Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king


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Who you be?

Da N4g governor?

Step off out of this thread brah.

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Another plentiful ruby in da throne room of DA X.

Its a belly of riches on DA X.

We all X Kings now.

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In the west?

Look at China. All the major games purchased from consumers are online games.

Even PUBG is DOMINATED by China.

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Theres nothing to argue with my statement it is reality.

I mean why is it so hard for people to accept.

Havent the developers of prominent single player only games dropping off and moving to multiplayer wasnt enough sign.

The hours spent on games are massively in multiplayer games favor in gaming.

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Look at any streaming platform.

What games are the most played?

There`s nothing to debate.

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Of course because single player ONLY games are not the majority of games played.

Thanks to the rise of online gaming multiplayer gaming is the bastion of gaming now.

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4XMSAA at native 4K.

XBOX bringing dat straight fire yo!

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Ive been playing games.

You should try it sometimes.

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Another knockout blow by DA X.

Da hits just keep coming.

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Of course its great.

Meanwhile there`s another named console out there that cant even give upgrades to previous generation games for free....

Xbox eating over here fam.

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DA X continues to give Xbox gamers swagger.

Just letting it hang low in these gaming streets and activates dat pimp walk.

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This war is based on attrition.

Every crack of the whip is another W for DA X.

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Xbox gamers eating hearty over here fam!

It aint even christmas.

Lets get it.

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"Xbox One X delivers a native ultra HD pixel count, presenting us with an interesting comparison point we've only seen in a select few titles - native rendering vs checkerboarding with an otherwise identical presentation. The takeaway here is that PlayStation 4 Pro still passes muster, offering up a clear advantage over the base 1080p rendition of the game. However, in the case of Destiny 2 at least, there's a clear drop-off in quality compared to a pure 3840x2160 output, especia...

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True splendor xbox gamers.

The rivers continue to stream straight gold.

*Raises chalice *

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LOL "other than enhanced visuals and performance" you say this like its some small bullet point.

Lets just knock it off please.

There`s nothing mediocre about DA X.

It pretty much makes DA PRO look like a joke.

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There`s a hierarchy system for royalty.

The young prince served me well.

Now DA X sits at the top of my throne room.

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Perfection is the name of the game here on DA X.

While others....choose for peasant standards.

I feel like royalty while playing on DA X.

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Damn it hurts i see.

Just use some ice on your backside and wipe every 2-4 hours you will be just fine.

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Stuff like this makes Xbox One X first class.

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