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The Folks at Ubisoft would have to be smoking some crazy shit to want to do that or even contemplate selling this franchise .also isn't china the biggest market of where game are pirated. for some reason this deal or concept smell like a bad deal for Ubisoft.

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just make the good Samaritan for Xbox already i bet MS would love to have that as an EXCLUSIVE . Hey Phil Spencer get on it .

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I have played a few facebook games at work ,when extra time was available, but aside from that i am & will always be a console owner/ take your stats Zynga & F OFF

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Antoine Fuqua would be a great choice

Brooklyn's Finest
King Arthur
Tears of the Sun
Training Day
The Replacement Killers

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October 4'th is going to be the most expensive gaming day ever.(M.O)

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I want to pay it & am willing to buy both the PS4 & Xbox?. than buy that generic looking gizmo you have .

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I want halo to be better than 1,2,3 but ten X as good as the prequel Halo Reach was & on killer next gen hardware.

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This sounds cool & am willing to try it out, but in words of Larry the cable guy Git-R-Done. lol

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Cause most FPS characters are not big eyed girls wearing short skirts & carrying big swords.

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By far the best Gears game, it is a thing of beauty. have not stopped playing since i got it at midnight

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No ,cause i don't live in Mexico & must wait till early Tuesday.

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plain & simple, i want it now.

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kinect was mentioned 3 time in the article

Instead of being hyped as the next evolution of gaming on the PlayStation 3, the general hype around the Move seemed rather ho-hum compared to the mega event Microsoft was planning to do with the Kinect.

but why isn’t there a studio working on something beyond a new fitness game for an immediate retail release? SCE London has essentially been given the task of developing casual games, almost eerie similar to the UK based ...

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Not agreeing to jack till i have had the legal language translated into English.

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I Pledge to Go Commando On September 20th and the rest of my life. lol

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Am free balling it all night.

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Looks like Santa is delivering coal to everyone in my family, but me seeing as how i have been a good gamer.
Merry Christmas to me. lol

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No different than when trying to get hard to find tickets to a concert ,show or your fave band.

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Same here , just know if i can hold out for 7 more days .

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Like how Robert Boyd, founder of Lake Arrowhead, CA-based Zeboyd Games states one game sold 50,000 but the other sold 16,000 could it be due to the price increase or that the second game was garbage, much easier to blame everyone else than yourself or your product isn't Rod.

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