.

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Aw man stop making up systems!

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1) It isn't 1994? Yes it is. I decide what year it is.

2) There are other options to play Vita games? Like apart from the Vita?

3) Just because you don't remember the options doesn't mean they didn't exist. You probably remember Gensis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Gear, all those Tiger handhelds, maybe the Virtual Boy, Turbografix, and the 32x, but that time period had Neo-Geo CD, Sega Saturn, the Philips CD-i, the 3DO, the Jaguar, and o...

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Just like how the Super GameBoy and the GameBoy player totally ruined Nintendo's handhelds, right?

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Gonna throw $25 at that Kickstarter. Gotta get me that Austin Wintory (Journey composer) piano album!

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Best shooter on Vita, hope to see more like it in the coming years.

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I think it was a good idea but failed a little on execution.

Would have been cool if he were subtly making a larger point, but he didn't, really.

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Can't wait till someone compares the bar codes, the bubble wrap, and taste of the plastic.

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In North America you say "is" for a company.
In the UK you say "are" for a company.

It's a style issue. English is spoken in a lot of countries, and each has a few different rules about its usage. This was written in the European style of journalism, it seems.

They are both correct. Just depends where you come from.

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It would be really funny if the whole thing was only 30 seconds long. Just some guy walks out with a microphone and goes "December 14th. Last Guardian in January."
And then drops the mic and walks off. Broadcast over.

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Tears many.

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Will they be coming as they are, as they were, or as I want them to be?

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Author should learn the subjunctive tense in English. Title should be "I wish the Nintendo 1DS Were Real."


My mind is blown at how this got approved.

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Reports can't be fixed once the story is live. Don't worry about it, just keep it in mind for next time. I can't see any reason you'd get banned; just a minor flub and presumably your first time doing so.

The mods will come in and make changes if they see fit, or delete the story if that's what they go with. We'll need to wait a bit, though, because they apparently get like hundreds of reports per day that they have to look at and stuff.

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Don't forget "troll."
Whenever someone on the internet has a different opinion, that person is called a "troll" now.

It used to be that a troll was someone just trying to stir up controversy by saying something he/she obviously didn't mean -- something so outrageous that no one could actually think in such a way.

The new use of the word implies that no one can possibly see anything good in a game I hate, and no one could ...

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This won't get old fast or anything.

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Re: " That still explained nothing. I was pointing out that for a region (Japan) where only 30k units of W101 shipped, how can they expect 50k worth of sales? "

Why are you asking ME? I'm not the one who predicted it. Like my post pointed out, that was Kamuymintar. :P
And like I said, his crazy hyperbole is just one example of the nutso numbers gaming that was going on here.

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