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Sounds like Nintendo hired the GOP theoretical arithmetic professor to help them out & install a 5 point plan to be profitable. lol

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Wow five game in a series , but yet no one yelling milking at this franchise wonder why that is an how come this shit is not berated for milking it like other games that going beyond 3 games. must be pure idiotic fan-boyish behavior ,what a shame it selective about when it rears it head.

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Most of them think thier Entitled, whinning & complain like a bunch of (7letters).

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Love how people come to site to look at deals that a company is having ,but yet talk about another company's deals their having . Seem i should be doing this when i enter small mom & pop shops looking for sales or deals but while there i should tell the other shoppers there about deals elsewhere. sounds like a fair concept, can't wait to start.

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Thank you for understanding what he typed & for providing a brilliant response.

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Good for you, now be on your way cause your trolling.

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Don't know about hack proof or secure, it just comes down to the system i mostly game on,where my friends , peers & family game while socializing with one another. it come down to preference.

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So by having no issue with paying for live & looking forward to doing so , would that be considered a diagree or a prefernce in choice.

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So he thinks his console will stand toe to toe with the upcoming true next gen. feel bad for him if actually believes that.

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Not one to judge but it quiet sad when PC gamers don't get a game released for them , but what is sadder is how PC gamer complain about it. When it does get released or ported the whole bunch of them pirated it instead of buying the actual game. then they wonder why no one wants to put a 80 million AAA game on PC for fear of massive theft of property , yes there a few thousand that will buy legit copies, but all the rest will steal it like their entitled to it.( here come the disagrees &a...

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WTF was Kevin butler, their all guilty of having asshole's on their staff to talk crap about their compettion.

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NO, but thanks for asking.

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Congrats on getting one ........I want one so bad ,just on the fact that is one cool looking console. would have been nice to get one but i already have a Halo Reach,Halo 4, plus a black matte. will let slide not qualifying for one, but the minute they screw up XBL am done. till then i shall continue my sub.

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I want one dam-it.

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Enough with trying to make one out to be better, stop trying to change peoples minds about their choices . it all comes down to preference & if a person has made his choice then so be it . Enough with this BS & please stop trying to be mouth pieces for companies that truly don't give a F... about you personally or what you think. Bunch of . . . . . . . idiots

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Really Gears of War for a sack, come on now pick something better,

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Sorry NO, Buy an Xbox 360. goodnight

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Be it now or say 3 years from now, thier would still be a cost or increase in delvelopment . they all will face like it or not.

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So the same game plots or similar story arcs just told & seen Thur someone else eyes , as for the whole different engine hoopla it could be on the UR4 & would not matter cause the story will be dismal at best.

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So i insulted you & plastic by questioning my for my comment i never directed it at anyone but myself, but if you took offense i sarcastically apologize.

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