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AMD failed. They had one job and that was for ther high end to match up to the 1080ti.

What a joke.

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Its a nonsensical article i have nothing to defend.

In the same article it said the AMD RX VEGA 64 GPU FP16 demo ran at 50 FPS and the normal FP32 instructions ran at 44.

Rapid Packed math has a difference but lets not get crazy. That`s not a difference touching Xbox One X.

Cancel christmas...

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Devs have said there are performance gains but no dev is saying crazy stuff like it can be pushed to the equivalent of a Xbox One X.

Bioware`s FP16 usage had gains to improve performance on ps4 pro but no nonsense about making it the same as a xbox one x.

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Absolute nonsense. FP16 is not reducing a 2 teraflop advantage and it cant erase a 320GB memory bandwidth.

You cant get higher textures with rapid packed math because it also lacks the memory thanks to Xbox One X 12GB PS4 Pro will not be able to deliver.

Mark Cerny is quoted in there with his 8.4 teraflop FP16 nonsense. PS4 Pro is 4.2 teraflops.

For people who dont remember that Mass Effect Andromeda already used FP16 on PS4 PRO. It w...

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LOL brah just stop. You cant bring kids into this to save this disgrace.

Laughable at best.

No major carer mode its weak end of story.

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"As the name implies, Driving School teaches you basic driving techniques, while Mission Challenge contains driving challenges in specific cars that have you racing against the clock or the AI similar to Gran Turismo PSP's Driving Challenges."

Lol this has to be the biggest failure of a single player gran turismo game ive ever seen.

The playstation community needs to shun this like the plague.

This is absolutely nuts.

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Lol a decrease from a single month in july means gamers are moving back to windows 7?

Come on now the reach here is crazy. Windows 10 accounts for 50 percent of the steam users.

It is the top operating system.

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"I'm sorry Raiden.... I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice... but he's my friend." - Solid Snake

"So was I." - Raiden


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The parts at 0:17-25 outside show two different lighting systems on the world.

Its either its downgraded or there are different areas that have better lighting conditions visually.

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Its pretty much the best first person exclusive on consoles.

343 with the multiplayer from day one delivered a great experience including the free content after.

343 definitely have ascended beyond bungie at this point.

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This footage looks very good. I explosions in the game really are its shining point in this video.

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The video in this article is from the campaign.

There is no downgrade.

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Forza 7 smoked GT Sport.

Jesus this is a insane difference.

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This is trippy folks. But no one should be surprised considering the footage only was from Microsoft's conference.

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How the heck is this trolling?

Its in the article. It literally is Shawn Layden`s statement.

It really is a bizarre game to be picked out to show Sonys Japan studios worth.

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Im still stunned Mr Negative is in this game.

This means there are bound to be more villains never in a spiderman before in this.

Props to Insomniac,Sony and Marvel with there partnership here.

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We heard similar statements from other third party devs. The Xbox One nor Ps4 is any threat to development.

The current dev kits given to all devs were mandated to be easier to develop the quality of higher spec from PC and put it on the Xbox One X.

So far from almost every dev who has spoke on it have song hymns of its ease of use.

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A day for the X.

Talk about accessibility.

The X is a productivity beast.

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Highly unlikely that the audience would be drastically bigger. The switch just came and Nintendo is saying they hope it would do Wii numbers in the future as in 100 million install.

The gaming install base for consoles reached 260 million culminated between Microsoft,Sony and Nintendo last generation. We wont see it higher then 280 million any generation.

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I would say that before switch we have seen lots of kids on xbox and playstation.

Does Phil harrison not see the popularity of minecraft and rocket league on these consoles? O__O

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