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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


"but investing in first-party, you'll see more of that at Gamescom next week, is really core to our strategy."

3 Day still gamescom its almost here.

Lets GO! #2
Really great to see this. I played a great deal of yugioh online last gen.

Online aspect is a big deal when you play. #4
Lol how is The Last Guardian worth the wait. The game was suppose to release on the ps3. All we seen at e3 was a similar demo from years ago.

Other titles all make sense on this list but The Last guardian? Freaking hysterical reading that. #2
Jesus christ look at baird comparison in gears of war ultimate. NIGHT And Day.

Rod and the coalition did a good job there. #2
So games for hololens in the future will look that realistic?

Imagine seeing some type of rts or a fighting game like killer instinct being fought in your living room.

Crazy stuff. #1
Sounds like a admirable partnership. Tomb raider shall be released to xbox one fans front and center this holiday. The spoils shall be enjoyed.

Jump ahead. #3
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Rare Replay and Gears ultimate shall be the top purchases to get for august im sure.

Great month for xbox gamers. #2
There has been many Tony Hawk games and looking at the latest response at e3 i dont even see how its even being hyped up to the point as anticipated.

Small fish in a shark tank thats filled with Fallout 4, Metal gear Solid V,and Rainbow Six Siege. #3.1.1
Until Dawn,TonY Hawk, and Adr1ft shouldn't even be in this list next to those other games.

Who`s anticipating those games next to Hitman, Just cause 3, and Battlefront?


Putting small peas in a big pond. #3
“The primary message is “look at what you’ll be playing in the next seven months.” And then you go to Gamescom, and it’s “Look at what you’ll be playing next year.”

Bring on Gamescom!

Hail Xbox Hydra,ig... #1
Who cares that doesnt change that xbox division sales have grown.

The quarter Lost Microsoft took is in direct relation to a write by nokia.

Every other division in Microsoft is profitable. #1.2.2
Nah xbox division did good.

"Microsoft, total Xbox revenue grew by 27%. It credited this growth to "strong console sales," as well as Xbox Live transactions and sales of first-party games." #1.2
Halo 5 gonna lay down the law this fall. Cant wait for that warzone multiplayer. We all know xbox live gonna continue to be great just by looking at the new xbox one experience.

Gonna be a great fall overall for xbox one users. #2 Confirmed its 90 fps

Look at Michael gong`s face when he said it. Freaking hilarious. #1.1.8
Native 1080p...well get outta towm....

People cant even diss tomb raider on the resolution lol #2.2.2
Well get outta town. This is surprising. Good stuff. #1
This was great...but Microsoft`s opening to E3 hype video was the best opening to e3 ive every seen

Those feels. #1.1
Indeed. Crow shall be eaten.

^__^ #1.2.1
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Ah now this statement i can get behind gamingbbolt. #1
Whoa...this video was eye opening. #3
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