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Hopefully the bastard who took my original desired screen name will also change theirs, so that I may take theirs. #52
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I would dearly love to win this lottery. I would cry. :( #1479
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I don't know about you guys, but I'm all about seeing Katamari in VR. Nothing like trying to push a ball that you can't see over in first person! #22
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Heck yes I'm excited! I've been asking for a Gauntlet style game since the ps3 was released, and only got the mediocre Sacred 2. Now I'm ready for the real deal to return! #4
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Man, I really want this game. I wasn't familiar with Dengeki, but I am a big fan of Railgun, Durarara, and Sword Art, as well as Valkyria Chronicles so I was really glad to see a stage for the game. #1
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With this and Mewtwo confirmed as two forms, I believe every pokemon will have a two mega forms. Also, I love this X version MUCH more than the other Mega Charizard. #8
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OMG, what if they were assigned to bring back Siren, Sony's horror IP?! #3
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I don't care if it's just two clips. I don't care if noctis simply changed his damn shoes. I've been so deprived of information on this game for too damn long to deny myself salivating over even one millisecond of new footage. o.O #5
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SEGA!!!! I am very happy for you to have acquired Index, but not you've screwed up. Now I know that your company has money to throw around so WHERE ARE MY VALKYRIA CHRONICLES CONSOLE SEQUELS?!!!! :'''''' ;''( #31
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I prefer Dark Souls for it's world design. Specifically how it's pretty much all one seamless open world, and how much variety there was in color with Demon Ruins and Anor Lando. #1.2
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No, actually, thank you for the wall of text. That's what we're trying to get. Actual, thought out responses or people who will elaborate. You're the target audience for our writing. haha.
Yeah I also agree that they won't abandon it completely, but their first steps were definitely in the wrong direction and I'm very, very pro-indie so it was a big negative reaction from me.
I also agree about Microsoft bailing on their older systems too fast. The... #4
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Yet this does?
and makes it to the top?
At least we're trying to write professionally. #2.1
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I'm not signing this petition to bring them as DLC.
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oh my god, burnout on next gen consoles sounds absolutely perfect. #5
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Does anyone not find this author's generalizations offensive. So she has cornrows, which means she totes guns?! And then he has the gall to take that gun shooting person and associate it with some of the most popular africans americans of our generation. That's not risque, that's just stupid. #13
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WHat I want is a crossover 2 player co-op action game containing God of War and Heavenly Sword. #35
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Cause it's a DEMO
You don't crank up the difficulty on a demo. #1.4.1
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I totally second Valkyria which is my favorite jrpg behind Final Fantasy X, and definitely Dark Cloud which is my favorite behind valkyria. lol #26
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I got mine! I couldn't believe it at first either haha. This is a very generous move. #16
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I agree with this. Battle Royale is so addicting! #15
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