Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king


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Crackdown 3 lives in shadow? Whoa hold on here Volition has done great with bringing back the saints row formula and you can switch classes in combat in Agents of Mayhem but lets not get ridiculous here.

"What I played of Crackdown 3 thematically felt a lot like Saint's Row IV: a missed attempt at recreating something another studio had already done. "

Impossible. All footage we saw the game is Crackdown not saints row. Crackdown has its own f...

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Yes. Xbox One X will be the catalyst to push forth the conjunction.

It was foretold long ago.

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Well that and how they have changed the pace of the combat seems much slower then god of war 3.

The weird father and son story too kinda weakens Kratos down a lot with more empathy then the ending of God of war 3 with you feeling for Pandora.

Kratos looking tired intentionally and training his son to be a god in this game makes me think there gonna kill him.

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I hope Kratos loses weight this guy is packing pounds on him.

This game is like Old man Logan in wolverine.

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It isnt about me saying anything but more inline with common sense here.

Its running in native 4K 60 fps on Xbox One X. Its not like comparing Forza 6 1080p on Xbox One and comparing that to 4K Forza 6 apex.

The fidelity you see on Xbox One X directly from what they have decided to work on in conjunction with the PC version.

Just looking at this 4K 60 video of Forza 7 from Digital Foundry

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PC will definitely we the best version for improved framerates beyond 60 fps But if were talking comparisons of fidelity on Xbox One X versus PC at 4K 60 fps even digital foundry had Forza 6 Apex maxed out on ultra and said Forza 7 beat it.

Forza 7 will be seriously close on Xbox One X and PC in visual fidelity.

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Of course madam...

Knack 1 and Knack 2 are what Sony gives to keep the infants inside there playpens.

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Sony is also a international babysitting company and shall protect the kids at all costs on there PSN service.

Build the wall was all ours before that dastardly man stole it and changed its purity.

Sony`s walls are more like chest high walls to protect the kindergartners.

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And we are hopeless to stop it.

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Lord Phil knows hes created a monster. Give devs the best platform and best hardware great stuff happens.

Bring on da X the reclamation has begun.

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No surprise but easy for the beast.

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"It's a monster."- Kareem Choudhry

How bout dat?

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Still waiting for a Gran Turismo or F1 Racing game in 4K on ps4 pro... considering its just a racing game... should be easy.

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Mr Rogers clearly didnt know about the beast.

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Add it to the list...the prophecy holds true.

Beast from the west has come to feast.

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Xbox One X is like Frieza, we haven't seen it's Final Form.

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Beyond 4K on Xbox one X.

More asterisks to add to the beast.

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I dont know after that presentation at E3 i dont think xbox fan is worried its a exclusive.

It wasnt better then that other stuff like spiderman.

Detroit was very forgettable.

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It has 30 environments and 200 variations.

The full track name list hasn't been revealed

Keep a eye on this thread with updates.

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It's a Q/A interview he gave a lengthy response.

He also didn't use that sentence when he was asked the question.

The response was too long to just post here.

Author just gave his view of a summation.

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