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And increase the smack! #2.1
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I'm slowly becoming a believer. #1
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I love the call with Naomi, near the end of the game. The music that plays as she tells her story makes for an amazing scene. #1
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Does it mean "Saint Diego" or have scholars actually lost the meaning of the original German phrase? #1
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One of many upcoming games I'm looking forward to. Glad to hear more information about it. #1
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Ah, the apocalypse we never got. #2
What do you mean by "in there instead," specifically?

Both Persona 4 and Persona 4 dancing are discussed.
The latter gets more discussing because it's an upcoming game that most people haven't played, but both podcasters have. The podcast also points out that Persona is a spinoff of SMT :)
I'm not clear what you're going for here. #2.1
Final Fantasy Tactics is so good that it should have been called FF8.

And then 8 becomes 9, 9 becomes 10, 10 becomes 11, and 11 becomes "Final Fantasy Online" and call it good from there.

Ah, but what's in a name? Good games no matter what they're called. #1
I'm in it for Nami. #2
The first one had an interesting story but crap controls. =/ #4
"He knows enough is enough will always have enough."

I don't remember the actual source (Chinese proverb?) but I learned it from Mei Ling. #2
It's like, almost offensively good. Like I get mad that I didn't think of it. So stinking amazing. #2.2
At that price, I can't afford NOT to buy it. #4
So these also show up on the new YouTube Gaming, right? #2
With this and Danganronpa and Zero Escape, Vita is a must-own system for a certain pocket of fans. #1.1
I'd even take a spiritual successor with fun time travel mechanics. #3.1
Man I didn't even know there was combat in these games. I never hear it brought up. #1
Are those gloves and shoes from the thumbnail available on every player? #2
So are they making one or not? #11
Never did the NES one, nope. Just PC. Some day ^_^ #1.1.1
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