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I must be in the severe minority in hoping to see Ibuki. T.T #19
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I love Versus XIII, but I don't think I'm going to be so quick to jump the gun and say that XV is tonally different. Even with Versus XIII we had that trailer of them adventuring through the forest. The music is still somber, and noctis is still very serious.

In the XV reveal trailer, there was still a few things that made this seem like a mature, dramatic story. The Duscae demo is not fair to compare to the original Versus trailer because I feel like the are showing... #19
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I disagree because my favorite Japanese style RPG on the ps3 is nowhere near "popular." Even after 6 years, it's most viewed video on youtube hasn't even hit 700,000 views yet.
That game is Valkyria Chronicles, and if I like FFXV as much as that, I literally could not ask for more. #3.3
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I'm actually satisfied with this upgrade as far as remastering the graphics go. I didn't expect more, and that crispness will look even better in motion.

Then again...I wasn't expecting much out of a remaster anyways. But since I planned on rebuying it anyways, I'm actually glad this is coming out. #41
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America seems to be down too. #1
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It's hard to tell how much of Nomura's original vision is intact. I feel like all the stuff I saw from when he was still a director felt like pieces of the game well into the story, and the stuff we've seen since the new director feels much closer to the beginning of the story. I feel like maybe AFTER the Duscae plains, the story will eventually evolve into what Nomura showed us in the beginning.

And I wouldn't put it past the director of Type 0, one of the mo... #2.1.3
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Kenshi...Kenshi's son. Whatever you have to do, just get a blinD telekinetic swordsman IN THIS GAME. #5
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I honestly don't REALLY care how long this takes considering I have complete faith that it's in nonstop development and WILL see release at some point. It was much harder dealing with the curiosity of whether the game was cancelled or not.

I don't care if they take their time because I have ffx remaster, Kingdom Hearts HD, Dragon Age Inquisition and Dark Souls 2 to beat. And then there will be Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XIV's expansion, Witcher 3, and Final Fa... #10
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Arcade announcements almost ALWAYS come first for Japanese fighting games. I'm sure they are already planning ahead for a PS4 version. I mean, look at Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. That started in arcades, came to consoles in Japan, and is now coming to consoles in America. And that is way more niche than Final Fantasy. #14
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Yeah I think you missed the whole Mortal Kombat 9 revitalizing everything. If you said this before MK9 came out...this would be a bit more accurate. But Mortal Kombat 9 was the first true entry that was balanced, and fun enough to see massive competitive play by fighting game purists. MK9 didn't get by on gore or shock, otherwise all the previous mortal kombats would have sold well, it got by on a thoroughly good and balanced fighting system, which is what the series was lacking all this... #1.1.4
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To the whole "deciding innovation before playing it thing."

If a game told me I could fight a dragon by shoving waffles into my mailbox outside...I'd say it's pretty innovative. That being said, this doesn't mean the BEST way to slay dragons is to run outside shoving waffles into mailboxes, but it sure is new. I don't have to physically run outside myself to know that.

But I'll never know if it's actually fun unless I try. W... #52
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A reboot isn't a BAD idea now that the first game is two generations old. However, I think reboots are more suited for when the games are three generation old, or more. In other words, I'd much rather prefer a reboot of God of War on PS5, but I'll definitely think they PS4 would have enough power for a full makeover.

Imagine God of War 1...but open world. Just completely re-do the level design and build an entire open container of that fantastic mythical world. #16
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Zaeed is that high. He's my least favorite character from Mass Effect. Thane is my number one bro. That dude is well designed, and very dramatic. #1
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My tag team for MK9 was Kenshi and Ermac (Team Psychic!) They are my two favorite and I would love for both of them to come back! #2
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Guys need to calm down and play Dust. That shit's purrty too. #29
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Or better yet. Just find someone who is getting an Xbox version of the standard game. Say that "I'll give you the xbox one version from my collector's edition if you buy the PS4 version." #33
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Guys...this could have a solution. Buy the xbox collector's edition. Keep the good shit, and don't open the actual game. Do an even exchange with that unopened game and a standard version of the PS4 game. #32
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Darksiders 2 is actually one of my favorite ps3 games. I am only moderately into the bulky grunt-ish art style, but the gameplay, environments, and music were all top-tier stuff for me. I'm playing another playthrough right now actually as I wait for the next ps4 game to come out that I really want. #4
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I think it's more like, Tetsuya knows what he's doing. One delay can already be explained by moving it to next gen. I'm sure that knocked two years off of when it would have come out for ps3.
The rest of it, to me, just seems like a great game designer taking his time. I have no reason to doubt this game's quality. It has never looked "worse" than it did before. It's just simply taking it's time. #8.3
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I remember this story. I don't remember them ever saying it'd be a few years. I'd say there's going to be a gap of 1 year to one and a half years. #2.1.1
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