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Never watched the new one ,cause i grew up watching the original. Alright they had one show ,but still doesn't diminish the fact that they still suck.

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Kazunori Yamauchi hints at his future plans for the Gran Turismo series,seeing how GT5 was the last one. where do you think these ideas or concepts even these engine mods are going to be used on. GT6 is my guess seeing as how they are no longer updating GT5 So much.

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It's got my vote & my cash.

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Give me a F........................... movie already or a cool cable premium channel like HBO, Starz, series that leads up to a movie. But whatever you do stay the hell away from that SYFY shit channel they suck as a channel & their shows are horrible.

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He's going to talk about GT & about everything it will do or what he has planned. But the kicker is we will have to wait six years for it like we did last, here's an idea make the game first then tell us about later.

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It's not being saved for concern of losing a decent IP,but as a marketing by Nintendo tactic by Nintendo to bring over the fans of the first game & force them to buy a new console who's tech does not out do current tech of their rivals. No more no less & when it fails to sale huge #'s Nintendo will give it the boot & redirect resource to making a billion Mario or Zelda game.

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A bunch if you have the right writers & vivid imagination. here's a few stories deep Space exploration, planet colonization. Also it a FPS/RPG in which your a soldier so as long that there are society's or country's,planets governed by humans there's always a story to create & tell with your soldier.

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I'm not surprised. 343i is a division of Microsoft, of which Halo is their top game franchise, exclusive to their console. It makes sense that 343 would have access to everything Xbox 360 & beyond 360. sorry refuse to call the next console 720 in part cause that has to be the dumbest name ever .

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None of them let the mobile companies make their own Games,gaming industry need to stop supporting the mobiles gaming concept.

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Totally Agree,hoping somewhere along this new trilogy of games we see some effort into the making of a movie from any point in the halo universe.

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Loved the mini series , but would jump Thur hops if they made a movie's or maybe an awesome Trilogy of movies.

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You do realise the women has been Thur a hellish training & augmentation process.

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Yes a bit expensive but by far the coolest figure or statue. but i will say the figures from Square Enix Kai for Halo Reach were nice also. off topic what i would love to see in my life time would be a few Halo movies, loved Forward Onto Dawn.

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How did you know i had a Puss3, dam it's obvious.

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It could come with a Snatch & i still wil never buy one.

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OK there in a tight spot & may not be making next gen games. that's OK as long that the next Xbox is some what BC. Cause if so then they can continue to make 360 game till they can afford to make next gen ones.

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Why can't they just own it without Fking shit up why must the old farts in charge always find a ways to fk stuff up. come on you left ESPN alone , you have not messed w/ Marvel, why is it u feel the need to screw with Lucas-Arts & everything else.

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Who gives a person a disagree for being excited about a game release, really is your life that so (7letters)crappy that you feel better about your sad existences by giving disagrees for positive comments . Do us a favor you EDP hold your breath.

@ThichQuangDuck it just so Effing stupid it just piss me off.

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Cant wait, five more damn days .

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As long that they must pay to have it then fine,but it better not be one of them let's give it to them BS deals. cause i will be pissed that i had to pay for it while others get it included .

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