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Don't forget the one that teaches you to lie & do all sorts of things , but then forgives for all of it .

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I feel that this changing of hands would be no different than when Vince Zampella & Jason West left infinity ward. beside we won't know what 343i is capable of till 2012.

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I Better stop watching CSI cause i may just become a great criminal. i may start to create simulation of robberies i may get away with.

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Play as the female & watch for few of her stance ,you will start to Question weather she's a female or male.Cause some of us like to pretend that character we are playing & putting Thur the motions is us, well that's how i play the my game.

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Default Male Shepard for me.
would have played the female Shepard but bio-ware sold me on default male Shepard from day one, switching now would be like Nintendo telling me Luigi is the better mascot for their company. all these years later would be some kind of marketing & publicity nightmare.i will continue to use the one advertised to me .

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Something is rotten in the state of Ohio(Impulse Technology).

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was supposed to have had a port released for the PS3; however that version was cancelled. The game was released to commercial and critical success, selling over 2 million copies,[1] and prompting for development of its sequel.

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DeadSpace had a similar slogan prior to release, this game is not for your mom .


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But don't they have a partnership w/ Game stop to further develop the concept of digital distribution. if not i don't think MS will offer all their games to be distributed Thur 2nd or 3rd parties digital services, i see them creating something bigger than Xbox Live or just buying someone out.

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whats with all the disagrees i bought into the whole 3D TV,glasses,movies. the only thing i did was not buy their brand.

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That Article was the worst side by side comparison ever.

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I got a 3D TV but not Sony name brand .

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It not really an old game when it comes to being on PS3, now on the other console it's considered old.

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but yet MS keeps flushing money down the drain in that Market, when they can use that money for other markets like Europe & the US.

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A according to creator their are no plans for a psn version.

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Doesn't Sony & BD Associates pay MS a fee for some of ms tech that's used in BD tech .

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Yes i am, besides this cost is nothing compared to what i spent on a 3DTV & 3D movies , extra glasses. besides I have always believed that great quality cost money.

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That all fine & dandy, but am ready for my console to handle that new Unreal Engine 3 tech & provide us with graphic like the one illustrated in the Samaritan Demo.

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Sadly only if Sony were the only company invested in BD tech, but seeing as they are not guess they won't have to guard against anything .

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