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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


Left pc gaming and got a ps4? Preposterous! Once a Master Race always one. You cant leave for mediocrity.

The true Master Races PC`s wait as your peasantstation gives it a lapdance for free.

PC is the land of the supreme. We pick any resolution/framerate we choose. We dont need a publisher to decide a res so your peasantstation can run without passing out like a fat boy chasing a ice cream truck.

Also you pay for online when it was the opposi... #6.6.1
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Not about visuals? Sewer rat confirmed.

Wipe the dust off your last gen console and play those games for the next 5 years while saying its not about visuals.

You console peasants constantly talk about 1080p and 60 fps as your hearts depend on it. You guys drool with saliva over how many indie games reach 1080p 60 fps as if this is a win when it should be EXPECTED!

While you peasants play watch dogs in 900p and 792p on ps4 and xbox one your &... #6.2.1
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Visuals? My dare sewer rat its about more. The Master Race demands better for there purchases. You peasants can only hold on to your sewer games with the same visuals,screen tearing, and horrible framerate drops as they were years ago. You guys fight over scraps your "DADDY" publishers hand to you.

But whats even funnier is that you peasants will continue this on xbox one and ps4 fighting over who will have the 1080p version with 30 fps or framerates fluctuatin... #6.1.1
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The Pc Master Race enjoys updated GTAIV visuals from mods of 7 year old game while console peasants are stuck with the stuff left in sewer gutters.

What is really hilarious is we the Pc Master Race will enjoy all of your lovely gifts you give us in praise including GTAV in superior visuals,better framerates, and any resolution we choose.

The true gamers race PC! #6
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The glorious PC Master Race with our golden hair shall prevail.

You console peasants grovel at our feet and bare gifts in the form of MGS5, GTA V, and RYSE. We the true master race will play them in superior visuals, better framerates, and any resolution we choose.

Foolish console peasants can only fight over 1080p at 30 fps as your lives depend on it.

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I think...everyone gets high a lot in this studio. #5
After looking at diablo framerate test on xbox one....

there really wasn't much lost in the framerate. Seems pretty consistent to be honest.

Here`s the ps4 1080p vs xbox one 900p framerate test #2
Upvoting reddit comments with a simple voice command. Rewinding and pausing and playing gifs, pan and zooming images.

Great stuff. #2
Bring on that locked 60 fps goodness. #3
Forza horizon 2

Hail Hydra #1
Hail Xbox Hydra #2
Bring on the 880 gtx. #1
It most likely has to do with MSAA which was used in UFC.

Power just isn't there. Just look at the order 1866 its 30 fps. #3.1.1
60 fps will be standard on ps4....for indie games. Dont hold your breath folks for all games being 60 fps. Let`s all not forget ufc alone is 30 fps. #3
"A four year old underclocked GPU shouldn't be op par with these consoles. (GTX 480) "

Gotta admit that linustechtips video was telling #1.3
Both look good but this comparison is kinda unfair.

In forza horizon 2 its sunny in that gif but in driveclub its stormy/foggy at a different time of the day.

A better comparison would be horizon 2 raining and foggy at the same time as driveclubs. #4
You had my curiosity but now you have my attention. DAT wetness #10
Its all about dem indies man.... #2.1
This seems like a pretty good router. I wonder how it compares to the linksys WRT-1900ac router. #2
NAH. It aint over. Lord phil got me telling my kinect " look at the flowers".

Yusef...maybe he shall be a savior... #1.1.1
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