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This a great game , weird but still a great game.

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It's got my vote , great game .

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All right MS you have two choice here

1-Give it two more years if there's no great improvement pack up & call it Quits.

2- buy something they hold dear or hold in high regards.(But make no major changes for a while.)

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Am not a spiteful person but i hope the asshole who took it get's hit by a truck while playing it outside, won't help the victim but it would make me feel better knowing that prick is dead.

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Want to clarify that comment.

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I see a price increase coming soon for retail games.

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The number of units sold as an PS3 exclusive would be reason enough for a CEO to kill himself or cost the jobs of all those involved & piss off shareholders .

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So if that's the case then their all good engines, no one is better than the other . just saying

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Seeing as how lionhead is an MS company do we get a double port of B&W 1,2 for Xbox360 or next gen. So this means it will be an Xbox//PC EXCLUSIVE cool.

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We all have opinions that will vary from person to person, that's best part about opinions. but we should all agree that no matter how big or small Halos contribution to gaming were , what matter is that halo kicked that door open so all game developers can move forward & be creative in different ways.

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But it's OK for Sony to buy, cause their not greedy & they don't care for money. also how is it that they treat you like a mule.

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I say MS should buy them all, but also add these to that buying spree these folks have produced some great games & are doing so now .

Twisted Pixel Games
Ska Studios
SouthEnd Interactive
Signal Studios
Robot Entertainment
Q Entertainment
Grounding Inc
Grasshopper Manufacture
Ftoni Studios
Double Fine
Certain Affinity

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Dude they hired her to do voice work & created one of the characters with her looks nothing more.

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Respawn Entertainment Are they not part of EA ALREADY.

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Hey Team Bondi MGS could use some first party developers, gave them a call .

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I get a disagree for wanting them to make URT4 & BS2 for the 360,PC,PS3 & Suggestion they make & keep Shadow Complex 2 a 360 exclusive.

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UT4 & BS2 For Xbox & PC,PS3. But Shadow Complex 2 for Xbox 360 exclusive.

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This is my favorite part of the article. LOL

In the end, it is hard to call anything a bust with over 9 million units sold worldwide. However, when your competition is nearly doubling that number at a higher cost, all while driving their car with an imaginary steering wheel all the way to the bank, then things start looking… bad.

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Wish all these developers would pick a side already & stop flip flopping on weather console are fine or that we need better hardware, make up your F minds already it one or the other .

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