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ZeniMax Media Inc owns Arkane Studios,who also happens to own Bethesda Game Studios. So in short their making it & publishing it.

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The price drop was over the cost of how many years ,cause i don't remember it happening over night.

@360ICE Don't get me wrong a price drop will ocurr but it will have to be a significant one & that TV better come with more than 4K resolution.

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Maybe the Wii U should have released a few month earlier, i see no reasons for games needing to delay it self especially for one system when there are three other systems with a huge established fan base waiting for this game already.

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In the words of Steve Jobs but stolen from Picasso,

Good artists copy great artists steal

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My Guess its easier to buy something established to help establish something else, than try to establish two new things at the same time . JAT

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So how is it these franchise are going to Nintendo or Sony, when their rightful owner MS has never even indicated that they or any were for sale. seem weird something going some where without owners Approve of sale or even knowing they were selling them.

@Carl_Shocker One question if these franchise were so great ,so wonderful ,so inspiring why then did Nintendo sell Rare. from a wired perspective this out cry for them has given them a great increase in value for MS to eithe...

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The first consumer games console which had analog joysticks was the Prinztronic/Acetronic/Interton series, launched in 1976. This system was widely cloned throughout Europe and available under several brand names. The 2 sticks each used a pair of potentiometers, but were not self-centering.

In 1982, Atari released their first controller with a potentiometer-based analog joystick for their Atari 5200 home console. However, its non-centering joystick design proved to be ungain...

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Just one question, how much will this bundle cost

$250.00(vita) & $250.00(PS3 160GB)= $500.00 + TAX .
That just hardware & whatever item come with it, now add games accessories ,memory,etc,etc,etc.doesn' t sound or look like a bundle that favors the consumer.

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Midnight release for me, sweet.

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Saints Row 2 (Video Game)
Shaundi (voice

Yakuza (Video Game)
Yumi (voice: English vers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (Video Game)
Faith (voice)

Fight Night Champion (Video Game)
Megan McQueen (voice)

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Seem to be having a great career & doing well.

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Sweet more friends & family fun.

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Day 1 buy + plus the season pass,Can't wait fot this game .

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Sweet can't wait.

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Hell Yeah, Yes they can.

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Last i read somewhere on one of these sites stated it to be A Xbox 360 Exclusive.

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just for you , enjoy.

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Can't wait to get my hands on mine, come ON 11/06 /2012

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It's this word, what's the word Oh it's Preference.

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Steve Ballmer & Phil Spencer need to get their heads out the ass & start funding some new IP & Stop letting the one we have from going any where . if this shit happens w/ Gears i will make Oregon & Idaho beach front property Ala Lex Luther concept.

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