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I've never played DKCR before now. I got it for free with this promotion, and I can see why people say it is one of the best all-time platformers. I hate platformers, and I'm enjoying it. Its just pretty to look at.

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Both consoles target different demographics. Some gamers are one or the other, or some are both. If the author can't see excellence in the 3DS' current software lineup, then he does not fit into the 3DS demographic, and probably shouldn't have purchased it in the first place. The 3DS lineup is a consistent Nintendo handheld lineup and it isn't a surprise to anyone.

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"How Nintendo Isn't Giving Me Exactly What I Want Is Incompatible With My Inflexible Tastes"

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I'm 37. It may shock the author of the article to know that there are regular working adults who work in really challenging, emotionally draining jobs. I'm a ninth grade science teacher in an urban District and I see all kinds of HURT in people every single day. When my day is over, I need some whimsy in my life.

I'm doing the job that the author doesn't want to do, and frankly probably isn't capable of doing. I'm working for society. And that me...

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No kidding. This isn't about a company "winning" some crown for "best" show. Its about whether any gamer gets a good product line that they are willing to support.

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Corporations are under no obligation to take sides on political or social views, no matter how much we'd like it. Its just bad business. Whichever side you appease, you'll alienate the other and vice versa.

Japan is an incredibly conservative culture. To expect a Japanese corporation to cater to one segment of Western social views is pretty naive.

Nintendo isn't paving the way on the issue because they don't have to.


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This is gamers defending themselves, not hating on others. When iOS games came out, there was a lot of very high profile console bashing that went: "iOS games are the future and superior to console games in every way imaginable and anyone who plays a console game is an utter moron." So, excuse us for defending our game choices by pointing out the limitations of iOS games and the hypocrisy of bashing console games with an inferior product.

This article is saying: ...

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If Golden Sun: DD is indicative of what we would get in a sequel, I'm not interested. It stinks that the most recent incarnation might be the working model.

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was one of the most stupidly easy RPGs I've ever played. It was straight up terrible. I could have gone through the entire game using the attack command.

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There is no "community spirit" on Miiverse. It is one big pile of idiots screaming for game tips.

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Yes, they do. People who play Nintendo games understand that games are about mechanics, not the "skin" or graphics.

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This is DLC done right. The cost of a quality title for ten dollars less than the normal price. DLC focused on expanding the game world and not required to be successful or have fun with the original game. Can be bought individually, or all at once with a discount. Exclusive bonus for buying all of it, whether you buy all three separate or all at once. You buy all the DLC and it only costs you 5 bucks more than the established "normal" cost of a game. Or, you don't buy int...

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RPG is in danger as a genre. If we don't continue to get them, they run the risk of fading.

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Praying for an NA release of these titles...

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Vita apologists come out, I see.

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"resent" months? Months in which people are resenting the WiiU? When the second word in an article is a misspelling, and any old moron can be a game "journalist", you can be pretty sure that an article is crap.

This article was written by a 12 year old.

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Number Battle? WTF.

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Research shows that tablet and mobile phone journalists have a need to outcompete the interests of others. "Mine SELLS MORE, ergo its BETTER."

Speed boats sell much less than fishing boats. But speed boats can do things that fishing boats can't.

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Uninspired? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Author needs to play more 3DS games. Ocarina of Time, but no Fire Emblem Awakening? Blasphemy. If you don't play in all genres, don't post a "best of" list.

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