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I want the game

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Weren't they an independent company w/ multi-title partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment America developing games for the PlayStation but still independent

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But sadly it was those other divisions that allowed Sony to explore this Venture.

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Sega ,Atari ,colecovision & all those before them had those same thoughts but look how well that worked out.

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Still a price temporary or not ,still 50.00 less out of pocket.

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Come the 23rd of this month i will be driving Thur & on the Roads of Colorado.

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Question how many of these morons would have actually bought a game offered by some else or they just suing cause EA took away their ability to bitch ,whine about what game he should get. cause before Madden there were other games out like these game listed below , want to know what happen to them they were forgotten by these same people that are complain now. Madden came along & all were swayed by it uniqueness, they jump on its wagon & kept riding it but now that the franchise is un...

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I look at it like holy hell , this going to be fun if done right.can't wait.

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2-5 for me ,1 flip-flops way to much .

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Read his comment & no where does he state he hope they surpass sony # of studios. all he hope was that they open more studios. does it bother you that someone wishes & hopes they are successful.

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This why am glad MS did not attempt to enter the handheld market. but wonder how they would have fared in it.

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Do you really see this happening

a role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and feelplus and published by Microsoft Game Studios (sound like it would be cool,but something tell me their will be a whole ton cash exchanging hands & demands on the developer to change it some what. if it happened)

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Hope so with other stories regarding the outsider & a much longer campaign.

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whats up with the disagrees when someone is happy about a game they want. Are you negative (4 letter) so damn (7 L) poor that you feel the need to be (8 L) when some one may get something you can't afford or are you just born a (8 L). what bunch of sad souls.

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This Demo is way cool ,can't wait for full retail copy.

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Change the name ,but hold on to the Rare trademark name so no one can use it in any form to make a buck or draw attention to whatever they're trying to sale or get off the ground.

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pref·er·ence =
  the act of preferring

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Blah,blah ,blah ,blah , who gives 2 excrement about who does what or whose whining about waiting. I just want more Mass Effect games.

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Nail them punk A** B***** to a wall , then press charges, plus bill them for all cost related to this case.

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