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( Love how one's out look is disagreed a upon cause it's different than others)

No I buy these product to help encourage friends & family to do like wise so that way a trend is started of trying to bring our country back to a position of manufacturing dominance instead of a sad country that only imports someone else inferior product & while also helping companies realize that the best works are right here in their home country not overseas.So that way in not far...

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Nationalist mentality for me , beside if Japanese can have that outlook or choice then why can't I. that why I have replaced my TV to a vizio, my PC to a dell. my mobile to a windows 8 phone, yes be it that they were manufactured in country where Labor is cheap & foreign still an American product by design & name, but eventually that will all change with more goods coming back to be manufactured here in USA .

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I thought they would go to japan seeing as how they mention a Japanese Assassin ,Shao Jun that had visited Enzio before his death to ask for his guidance as a Master Assassin.

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Your Asking PC & Console gamers to help finish funding a game going to Mobile device . That's rich, wish I could but I dislike mobile gaming.

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I say to prove to the courts that parents are at fault, every retail store retrain their employees to inform parents the rating on the game but also have pamphlets by the games or posters so if a parent tries to state that they were not informed of the rating or their were no visible sign indicating the rating system these items will tell a different story.

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Isn't that Gearbox. Yes I know its published by T2 but it will be the same scenario who will pay the cost & is it worth the money ,time.

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Wasn't there a similar situation like this with the ME series . but in the end it worked out for everyone .

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It looks interesting may buy just for the fact it's a new IP & new studio.

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Good for them. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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Cause maybe your game sucks & not everyone is as gullible as Android ,IOS owners. So if no one buys it why waste resources in something nobody wants . JMO

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Thank you but no thank you.

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What OS are you running on your PC, just out of curiosity.

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I forever will buy any & all MS product before I buy Sony or Nintendo product of any kind. Not that their bad I just prefer to support MS. Trying to develop that nationalist mentality like my Counterparts in the far east where they show more love for their home product but very little love or appreciation, interest for outside products.

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They did that to me already with the ending to ME3,even with those 3 ending am still in tears.

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How do you know Fuse is bad have u played ,do you own it,where did you buy it , when was it released . cause dam to pass Judgement on something you have not played or own seem kind of childish.

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Don't think their going to put all features on a rival mobile or tablet device . best bet would be to get a Windows device.

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Screw this social crap , EA needs to restart the MVP baseball franchise again seeing how 2K is not renewing it license with MLB .

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I can bet that one billion or so were a bunch of whining gamers who bitched about how COD is copy & paste, but yet look at those #'s. So much for the am not buying it cause it's a copy & paste game ha ha ha F-In hypocrites.

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This would be F............... Epic & great for MS cause of all that extra cash flow .

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