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All of these games will be getting my money one way or another. guess everybody is getting coal for Xmas but me. lol

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Have they shown better PS3 footage since that mess that was shown on Jimmy Fallon, since that mess i have being thinking how bad the 360 will look.

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I Don't care about how many disc it will be on or not be on, i just would love to see Xbox360 footage & game play . please no still shots

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Don't go to all of them but next Tuesday will be the first in a long time.

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Am taking this new rumor w/ bit of salt , cause in till G. Lucas says other wise this is just hearsay.

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What addiction , he must have us confused . lol

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So can i place an order for an Epic edition.

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The 35.00 sounds like your bank nailed you w/ an overdraft fee. THOSE SUCK.

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MS is going to allow it cause it will help sales & keep kinect in people minds , but their's going to be some closed door meetings between MS & Activision w/ a whole ton of yelling & bitching

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Don't really care how many it uses ,just make sure it's released bug free,& F ing worth my money & time .

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That is why i love this franchise they don't make shit boring , like cough GTA cough .

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Even so, Capps acknowledges that Microsoft has been immensely helpful to Epic with the Gears franchise. "I don't regret what we're doing with Microsoft. They make it worthwhile all the time," he said.

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1.25 million wow, that is one sad fan base in two years time. no wonder it went multiplatform,
it should do well on 360.

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Love that one line

Don't you get it, in here am a God.

In the real world your just a bitch w/ a keyboard.

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Am not suicidal just yet .

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We did not commit anything we retaliate on Japaneses Empire for their cowardly attack on that Sunday Dec 6 of 41 & our retaliation was a show of force against a nation of people who stood by their empire & cheered them on.
We may not have beat the Nazis , but history show a cigar chomping pudgy Britt & big mustache freaky asking for help.
As for asking for help that right you counties don't have ball to ask yourselves SO you call upon that POS the UN.

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No big deal.

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Everyone belittles the United States of America & it's people , about how they live, how they spend their money , how they go about doing things or how big an ego they have . but let there be some trouble or some injustice going on, guess what country get's called first, guess what country has it wallets or check book ready. worst part about they all act like they never said anything.So to all you haters F.... Y...

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Am no whiz but wouldn't it be cheaper to just make a blu-ray capable Xbox, than continue making a regular Xbox & external bd player . seem like a waste of time & money.

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just stating that all four companies are doing the same thing at the exact time. just some console owner can deal & other can't.

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