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U do know MS gets paid either way seeing as how the are investors in bungie. How do you know if they have not offered Xbox/MS exclusive content,seeing as how the more people they get to buy the game they keep Activision from dumping them.

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Hey jobs said halo was going to be on Mac back in 98-99 , we all saw how that panned out. Let not gift wrap it just yet. if the content crap is true guess am buying used & forgoing all DLC .

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Hey all I care is that the game be great & sell 3.5 million units in first month.

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Have just one Question, Why does it bother PS3 fans so much that Xbox live consumer are willing to pay for the service. Just never understood why this anger of what another person does with his money or how he spends or on what. why does this angers them so much ,let's be honest they are not asking u for the money or in anyway caused you harm in using this service so why the angry.

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Felt like I needed to share my 2 cents on the matter with everyone.

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Plain and simple the answer is no. It is time to put that horse down permanently. Buy new games already so either way I do not care.

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Love reposted news articles that are not reread for small changes.but he tomorrow is Sunday.t

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Good for you,but guess what am excited for both platforms .

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Need to find away to bring in a character like John Gat,cause Gat was the shit,Besides Price was a whining Bth.

P.S To Koch Media please don't screw up the game. Thnxs

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Aren't they pretty much all but dead as a retail store,so why it matter.

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You ever considered that even though those other things are free, everyone just prefers the one they have or are comfortable with it. Just a thought

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With all that going on ,I still have no issues paying for it.

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Looking forward to this game, can't wait to see what they say on Sunday .

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Yeah cause everything in the far east is paid with love & kindness, plus Sony doesn't like but they charged thier consumer 600 dollars yeah they don't like money.

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To all those let go by Valve Tim Cook & company will give you folks employment. That would be a change of pace where you will see tons of medium size shirts & no one wears a 4xl clothing. Beside what a great way to say FU

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Have any of you fools considered that this exclusive deal may have been part of their bargain for their release from MS with the relinquished rights to the halo IP & Activision is honoring it while get something in return from Bungie in their deal.

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Yes cause I already buy new games for the passes,DLC,extras.
besides I have a hard time buying used games cause I hate dealing with issue that may arise. So am all set.

I have one question were do console manufacturers my thier money from cause I keep hearing they make more from the software than hardware, so am guessing since they already take a loss on this about a concepts to prevent a loss from the other part of the equation,that how I look at it .

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I would support it , but like the story States 3rd parties have to be ready to fully back it up all the way. Thier is no room for flip flopping from the big Publisher , cause if they refuse to follow thur it can hurt the console ( hopefully MS has iron clad contract in place) manufacturer. That is why they must be fully aware & ready to ride it out. I whole heartedly support it if they also continue to give those games content just to keep them fresh or offer season Pass for future DLC.

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May have come into its own,but has always been a multiplat game from the beginning.

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