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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


Put it on ps4...and next thing you know the north korean government hacks psn.

Never know what could happen...just putting it in the ether folks...just passing wisdom. #6
"Everything there is fact except for the handling being better" - BiggCMan

Well how can driveclubs handling be better if it doesn't have any tuning? Forza horizon 2 has tuning for all cars lol

But that`s none of my business...

Im just gonna enjoy this tea. #3.1.6
". His face is so spec-y [editor’s note: specular] in the first image! – Have you seen the trailer? He literally just gets up out of water so his face/chest/shirt are wet and have a high sheen. Bottom one he is not wet so of course he looks dry."

Well looking at drakes hair and skin compared to the gameplay its like he traded places with a Calvin Klien model`s face and a tressume model`s hair in the e3 trailer

But that's none of my business.... <... #4
The playground gods have graced us with this amazing dlc.

Making the best racer of 2014 even better.

Hail Playground Games Xbox hydra. #1
Lord....the sodium deposits in this article...

I hope everyone packed a gallon of water. #1.1
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Xbox Hail Hydra. Lord Phil and the xbox team prancing forward. #4
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"but it was teased at E3 2013"


"Crackdown Xbox One - E3 2014 Trailer" #1.1.2
Crackdown "3" listed in this article does not have a confirmed release date of 2015. #1
Let the bidding war begin. Seems like a fitting game of poker between Microsoft and Sony.

In the end its all up to who has the most expenditures. #3
Its down even when I was gonna download those free ea games #5
Well i never...

Excuse me mister keyboard warrior. The name calling is so offensive. #2.1.1
Pre alpha calm yourselves.

Im sure the naughty gods will run it at a locked 60 fps at 4xaa of something. #2
"What they stole were personnel files, not login information. " -cgoodno

Well they did take login information though...

"Included in the newest data dump is a file directory titled “Password,” which includes 139 Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, zip files, and PDFs containing thousands of passwords to Sony Pictures’ internal computers, social media accounts, and web services accounts. Most of the files are plainly labeled with titles like “passw... #1.1.5
"The difference is that PSN user data is stored in a database and is encrypted as it relates to user logins, CC info, and the like." -cgoodno encrypts psn accounts....

But not for 47,000 social security numbers for employees and celebrities , no encryption for passwords for there own accounts apparently.

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40 bucks? And i got it on release. Well damn. #1
Framerate is all over the place. Cant even play this game at a locked 60 maxed out on pc on ultra with a 980 gtx. #9
Sony were hacked by Hydra panda.

Hail Hydra. #1.1.2
Hail Lord Phil and the Xbox Family. Shining light on us early kings of xbox one. #2
"Join GCU Membership at $30 (after purchasing any game worth $39 or above)"

My gosh that is a good deal. #1
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