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I will be waiting for a price cut & for the so called 3rd party games that are supposed to arrive, once all those product they hyped to be on Wii U arrive. Then i will buy one.

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Why not reinvent the IP that were on the first Xbox ,which MS owns outright. some of them would look good w/ today's engine & graphics. i would welcome them as new sequels or prequels , not just some lame HD rehash.

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Weren't those this years exclusive . LOL MILKING.

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thought they were bought by Crytek & became Crytek UK.

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Would be cool if they started using some of those IP with some new creative people & use them as launch titles for the next Xbox .

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10 years really.

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The fact that all kinect games were made from the ground up & none of it's games were previously released then had it tact on to help sell it( ala move).

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Like how he makes it sound like Sony had a say weather or not the original ME was going to be released on their system , find that highly unlikely seeing as how MS published the first game. lol

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I love me some JD3

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Sweet, must get beta code for SR3.

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News Group Newspapers Ltd

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My condolences to the family.

But as for THE SUN $^&&&#[email protected]^@^@&& amp;^^%^&&**a***&&a mp;a#&a&a***((((((((((.

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Bring it on Root Double

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Don't care which default female they chose ,just give us consumers a chose of cover box art.cause i don't want to be force to get the default chick on the cover cause EA/Bioware are try to be more PC or using this tactic to draw in more female gamer, give me a chose of covers between default male & female .

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UC3 same old Treasury Hunting turd everywhere but now on some different country.

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Am Renting UC3,R3. Don't worry Sony i will play your games.but i must buy Gears3,FMS3 ,BF3,MW3,GRFS,FC3,ACR,BAC.

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Maybe MS will up their stake in Comcast cable.

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what could they possibly receive & they did nothing criminally wrong. let not forget her Label will be doing the same thing , they probably have reprinted her first album again to get sale from those people who tend to buy stuff after a celebs have died.

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It is sad when some dies so young , but now she may rest in peace know those that supposedly cared for her will have to fend for the family who said they care but were no where to be found till after her death .with thier sad stories of how they tried to help . the only thing they will be helping themselves to now making sure all royalties & rights to her music & imagery are sent to them. hope no one buys her music now after her death so you loser family receive nothin...

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