Jesus may absolve, but cocaine is king


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If this is the new spin to a rundown of performance you better be prepared to spam that comment every other week.

DA X is just flexin.

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My body is reggie.

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Jesus Digital Foundry laying dat work.

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Pro got bodybagged in this comparison cus!


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I console with no UI identity?

They have added several features from the community on with each ui change.

But currently the Xbox One update is paired with the "Fluent Design" update that is also in the latest windows 10 creators update.


It does but its definitely not drastically improved.

It also has some rain

If Forza 6 had rain like that there would be a major outrage.

Its freaking hysterical.

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If you feel it drives better thats on you. But that doesnt excuse anything this article is talking about.

It comes off as desperate as if you read this article seriously and can make a truthful response.

"Nothing else needs to be said or is as important"

Jeez with that logic GT SPORT should of just went with 50 cars to please you.

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GT drives better? Thats your retort to this article?

GT Sport also removed major features in the game were not talking about car count or career mode.

But it has no weather changes during the game and no day and night cycles. It doesnt even have that track editor like Gran Turismo 6 .


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Forza 7 Content, Weather, Day/Night Cycles and Career just blows GT SPORT out the water.

This should surprise no one.

GT SPORT is like Forza 5 in 2013 from a pure car count perspective and has less cars then Forza 5 had on launch.

A launch game 4 years late with most of its features cut and a more streamline experience in GT SPORT.

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You cant scan for cheat tools without scanning the system.

How else can the Game Monitor know there are malicious operators present?

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There losing all sense of reality.

Not even remotely correct for that.

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Jesus Christ now this is even more crazy.

Thanks for sharing this.

These dudes are losing it.

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This dude had less to say about Forza 7 then most positive reviews and...he ends it with some weird statement about lootboxes after he was talking about loot boxes through the whole article.

The game isnt called "Forza Loot Box 7"

Ive seen multiple reviews that were more detailed by reviewers then i see in this article.

Reviewer needs to just knock it off.

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Theres no barrier for loot box dlc to reduce a games score by this much.

You cant spend 80 percent of a article talking about lootboxes and the rest about Forza 7 positives .

Thats not reality.

Thats nonsense.

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Did you read the article? There was nothing but praise about the visuals and 4K.

This reviewer has yet to play Xbox One X for review comparison to PC version.

""Graphically speaking, Forza 7 sets a new bar for fidelity. This is one gorgeous game, practically photo realistic in its presentation. While Xbox One players will be locked to 1080p, the PC version has the capacity to reach 4K resolution and it is mind blowing. You would be mistaken fo...

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Loot boxes cant give a game a 6/10

These reviewers are trippin.

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Im defending a factual article? That`s sounds pretty strange.

None of these publishers are even killing singleplayer games they support it in there games.

Its just that the majority of there games will have heavy multiplayer because thats what people want.

Its that simple.

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I cant kill any games im not a dev or publisher.

Single player games are still around but anyone would be foolish not to see the games across multiple genres played more are these games with heavy multiplayer.

This was even talked about in the full PDF report listed in the article.

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Top rated? As in reviewers?

Thats not a activity count.

What counts is sales, community and routine content. All three of these together have shown the biggest game communities.

I dont know whats the disconnection here.

We have a article telling us that 96 billion dollars is dedicated to the digital game market driven by multiplayer games.

Its set to rise to 123 billion.

Its all...

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The most revenue and the most places people play is the only barrier of what is best.

Check any twitch stream. Look at any activity of what is the top 10 played games on platforms.

There all playing multiplayer games.

This isnt like some conspiracy.

Unless theres some autism involved here if you feel that way.

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