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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


Its been great these 2 years. It just keeps getting better more innovation and AAA titles.

Great holiday overall ive enjoyed all the big titles this fall for xbox one.

Those XBL platform devs also keep delivering the fans what they want on and it really shows this holiday with the new xbox one experience and backwards compatibility on xbox one.

I cant imagine... #3
Yeah i got these tokens for gears of war 1 and gears of war 2.

Gears 3 came before days ago in my library. #2
Cant wait to see it appear in the playlists.

Halo 5 is my go to multiplayer fix and the more community content coming the better. #5
I could of said Halo 5 instead of yoshi my point is still valid.

"The Sony devs were talking about their own game and that TR will sell fine."

Lol like the driveclub dev talking about there game? When did he talk about his game in this article?

There talking about tomb raider and fallout 4.

Your th... #27.3.1
Most ridiculous comments here.

Two Sony dudes gloating on twitter about low sales of a game on Xbox one in UK.

The driveclub developer even chimed in talking about it doing fine next year.

Lol I guess Microsoft should come out next and gloat about uncharted collection being beat by yoshi in npd.

But then there would be no praise by people here for that and Microsoft would be a villain. #27
Tire deformation has been in Forza motorsport games so its not a feature any one would need to be "over the moon" about.

People have enjoyed tire deformation in forza 6 greatly. #6.1.2
As you see having 29.9 million consoles sold isnt enough. Now we see the second level of "passionate" ps4 gamers expressed inside electronic stores.

I hope parents keep there hands over there eyes in the playstation section.

We may just be at the tip of the iceberg of public cases.

*scratches chin* #4
This game is suppose to be running at 60 fps and it has drops to 30 fps.

If a game thats target is 1080p and runs a stable 30 fps fine thats acceptable.

But lets be real : This is cod.

The game shouldn't be having such ridiculous frame pacing.

Resolution should not be pushed if the framerate can not achieved a locked framerate in the campaign.

Ps4 isnt a pc its a console. #3.5.1
Dynamic resolution in here?

30 fps lock up close next to some dude talking?

This situation is like one of those out of shape dudes on a treadmill trying to brag about how nice he looks but cant even last 5 minutes without losing breath.

Time to end the "1080p" ps4 master race.

Its getting ridiculous at this point. #3
Anyone who thought halo 5 wouldn't sell well apparently must of been off bases.

It has a huge community and 343 will have more maps,forge as well as new playlists as the weeks go by.On content alone this game is filled to the brim. The game is pretty much telling you to buy it.

Microsoft even said this game is number 1 on xbox live.

But theres so much bad blood though on here and n4g and neogaf im starting to get the idea people wanted halo 5 t... #2
DAYUM 400 million in global sales... and neogaf was giving halo 5 the death knell.

They can take those L`s to the bank.

Great success from 343 and well deserved. #2
That dude jumping in the air at the end could of killed him.

Ground pound? Your not even close to the dude lol #1
Really? i dont know the meaning and it was used by the 343 lead designer of the game?

"When building Halo 5’s campaign, the team set an early goal to have some of the most robust sandbox experiences in any Halo game to date. So, what exactly does this mean? Well, we wanted our missions to have the most weapons, vehicles, enemies, tactical and exploration options ever seen in Halo. Throughout production, our team pushed one another to ensure that gameplay spaces were huge... #6.1.1
Theres no way there will be splitscreen without some sort of cutbacks.

I dont think people here realize that halo 5 scale is massive and it runs at a locked 60 fps through the entire campaign.

There is no game on ps4 and xbox one other then halo 5 that have sandbox campaign running like this.

A compromise to 30 fps for splitscreen or even a downgrade in the amount of enemies on screen and huge sky boxes isnt worth splitscreen.

I never noticed this. Ive played and dominated matches.

But i dont see how this is a a serious issue considering not many people notice it.

Changing sensitivity should help for people having problems. #7
Not goty material? Fine if you think that.

Glad you dont speak for all xbox fans.

Because im sure there enjoying the heck out of halo 5.

Mentioning forza scoring higher as if this is a negative.

There both xbox one exclusives. #7.2.2
"Halo 5 campaign is as short as The Order 1886, and Xbox Fanboys were very critical about The Order 1886, but Halo 5 gets a pass? "

I beat it in 8 on heroric but comparing the order 1886 to the halo 5 is insane.

The order 1886 in tight corridors and then the quicktime events.

Halo 5 is completely the opposite.

"Killzone Shadow Fall' looks better and has a superior campaign than Halo 5's. "
... #7.2
Dude...i dont even wanna spoil the campaign of halo 5...

But you and me both know there was a covenant boss in the game that made the scrab look tiny in comparison.

When it was revealed and the scale was was mind blowing...even getting inside it.

Halo 5 campaign is just overall far,vastly, beyond halo 3.

I have nothing else to say about this. #4.1.1
At the end of the campaign when i beat it my instant reaction was the game was the best campaign.

Frank is right you cant please everyone.

But i dont see how any of the halo`s from 1-4 is touching halo 5.

Its just not possible even the places you go and the traversal through the enviornments.

Even the story really takes the halo series to the next level.

People need to get that the whole covenant and flood st... #4
Well there was this Sony exec :

"There are two words you’re going to hear a lot of when it comes to PS4 and together, they change the game:


"Give me 60fps or give me death."

h... #3.3.3
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