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Screw that i want a movie .

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Dam it MS we need a (7letters) Halo Movie NOW, love the mini movie but we need a full feature movie now.

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Go for it.

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They need to buy their freedom from EA before it to late, but what IP will it take to gain their freedom from EA is the bigger question.

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love how positive everyone is about a kinect like device is mentioned in a Sony article but yet MS actually talks about their product or when kinect has an article written about everyone is negative or just full of MS hate. makes wonder if these people are just jealous that Sony didn't get the tech first,but as i recall they called it a gimmick,but years later they are trying to develop or mimic it, how sad.

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I have bought all of them & played without regret. if they continue this trend then will i continue to buy them,cause i love me Shooters.

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Must search the net for XBL deals , subscription is about to run out in i want to not worry come Feb.

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Have you considered that it was you & not the product that failed.

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Same reason that Mario,Link,Samus,Snake,Lightin g,Resident Evil,COD, have not died is cause people love these game & their IP owners see no reason to stop making them, especially when there's a want & consumer base for them.

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Damn it i bought a phone to make calls & receive calls, but damn i can search the net ,text,shop,get directions,go any where with it ,but all i wanted was a phone WTF phone companies.

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Why so concerned with how or what folks do with their cash.

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those that update their pc , or buy the MS Slates. those people will be using it.

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Can't blame them seeing as how they need to push sales of the MS slates RT,Pro first before sharing their goods . let hope it take way longer.

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Could be their open mined people , like variety, preference , have kids. pick one.

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So you want MS to take on cost or more expense ,so Redbox can draw more people the cheap route & let the developers suffer the loss ,just so those that can't afford said hobby.As for the royalties thing no they pay a dollar amount to the BDA or they can create some new format w/ them being a software manufacturer

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Gamefly where you can rent before you buy & not deal with the $9.00 value given buy the retail store. lol

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I have already been won over ,now i just wait.

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5 Years old .

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Thank you but no thank you .
I will continue to purchase my COD on my 360, but you enjoy your U.

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First day buy.

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