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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


Da power of DX12. #2
After listening to red dragon im starting to think the order 1886 should have been some episodic digital release.

Could be like 30 dollars and they could have did a telltale thing like the walking dead. #2
GOW on Xbox one running Unreal engine 4.

*drops mic* #6
"Xbox games have a tougher time but usually also get a pass, I'll never get over the scores mcc and SO got. "

Ha just like ryse got a pass eh?

The conspiracies are getting ridiculous lol #7.2
The 1866 : The Usual suspect i gotta admit is hilarious every time i watch it.

The humor was laid down pretty thick folks. #2
In these old build pictures they actually look better then the new build. I dont know if its the colors or if in the last pic the field of view was further back or whatever.

Something just seems changed there. #1
"I would not say it looks better then Ryse Son of Rome"

Well damn. #1
You have to understand there laying the foundation. You get a small part now of there vision and later the bigger piece.

The games quality is something you would see on the big screen but in your living room.

Give credit were it is due and trust your gut this game is a true game changer. #1.1
Now your just being racist. There is no choice for the artistic value of the black bars.

You must respect all races of blacks even the deepest colors.

If you have hate in your heart let it out. #1.1
May your birthday be filled with many naps. #4
Pc Master Race only wins. Peasants can only look on the distance looking at these sales with there head hung low.

We are the ascended race. #4
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He hates annual releases but he doesn't stop SCE San Diego studios from making MLB The Show annually while hes head of Sonys World Wide Studios...

But that`s none of my business. Gonna just sip this tea. #3
According to this interview with the head of Cd Prohekt RED the recommended settings will not reach 60 fps.

Translating link

[ ]

"At the recommended requirements for PC will reach 30 or... #4.2.1
Omen sounds so salty for jago resisting him. Lol

Great trailer though. #3

Dang that guy above is fast.

But its obvious amd knew dx 12 was coming and tried to capitalize before it released. #13.2
Mmm the smell of the master race in the evening.

The lower peasants dont know the goodness this brings. #1
This sounding like fortaleza.


Miserxmedia shall be happy. #4
Lets not forget to add "content" as a choice.

It always helps to determine a racing game with great value and stuff to do.

Choose wisely indeed. #2.1
The masterpiece horizon 2 laid down the law amongst us mortals. #2
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