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"Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king"


Damn this is the best news. My tears overflow. #2
Lord phil and his servants spread the good news. #5
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900p with locked 60 fps in the multiplayer. Good stable performance in there video.

Should perform great on xbox one. Cant wait to try the multi out. #1.2
Those faces look so good in this game. Game looks great to cant wait to play it. #3
That jago pic looks great even though the game looked good already. Even looks like the lighting was increased?

Glad to see Iron galaxy making more improvements this season with the resolution bump to 900p, enhancing the combo system, and adding new combos to characters.

Hope we dont have to wait to long to see the new game modes too. #4
Some of you guys here dissing killer instinct being 900p now.

Whats wrong? Mad it isn't 720? Game looked great already but some of you guys wouldn't know that when your too busy moving goalposts.

The new moving goalposts will be "Well if forza is 1080p...why isn't killer..."

Lol you guys are funny. #16
Yes. Killer Insticnt has a retail version. The retail version comes with season 1 characters and Tj Combo from season 2. #6.2
Its great to see them giving new moves to season one characters and making the combo system even better, as well as bumping the res to 900p.

Looking like this season gonna have substantial improvements. Cant wait to try out Tj Combo #4
The Xboss continues his reign. #21

Better lighting? Lol wut? Dude come on. The old ki does not have better graphics then the new killer instinct in any way.

This is my video on youtube of a killer instinct match. #3.3.2
Lol how does the 2d version look better then this?


Here`s the old Killer instnict #3.3
LOL vita game? Keep the hate flowing brah.

I`ll be playing that season two with Riptor and Cinder in the future. #3.1
Where is the ps plus edition? There are people waiting effortlessly for this. Also the weather date.

We need answers. #2
The gift card isn't included my good sir.

"Xbox Live Rewards members qualifying for the Offer will not also qualify for the $10 Xbox Gift Card promoted on" #3.1
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Microsoft should have made this for digital. So weird. #2
Hail Playgrounds Hydra. #4
Well...anything else you offering in return.

I got a wide assortment of ideas Boy. #2.1
Playground games and Turn10 operating like brothers.

Time for Microsoft to purchase playground games at this point.

But yeah this was very informative. #10
Dat first first sentence...maybe he should take a dip in forza horizon 2. Should come on in the water is pretty good over here. Pretty cool and refreshing. #1
Jesus...were gonna need more buckets men. #2
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