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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


The major problem with this comparison is that everything inside that comparison from the clouds to the way the foliage looks exist in the game.

If you go into the swamp area the foliage looks really good there. There`s other parts deeper into white orchard that look truly amazing.

Everything you see in that gif exist in another place. #4.2
Looking at those screenshots the final version looks better. But leave it to neogaf to try to act like it isnt. Just look at how flat the vgx looks compared to final.

People arguing over not having as much fog then the vgx one? I cant this is ridiculous lol #3
Ben is a tropper. The ARG`s building up to E3 for Halo 5 Guardians has been great. It keeps the hype flowing. Very smart idea. #1.1
Looks more or less the same on both.

Best looking open world game for sure on consoles. #2
Why would that guy ask if halo 5 is gold?

Lol the stuff people ask. #6
2015 is this console generation best year.

First half of 2015 major releases

Evole, Dying light, The Order 1886,Battlefield Hardline, BloobBorne Mortal Kombat X Killing Floor 2, The Witcher 3, Project Cars and Batman Arkham Knight.

Towards September-November

Mad Max, MGSV,Halo 5, Forza Mortorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb raider,Fable legends Rainbow six siege, Battlefront, Blackops 3 Assassins Creed Syndicate.

T... #5
"I think Forza is a fantastic series, but the DLC-greed has killed it for me. Again, sadly."

So much greed horizon 2 had free content

Lol keep the propaganda flowing brah. #1.2.4
Greatest gaming lineup. Saving a lot of reveals for gamescom.

Ah Lord Phil and the xbox fam bringing that swagger.


Here is a thread full of forza 5 car pics not in auto vista. Way better then that screenshot you posted.


Heres a closeup shot and cockpit #1.4.2
The master race has spoken and he smiles. #6
Looking at that chart mobile is on course to own half gaming industry revenue stream.

That`s pretty impressive. I wonder how this will affect gaming on consoles. #1
During a lot of turns you gotta slow down. But if you look at 4:00 and onwards dude was all by him self and you see him speeding up.

Looking good on ps4. #1.2
Ten years of Awesomeness. Bring on Forza 6 and ten years more.

Stay RIPPED Dan Greenwalt

Hail Xbox Hydra. #3
Field of view can be improved.

If the field of view is the only thing you can say that`s underwleming about hololens then that` s a very good start.

Dont get why that verge writer in the article tweeted his article "Hololens has big problems" but the majority of the article is about the field of view being small.

Lol isn't that a bit extreme? #2
Conversations at...E3.

Indeed Lord phil...indeed. #1
The field of view can be improved.

I can't help but notice from a article like this and the verge there focus is on the field of view being the only underwhelming part of hololens.

That's pretty good start if that's there only gripe with the device.

Hololens is looking aweseome. #3
Yeah that was sick!

Bring on E3.

Get hyped. #2.1
Cinder looking good. Looks like a tough character to fight. Great stage he has. You can tell there trying to give him more of a personality.

But Aria? I thought the ai was gonna be a skinny character. She looks like she has some type of body armor. #2
Jesus...this game is massive. #3
Well here it goes.

#PrayForBen #1
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