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In a weird way, this excites me for Kingdom Hearts. #1
I love this so much:

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the irony. #15.1
Hey, is that independent thought?

This isn't allowed here. Get that out, now.

No more thinking for yourself. You either fall in line or show yourself the door! #10.1.1
A game about what happened between 1 & 2, told as a flashback by the characters alive after 2. Sold. #4
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I'm a little confused.

You said it's NOT good to be transparent, and then you talk about how sites should be transparent. o_O That's...that's what I'm saying too. #4.1.1
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What I've wondered is this: is the role of a reviewer the same as the role of a news writer? One deals exclusively in fact, the other deals in evaluating something based on their own tastes. The movement seems very well intentioned, but often lumps the two together.

I suppose they could, because the same websites offer both facts (news stories) and opinions (reviews), just as any Newspaper or magazine does. Its news reports are not the same as its critical sections. N... #1.1.3
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Seems good to be transparent about everything. #4
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Sound bites used straight from the show, all right~ #3
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I will do this, and I will do it this weekend. #10.1
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Wait is there no digital release of Walking Dead Season 2 on PS4? #2
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Well I already know that the multiplayer is fun as heck! #7
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Thought this was going to be about that game called To the Moon. Heh. Well that was good too! #1
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But DarkLord1003, you didn't paste the whole first sentence. It's:

"PS3-exclusive Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX (ugh, it's hard to make myself type "II.5") is overall a great package for longtime fans and complete newcomers alike."

Is your beef that you don't like PS3 games? You don't like re-releases? I don't understand what's so "OMG I'm done!" about that sentence. But to each his own, I guess. #4.2
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Meh, people who read the book already knew that though. #6.2
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That would be a safe prediction, but no. The list is more involving early gameplay, handling of tutorials, town, Coded, and the future.

Roxas gets mainstream hate but I don't think it's because of the character. I think it's what Square Enix made the player have to do with that character. We don't get to take Roxas on nearly as exciting of a journey as Sora, so Roxas and his game segments pale in comparison. That's why he gets the reputation you seem t... #2.1
Video games have made a 9-month process take just a half-hour. Take that, world! #1
Playable Birth by Sleep in HD is worth the price of admission, though~ #1
Birth by Sleep is fully playable.

I'm 3 hours into it on Critical Difficulty :)

It's RE: Coded that's only cutscenes. If you want to play THAT one, you need a Nintendo DS or Japanese cellphone. #1.3.1
Hopefully all those people who skipped PSP take this opportunity to finally play Birth by Sleep. #1
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