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Halo4all, all who.

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Don't think it's hate more like a fashionable dislike for the lack of any new game play or just anything that make the consumer go HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT ,THAT WAS AWSOME .

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WOW now theirs a surprise COD MW4,Didn't see that one coming. /s

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So now Cliffy B is a liar ,thought the whole am leaving Epic was i have been doing it for so long i need a break, now a month later he wants to fix the most broken game . WTF cliff

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This game is addictive ,can't stop playing.MS need to buy Playground games & let them to continue open world racing game maybe even let them try their hand at bringing back PGR. Turn10 can continue the circuit racing. 3 in house racing game how cool would that be.

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for Pete sake the box indicate rated M ,blood ,gore ,violence . really how much more to they need to know before they say no johnny.

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The System in place works ,retail stores are informing their customers.the only issue the System must deal with are the parent who just go out of their way for their child or just don't give a damn what their kids wants or is play just as long that the child is quiet while in the store or at home. Also Grandparent are guilty of being reckless with game buy after being told of the games contents.

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Sure it had nothing to do with a bunch of ASSHOLE Politician & douche-bag pundits or just maybe it was that Funt Ann Ego Coulter fault.

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I do not deny the fact that Rare at one time was a great developer of good game early on in their existence or that they even tried to do so under new ownership. but my comment was how certain people believe that a Corporation like MS & it gaming divisions will give up an opportunity to make cash off the IPs that were obtain Thur the buying of Rare. ( out of bubbles PM me u reply.)

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Two Thing's Wrong with this Article

1) If MS did decide to sell Rare the price would be high as hell cause of the draw & profit that each ip can pull in if remade or given new life .

2) Why would MS sell some great IPs when they themselves can reinvent ,rejuvenate ,rebirth these IP with their new first party studios that they have opened. So as to generate tons of cash from retail or Digital sales, shit they can even offer them as games to be played ...

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Not to be a prick , but hows this i hope Samsung does make a handheld that will destroy the Vita & cripple the 3DS. Is that better.

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Yes Xbox Live/GFW. sweet just keep it on Xbox & no where else do Ala origin. also don't allow this to get near that fat tub of crap company ,cause all he did was bitch about everything MS the last few month (4 letters)that DOUCHBAG.

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Imagine a gaming handheld device from SamSung that would destroy 3DS & cripple the vita . now that would be a cool start for them to enter the handheld first ,test the market once they have done destroyed them. Then enter the console market & happily coexist with your console brothers.

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@PopRocks359 what you expect everyone to jump on the Wii u Bandwagon cause Nintendo is finally release a system close to what their rivals have had on the market the last seven years. has it occurred to you just may some house don't want to work on the Wii U Because there are true next gen console coming so why waste them resources. be thankful that Nintendo will be able to remake all their games for another few years & offer that instead.

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Thats fine they have Bayonetta, they will be fine.

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Was think about it ,instead decide to put the money towards the purchases of PS?/Xbox?.

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Cause he's the baddest MOFO in all of gaming.

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Seeing as how the only crap on g4 is cops,campus pd & that rip off of ninja warrior. is there any way to get g4 taken off my cable or dish package.seeing how it now useless like fox.

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Actually i have ton of fun with the one in the family room , as do the kids & wife.have no issues with kinect, have issues with developers that don't find ways to help the tech improve. what the industry lacks are men of great minds like those that helped build our country like Andrew Carnegie,Cornelius Vanderbilt,Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller these guy didn't whine they took what was in front of them & ran with till it was the best it could be.
Enough with the Co...

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