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If they leave like Bungie did, then they leave without the IPS. That was the deal between MS & bungie, their freedom in trade for the Halo IP. by all means they should to you ,it will do them wonders.

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WOW A Disagree for highlighting a reasonable fact to why one will sale more than the other .

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but analysts expect Black Ops II to win the sales war when all’s said and done,

Hey Dumb-ass analyst could it be due to the small fact that COD Bl Op 2 is multi-platform game & Halo 4 is a console exclusive.

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It will fail cause am not buying it .

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Can't wait to pick mine up on the 11/06/2012. awesome

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Wouldn't the real thing be Better, that would be like me who is catholic want to convert to judaism , i could do it but i still won't be considered a full fledged person of judaism belief or excepted by the comunity.

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Like how he took it upon himself to make sure MC was not to robotics like.

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This game is going to be the greatest of all Halo games.

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( ITS A JOKE) Not funny, but normaly according to most Black comedians who have stated that Blacks & Latinos run away from shit, so that means he's white & nosey. lol

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I have priest kucking small boys & institution lying about it. you don't see me starting a fking war or killing innocent people over the the FK ups of my religion or the disrespect shown towards it. People need to stop putting Religion on a pedestal of it can do no wrong.

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what's the horse name .

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creative people will always need money & people w/direction. they go hand in hand.

@thebudgetgamer It's not a bad combo, the problem always comes from the deals that are negotiate.

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If she was great or had great ideas or a direction , why did she leave if she knows her stuff. cause if you know why leave.

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So from all the comments, the vibe i got was about how the vita will be impacted or that AC3lib should be cheaper cause of cross play & how the release of both games may impact the sales of vita or what 3rd party developers think . sad not one comment was about how great the game will be . (how sad )

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Think there setting their sites on groups of women that have xbox already,beside they really want go after women gamers why not hire the frag-dolls they have fem gamers who are followers.

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Have always paid since i was aware of the online service during Xbox & will continue to pay for it till the day i stop gaming or die ,but either way it was my choice ,preference to do so. But if others feel differently about paying or not paying ,then by all means do what is best for you.

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Don't really think anyone but Valve own their rights to any of their IP, but this all depends what deals are made or how Gabe Newell feels at the time,about any system.

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Sniff,sniff They still like us, bring it on . sweet.

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Everthing, plus you have to admit that this right here is way cool than going to a pause menu .............

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if you only have a PS3, i say get Darksiders 2 just in case this game turns out like sky-rim. but if you own both consoles then i say you will have a tough choice to make.

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