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It shouldn't be a flop it has almost everything they like ,semi nude young girls ,sword play & crappy dialogue, it should be a hit by those standards.

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*Now feel how i felt when PS3 got a playable Joker for Batman AA.*(my mistake )

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I think MS will officially announce a price cut across the board as the the holidays approach, what retailers do before an official price cut is just icing on the cake so to speak.

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I say a price cut right before the holiday season will occur. given that people will take advantage of the holiday sales ,black Friday, K-mart layaway plans ,cyber Monday & everything else that takes place after thanksgiving. that when a price cut will happen.

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Now feel how i felt when PS3 got a playable for Batman AA.

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I bought me a Power A at toy r us , works like a charm . here one being sold online.
Power A CPFA051083-01 Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3

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being sarcastic cause don't want Sony to push the same exclusive from this year on me again next year under premise that their exclusives ,cause to me all they are doing is repackaging the same CRAP all over again.beside they have 17 first party studios let them do something new inform of a new IP.

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Can't wait to see 2012 list of exclusives , cause i can't wait to hunt for another uncles treasure or blow out the lights in some other city or kill aliens in Canada or dress my potato sack in new get ups . **The Excitement is killing me**.

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Not according to what is said here in this article.

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Maybe it's a marketing ploy like EA is doing by only showing PS3 footage of BF3. just taking a shot in the dark.

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Did not know that telling someone to piss off, meant i am unable to afford something. for minute there i thought i was voicing my Opinion, guess not favoring something must mean people are poor or broke or just cheap in your views. got one still a POS buy , cause all have been able to do is watch 3d BD cause trying to watch TV in 3d is no fun when the network ,cable companies have no true purpose for me to use it with, please don't give the stupid reply about how you can switch back to ...

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I will Accept 3d when everything Death2smoochie said has happened, till then i chose to not part take in the offerings .

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Hey Sony how about you piss off w/ this 3D crap.

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Still going w/ male default Shepard, nothing against J.H but the game has been marketed w/ default Shepard.

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Still going w/ male default Shepard,knowing against what's her name.just the way the game was marketed towards me .

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That was all opinion, nothing to do w/ that stupid fan-boy crap.

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Last year EA executive Patrick Soderlund told Eurogamer he hoped the Shift series would overtake Sony's Gran Turismo series and Microsoft's Forza franchise as gaming's leading simulation racer.

"We think we can compete and ultimately become market leading in the simulation authentic motorsport segment," he said.n


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I own both shit consoles, so i get the best of this turd of an industry .

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