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Cool about time, get rid of the A Holes that are online & have no concept of what trash talking is or just don't know how.

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Would get them if i were dumb enough to buy a Wii U , but i prefer to use my cash for True Next Gen consoles like say Xbox/PS or PS/Xbox depends on who release first.

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PlayStation Glass. Really that's the best you could do to represent a company that everyone claims is the reason gaming exist , cause in their warped minds they forget or can't acknowledge Console Generation 1-6.

@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney As of right now that is how it stands ,but if MS realize they need more content to make it more game device oriented they could always partner or buy some one out ,just depends how dedicated they are to the concept.

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He said they were partners not buddies.

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Like i stated else where I will take 2 please to go with my other W8 GOODIES.

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Good for him, as for me cause i can't speak for everyone else have i no issues with paying $64.19 to be exact for my games or even the 104.00 for certain LE game bundles . love my games & love to game & seeing as how my expense & budget are well managed i will continue to do so

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Sweet how much .

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I also only want a phone to just make calls on & not help me how to find my way or locate a gas station when run out of gas. better yet tell me about a restaurant before i eat or order from it , but you know what who needs all the convinces of the modern tech world to help navigate & entertain us or just make life easier.

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Age aside if given the choice between getting the game today or Tuesday you would pick to wait till Tuesday. i call BS.

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If this retail chain did it , then all retail stores should do so also, not fair that other are playing it but yet i have to wait till Tuesday or go to some Midnight release .

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It's Vacation time for the chief.

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It's fine where it' at , beside according to most PC gamers they have all sorts of games that they don't need console games.

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I want one

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Yes Sir,it's the release of Copy & paste COD.

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You forgot one Thing EA owns THE ME series , thier lay it downfall.

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Why Nintendo being treated differently by developers or why are developers bending over backwards with special edition to a console manufacturer who caused himself to be late to the HD party. if anything Nintendo should be lucky to get any kind of 3rd party support seeing as how they told 3rd parties to go F themselves awhile back.

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WHINN, WHINE WHINE WHINE,Why can't you screwy funts just find a compromise with MS on how to make each others service better. instead of crying like a bunch of developer funts. if another developer whines i hope his projects turn to massive failures.

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Sadly on this side of the pond we still have a god forsaken 6.5 hours to go . the wait horrible.

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Dragonborn sweet.

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Was thinking how did COD influence halo, halo was released before the first COD. Halo also changed the gaming landscape by introducing online play in consoles. So my point is that halo did more inspiring thing's than COD.

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