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Whatever soul players say that they only like this game because of it's difficulty is selling the game really short. It's not about being the most difficult. It's just about naturally being challenging. On top of that there is the amazing combat physics, the immersive world design, the vague and compelling lore, and so on and so forth. I don't care if other games are harder, they also have to beat dark souls in all these categories as well to truly be a superior game.

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I think it's kind of idiotic to be publishing this article when the well-received Ratchet and Clank JUST launched, and Uncharted 4 is literally a month away.

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Yeahhhh, are we sure that this isn't a mistake? Y'shtola is a final fantasy XIV character. I would love for her to be in Final Fantasy XV as well, but I doubt that's what's actually happening here.

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The site layout it links to is gross.

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These are very unfounded concerns.

Concern 1 was that crossplay means it's unfair for PS4 players because of the age-old mouse vs gamepad debate. This editor says that there shouldn't be crossplay at all because of this. That's absolute garbage. That's a feature millions of people will want. How about we just make lobbies for gamepad only or mouse only for those that want it, but let the rest of the people who just want to play with their friends on pc of ps4...

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All of you who are saying this site "obviously" fell off because you left years ago are really not seeing what's missing. While their consistency wasn't up to par, neither is any single youtuber, really.

But more importantly, Gametrailers, despite not being popular, delivered on quality. Kyle Bosman is my favorite gaming personality. Way more than any relevant youtuber. Timeline was the most exquisitely crafted lore-based video I've ever seen and comple...

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All I want from Black Friday is Divinity for ps4. And then my car battery died. So now all I want from Black Friday is 40 dollars to go buy Divinity.

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I am thankful for having such an inventive medium for my hobby. A medium that I can use to relieve stress from work, enjoy time with the girl I'm seeing, and solidify my friendships. See, I'm a nerd. The fact that video gaming can BE my social tool is probably more of my lifeline than anything.

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I wish we knew when that was!!!! Grrrrrr

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That was amazing.

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I must be in the severe minority in hoping to see Ibuki. T.T

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I love Versus XIII, but I don't think I'm going to be so quick to jump the gun and say that XV is tonally different. Even with Versus XIII we had that trailer of them adventuring through the forest. The music is still somber, and noctis is still very serious.

In the XV reveal trailer, there was still a few things that made this seem like a mature, dramatic story. The Duscae demo is not fair to compare to the original Versus trailer because I feel like the are showing ...

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I disagree because my favorite Japanese style RPG on the ps3 is nowhere near "popular." Even after 6 years, it's most viewed video on youtube hasn't even hit 700,000 views yet.
That game is Valkyria Chronicles, and if I like FFXV as much as that, I literally could not ask for more.

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I'm actually satisfied with this upgrade as far as remastering the graphics go. I didn't expect more, and that crispness will look even better in motion.

Then again...I wasn't expecting much out of a remaster anyways. But since I planned on rebuying it anyways, I'm actually glad this is coming out.

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America seems to be down too.

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It's hard to tell how much of Nomura's original vision is intact. I feel like all the stuff I saw from when he was still a director felt like pieces of the game well into the story, and the stuff we've seen since the new director feels much closer to the beginning of the story. I feel like maybe AFTER the Duscae plains, the story will eventually evolve into what Nomura showed us in the beginning.

And I wouldn't put it past the director of Type 0, one of the mo...

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Kenshi...Kenshi's son. Whatever you have to do, just get a blinD telekinetic swordsman IN THIS GAME.

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I honestly don't REALLY care how long this takes considering I have complete faith that it's in nonstop development and WILL see release at some point. It was much harder dealing with the curiosity of whether the game was cancelled or not.

I don't care if they take their time because I have ffx remaster, Kingdom Hearts HD, Dragon Age Inquisition and Dark Souls 2 to beat. And then there will be Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XIV's expansion, Witcher 3, and Final Fa...

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Arcade announcements almost ALWAYS come first for Japanese fighting games. I'm sure they are already planning ahead for a PS4 version. I mean, look at Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. That started in arcades, came to consoles in Japan, and is now coming to consoles in America. And that is way more niche than Final Fantasy.

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Yeah I think you missed the whole Mortal Kombat 9 revitalizing everything. If you said this before MK9 came out...this would be a bit more accurate. But Mortal Kombat 9 was the first true entry that was balanced, and fun enough to see massive competitive play by fighting game purists. MK9 didn't get by on gore or shock, otherwise all the previous mortal kombats would have sold well, it got by on a thoroughly good and balanced fighting system, which is what the series was lacking all this ...

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