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Mass Effect Andromeda would be a good start.

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True colors? Digital Foundry has stated regardless for a magnitude of games Ps4 is superior to the xbox one version.

This factual not debatable. They say because of a lower resolution like 900p the xbox one is smoother which is correct for certain titles that are open world see a closer framerate because of less of a lean on resolution.

Digital Foundry will definitely see a difference on Scorpio versus Ps4 Pro for sure. Because unlike the PS4 PRO the Sco...

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Lol goldby Battlefront 2 showed a single player and space battles which is what was missing from Battlefront.

DICE are very familiar with DX12 and can scale up or down for DX12 hardware like Scorpio.

Nothing effects the Battlefront pipeline even with Ps4 Pro enhancements from Battlefield 1.

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30? Dice wouldnt run any Battlefront game at 30 fps on consoles.

The game is a 60 FPS game.

Parts missing? How do you know Scorpio will have parts missing? O___O Like wat.

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Im down with seeing what Battlefront 2 offers for pushing console gaming forward.

Frostbite 3 is a great engine. Im interested to see what DICE does on Project Scorpio considering Battlefront 1 uses DX12 on PC.

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Dude literally said it was just as good...whats to spin here? You are wrong. Dead wrong about saying some bogus nonsense.

super low res textures in 4K? "Tomb Raider on the PS4 pro should make this quite obvious."

Ps4 pro has no improved textures there the same as ps4 horrible comparison.

" I said they...

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No 1080p/1440p is not just as good as 4K you can stop. That`s just nonsense.

Microsoft has been direct about 4K telling everyone they designed the system around bottlenecks of xbox one and games running at 900p/1080p can be ported to scorpio by the dev to 4K.

There telling you it will have Native 4K with 4K assets games. Native 4K 60 FPS games. I dont know how anyone could deny this at this point we got Brad Wardell,Gears of war,Forza Devs, and Digital Fo...

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Lets wait a bit there Apocalypse Shadow before we say anyones getting the shaft here ok. I dont think currently Microsoft is trying to play anyone who is interested in scorpio.

The scorpio as it stands is bringing the PC environment to console. I dont see any negatives in that.

Its actually one of the most promising events currently this year. Just a month ago people were saying this stuff wasnt possible on N4G and now its a reality.


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What is scorpio limited to get to 4K? It will allow devs to put there games to 4K. There is no technical limit stopping devs to putting there games there making right now in 4K. Thats what Wardell was talking about.

Lol at you saying " the extra RAM can't be used for anything else than better visuals " . You say that like its some small thing.

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It will not take 2 years for 4K assets and any extra graphical features to appear on Scorpio.

You will see all of that this year. No doubt about it.

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More positivity on the road to scorpio. I guess this means loading up assets will be a breeze on scorpio.

Like Mr Wardell said "How many video cards have 8gigs of Gddr5?". No one will seriously fill the need for more ram even at 4K.

Nvidia gave a good comparison last month for what cards run 4K and 5K.

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Forza will not be the only 4K 60 fps game on scorpio. Saying stuff like "its a racing game its not demanding" is just crazy because xbox one cant run Forza 6 apex with ultra settings even in 1080p.

Regardless any game that ran 900p or 1080p can in fact run in 4K on scorpio when devs port the game to scorpio to 4K.

"As we landed on 4K, Andrew [Goossen] and team did a pretty deep analysis," Gammill continues. "We have this develo...

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Just a little better resolution and frames LOL

The scorpio will use 4K assets and its only a 1 percent hit on the GPU on Forza at 4k 60 fps.

Ps4 will not hold back scorpio because the scorpio was built around current gen game engines.

"We did multiple PIX captures from...

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Well you remember Kojima was going to Sony studios for awhile before anouncing he was making a game. Turn10 definitely have to be doing something for FFV devs.

Turn10 are top tier veteran racing devs. They dont make RPGS.

So it is very interesting for FFV devs coming to Turn10 studios. You think there just touring? Lol

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Well isnt this...interesting.

What reason would the FFXV director visit Turn10 for? I wonder if there working on a game for xbox.

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Digital Foundry said the performance difference from Ps4 pro and Xbox scorpio is a GULF

"As a result, at a base level, we anticipate third party releases where Scorpio enjoys higher resolutions and more detailed art, but the scale of the difference is something we can't draw definitive conclusions on until we start to see games. The best case scenario for Microsoft is that its CPU and GPU hardware customisation - derived directly from granular analysis of existing game...

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Well it still is has been highly customized. Its not even comparable according to Microsoft to any previous cpus in Xbox One or Ps4.

The CPU inside the Scorpio detailed by Microsoft Nick Baker, Distinguished Engineer, Silicon :

"It's a completely unique design... you wouldn't be able to buy this anywhere else and really, we created this is in conjunction with AMD and it is a nice unique part for Scorpio," says Nick Baker, Distinguished...

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Lol why do these guys keep limiting Scorpios worth?

There will be a clear difference in the way games run and look regardless next to the pro.

Third parties too will use the ease of use for games it's all been discussed by digital foundry,Gears of war and Forza devs.

This isn't like a conspiracy or nothing so why is this guy downplaying stuff?

History shows if there's a technical advantage there for a console...

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Yeah and neither did Zeldas digital sales get included in the chart.

It still outsold Andromeda and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Nobody saw this coming on the NPD's

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Zelda outsold Mass effect Andromeda and Horizon Zero Dawn

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 1
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild 2
Mass Effect: Andromeda 3
Horiron Zero Dawn 4


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