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It's a negative observation about a game that's not out yet. For whatever reason, people hate that, like 99% of the time.
Even when games go on to get universally panned, if you look back at anything negative that was pointed out before release, the audience was jumping all over it and flaming the writers. It's a pattern, sadly.

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Yeah I don't get the point of this article.

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Oooouuuch, that would suck. It's a great game, but also a long one. Losing your progress would put you in a tough spot. It's like, I'd wanna start over because I'd want to finish, but then again, I'd have done that all already so it would feel like a slog just to get back to where I was.

Thanks for the heads-up about that.

Back up your saves, guys!

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Yep, every Final Fantasy has people all over of the love/hate spectrum.

Incidentally and to your point, FF12 (Zodiac Job System version) is my favorite Final Fantasy.

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I too love the article's unnecessary and pretty much incorrect use of "literally." So many people misuse that word now. It's losing its meaning -_-

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Um, no? This is based on Famitsu review scores which are bought and paid for. Each reviewer only writes 2-4 sentences (can you imagine that from any major website? They'd be LOLed right out of town and never taken seriously) and people look at Famitsu as more of a marketing thing than actual insight on a game.

I thought this was going to be about cultural perception/popularity. Kinda misleading title.

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Yeah, do some match.

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Re: "The early months of the year are typically when gamers have time to take a break and decompress from the busy holiday season."

Uh, no they aren't?
Every year there's a swamp of "Holy rap, Q1 looks even better than Q4!" articles.

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I had no problem with any of the skins. They're all just bonuses so I didn't really care. Maybe I'm just too relaxed for all of this.

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I would hope for physical if true.
That'd be amazing.

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It's about time for Surgeon Simulator.

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No one has any idea how it "would be" or not.

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If this game ends, does it qualify as false advertising?

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It's when people have to look at, like, little hints and figure things out.

Like how the fans translated some messages about Sombra out of morse code and Spanish, watched trailers frame by frame to find clues about Sombra and so on.

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Went out on a good note.

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But without an out-of-10 score at the end I'm not sure how you feel about it! :/

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Not so sure if I "must buy" a Call of Duty game, but I understand that some indeed must. I'm gonna sit this one out though.

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The meta....

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