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How does a game that has been released for some time outsell a game that is not even on the market yet.GT5 has out sold Forza 4 ,but yet FM4 has not been released. wow.

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Just so you TARDS that disagree with my comment ,learn to distinguish between a neutral comment & a biased comment instead of just disagreeing cause you don't feel the same way.

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I think it can, just needs developers to have confidence in their abilities & take a chance .

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Some very Good points,I agree.

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What is going on here is no different than what EA is doing w/ BF3,all i have seen is footage for PS3 no 360 footage. really is sad that ps3 fans have no problem when their platform does it to others, but let it happen to them FB start coming from all corners crying foul.

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Am willing to try this game just get it gold & i will be waiting .

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FREE WILL remember that .

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Uncharted,Infamous, Resistance,God of War- wow haven't heard that list before.

I would rather play Batman: AC,Dark Souls, Skyrim, Rage over any of those titles.

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I have kinect, will use it for all games that require it & allow it as an option.

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Am getting MW3 & BF3. cause they both look good.

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It's a problem if you make it a problem, me personally don't GTFS about how many disc its on. As long that it lives up to the hyped which was used to sale me on the game.

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Yes you do , WTH are you waiting for. we need a better disc format ,bigger hard drives,faster frame rates,full 1080p & anything else you can think of .

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Playing all of them on Xbox360,my PS3 will be busy w/ R3.

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OMG ,Stop the presses. cause i just found out that i may have to get my lazy ass off the couch to switch disc to continue playing. what shall i do .( your not going to die from doing some lite stretching every now & again.)

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Her in this movie is just as bad as letting him direct ( it.

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GT5 has sold 5.2 million ,GOW3will blow past that in it's first 30 days.

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will make me feel secure about my purchase like most Sony fan-boys feel about their purchase of a PS3 & it's games.!!!!!!!!! lol

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I got me Epics EPICS EDITION, can't wait.

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Doesn't bother me to pay 16 cents a day for Xbox live, besides their always an issue w/ free stuff. if it's okay w/ the rest of the world i will continue to pay for it.

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Former MS employee has that for irony.

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