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^i totally agree...I bought my PS3 not exactly for GT5, but knowing it would be a day 1 purchase eventually...

and yeah...when i finally played it, i liked it, was fine with purchasing it...and continued through most of the single player campaign (seriously though...fack nascar, those challenges and that championship event...fack that shat)...

but i stepped away from GT5 unlike any other GT game in the past...which was one of having little to no interest in t... #1.2.3
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admit it or not; GT5 damaged the brand...and GT6 didn't improve on it enough to compensate...GT5's delays, a really weird split situation of regular and 'premium' cars...met with higher than normal competition in the genre...

clearly resulted in GT5 fairing well because everyone was waiting years for it...with a large amount of 'this is what we waited for? coming not long after...and GT6 suffered accordingly...

I'm a huge GT fan, owned... #1.1.9
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^lazy probably wasn't the right word...more like 'not interested' given the headline was obviously out of context...and just bait...

and yeah...I typed up a longer post only expanding on a bigger problem in game development related to multi-core cpu use (as, like almost all 'hard to develop for' articles, the earlier posts pointed towards it being a problem with parallel coding)...

The post wasn't directed at anyone that had already po... #1.1.10
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^well, wait a second...how exactly is it 'amazing'?

windows 10 is a free upgrade for every segment of this comparison...so, again, taking 17% as 'great news' is still pushing it. Its not bad, either...but it clearly shows a majority of PC gamers see no reason to upgrade currently, even when there is zero cost involved...

but imo that nunmber will only slowly creep until there are games that actually take advantage of it...which is what all of... #1.1.6
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ha exactly...

I love my wife's face, her legs, boobs, butt, everything...

yeah yeah, she's 'beautiful on the inside' to me, too.

and i don't think that way because of what i saw on TV or in movies...or in a facking video game...these 'unrealistic standards of beauty' that everyone keeps screaming about don't make any sense to me...

I've met some women that i was extremely physically attract... #1.2.1
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I didn't bother reading the article because i'm too lazy...but is your cpu related statement form the article, or are you just discussing why there could've been problems?

clock speed is only half of the equation with the console cpu's...and sadly, neither console has a very high one of those either...

Instructions per cycle is where the on paper figures of both consoles are laughable compared to even low end desktop cpu&... #1.1.7
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exactly...Cards several generations old still support a majority of DX12 features, at least according to AMD and Nvidia...any GCN AMD card supports all but one 'thing' with dx12 iirc...and those cards released with...battlefield 3...in 2011

so i'm not looking at the 63% figure as a good thing...as i would hope it would've been a lot higher considering how old the cards can be...

Kind of makes it clear how very few developers actually bother to... #4.2.1
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yeah, the DX12 numbers are kind of meaningless in that they basically only say '63% of steam users have a gpu built in the last 3 or so years'...

My 280x supports most of DX12, and the gpu its based on released in late 2011...and Nvidia's older cards have similar situations going on...

I'm not complaining that older cards can use Dx12 to some degree...only saying its kind of an arbitrary stat in that it still only illustrates a little over hal... #1.1.2
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sashamaz, that argument can go in either direction...

on one side; yeah, kojima 'made' everything metal gear (save rising, sort of)...and that a single person's brilliant vision is nothing if not consistent...but it drove konami crazy for better or for worse, as well as a lot of employees over the years if you believe the reports of vocal people that worked for him and left...

look at iD, similar situation in terms of a ground breaking developer..... #1.3.5
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slightly ironic that this 'night operations' DLC is almost entirely focused on stealth, right? #1.1.1
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Traditionally, arena/twitch shooters are worthless on console...UT3 was probably the last direct arena shooter in terms of a known franchise, and sold as a full retail product, and proved to be unpopular on either console...even with the PS3's full UGC/mod support...

not sure why it would be any different now...the last huge success an arena shooter had a console was Quake III on dreamcast...and that was a decade and a half ago...

I'm only saying, peo... #1.1.9
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The only real matter is it can undermine launch events and media embargo...

retailers that still do 'midnight' releases and that sort of thing will often fight with the pulisher when other retailers leak the game first, an return unpurchased stock if it actively decreased sales at their stores...I'm not sure how that works in the middle east, and not sure if any retailers still even bother with that sort of thing....but that used to be the case in the US; wal-mart... #5.1.3
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you're obviously extremely confused as to how MS handles their Xbox Line, and windows (be it windows 10, or 8, or 7, etc.)

publishing a game on windows 10, or 8, or 7, etc...is no different than publishing any form of software on that OS...you make it, you support it, its your problem...

that is 180 degrees from how publishing on an xbox one works...you have to opt in and pay for a whole bunch of things first, including contracts on... #1.2.25
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Halo 1 and 2 worked because it introduced new things (the 'epiphany' of halo 1 with controls and equipment management; the console online nature of halo 2)

Halo 3 introduced...nothing, really, but rode a massive wave of excitement from fans of the originals who admittedly had never played any other shooters before...and because the xbox 360 was incredibly super awesome at the time, i guess?...it was very successful...but, then:

CoD 4 released like a m... #2.1.6
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its not exclusive to the 'uncool console' this time...zing #8.1
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the Wii U's coffin is constructed entirely out of nails at this point... #1.2.3
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how many awards did BF4 get at conferences back in 2013?...EA and Dice are kings at trailers...but it released, it was broken, they've been digging themselves out of that hole ever since...

trust nothing on the media's 'previews' of unreleased games...Sadly, we're at the point where a game needs to be released to the public for a considerable amount of time to really know if its actually out of beta...

and that goes double for multiplayer... #1.5.1
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Andrew and poopsmcgee, listen to yourselves...

Nothing released this year has any hype whatsoever in comparison to MGSV...the witcher 3? bloodborne haha?...decent games, sure...but they're not even in the same industry in terms of 'do people know about this'...

and yes...none of us have played MGSV, so maybe its not that great, maybe it is, whatever...its definitely a far bigger release than absolutely everything of 2015 so far...

... #1.2.5
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'They're tryin' to build a priz ON, they're tryin' to build a priz ON'
er, different song...but its crazy that that shat was a decade and a half ago... #2.2.6
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I saw it coming...GB's bombcast is the only podcast i regularly listen to, and Gerstmann had talked about it a few times over the last few weeks...

He summed it up on there that its a decent update to a game that didn't age well at all...Most of his complaints were on the technical side, and he was pretty frustrated that the single player campaign still chugged along at sub 30 fps like the original....with just as often occasions of it d... #1.1.12
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