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Yakuza is a great action RPG series. I'd love to see Sega bring Yakuza 0 to the West and actually GIVE IT SOME HYPE! #1
It had a good run. #2.1
That's like almost an 80% discount.

Why'd it start out that high? #1
I kinda feel the opposite. Racers have been doing real well lately. #13
Rubby gonna strike fools out and win me a bat. #2
The Sega of today is sadly in no condition to produce something the caliber of Skies of Arcadia.

And that's a drag. #1
Pretty cool to include the ability to just pass one controller back and forth if you opt for that while the other one charges or something.

Wish this game would get an English language release. #1
Series fan here loving it ^_^
http://www.playstationlifes... #6.1
Hint hint, Sega.

(People will buy these if you release them and actually give them a little bit of hype!) #1
The anime has a huge fanbase. Like, I just heard of this a couple of months ago and was shocked at how many people follow it. #1
^ I came here to say this. #2.1
Weird, I didn't get any notice.

Edit: Oh, my thing's in flight mode. Durrrrrp. #1
Wow the PS4 is more powerful than the Vita!

I would not have guessed!

(eyeroll) #13
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Love me some Toronto Blue Jays. #1
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I have to admit, the idea of buying and playing a real, actual NEW Dreamcast game (not just an old one that I skipped 15 years ago) is kind of cool. #1
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That's not a positive sign at all. :/

Would love some Level-5 on my PS4. #1
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Definitely headed in the right direction so far. #2
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Didn't Star Ocean 2 have a pretty good mom character too?
I don't remember much about her though. #1
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I'd be way too excited for some PS4 Ratchet and Clank. #1.1
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Well, last week's update was awesome, so I guess it makes sense that the update for this week is pretty lame. #5
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