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All the mechanics are here dude

It's a technical beta. They can spin the visuals or whatever calling it a alpha but you already know everything your gonna be playing is here.

Games Gears of War 3.5 with very limited imagination in terms of making a brand new Gears of War for this generation.

It's like there just taking cliffyb's legacy particularly in Gears 1 and 3 and was said "hmm this works...put it at 60 fps and there we...

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I'll use any words i want to. I'm not being vulgar.

Shame on all of the coalition.

This is not how you get people excited for a game killed there whole hype.

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People need to also stop with saying it's only a alpha.

This game is a technical beta regardless of your personal feelings.

This is how the game play is and will remain.

The coalition should of released this in December of 2015 like halo 5 did in 2014.

Not 6 months before the game!

That's why gears of War 3 beta was way more up to date then this used wrapper there giving.

Like sheesh...

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Jesus this isn't even locked at 60 fps?

Are you kidding me?

Coalition shame on you.

Graphics not all that and the game play is just gears 3.5 you could of at least kept a solid 60.

Digital foundry even said they don't see any unreal engine 4 graphics here.

Unreal absolute Unreal.

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They literally killed there chance of any major hype for gears of war 4 with this beta.

Coalition better pray that e3 helps them.

After the nonsense they pulled.

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The games beta maps are not even dynamic.

Where's the sandstorms?

Imolsion flooding?

Some snow at least?

I don't need to list a laundry list for anyone to pick at Movefasta1993 the simple fact is how much less they have shown.

They could of made the environmental have better destruction properties.

They could increased the movement system and had some form of climbing to higher levels...

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I'm a Sony fanboy now I see.

Get outta here with the nonsense.

I haven't called anyone names in this entire thread.

There's no fear either.

Just pure depression.

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They didn't add any new mechanics that are dramatically different.

Its disappointing.

They could of done tons of stuff not affecting the core game play in one awesome return for gears of War 4.

But they settle for remaking gears of War 3.5 for the multiplayer with gears of War 1 shotgun tweaks.

Just crazy.

Even the maps themselves have no twist to them.


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Just look at this guy from ign who played it early.

That looks absolutely worse then gears of War 3

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Looks worse then gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 beta was way better looking regardless of a 60 fps framerate in Gears of War 4.

And that beta came out in April too.

Talking about fanboy goggles get outta here with that trash.

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Of course he says this now after the public reaction of the beta.

Graphics are extremely poor in the multiplayer.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Final build?

This is a beta as far as gameplay is concerned.

There not adding anything else here thats gonna be night and day come october 11th.

I dont need a final build with slightly/better visuals to tell me what there doing.

Its all in the order or presentation and what they have shown.

This is not how gears of war should have been treated.

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I guess im a hater too because im in FULL agreeance.

The Coalition are seriously delivering gears of war 3.5 to us.

This is suppose to be a new gears of war built on xbox one from the ground up.

Even call duty blackops 3 just comparing gameplay had WAY more new stuff added to it versus blackops 2.

Hell they didnt even change the movement system much or the cover system to create something fresh.

Its truly ins...

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Because there is nothing to be impressed with.

This game as far as competitive multiplayer is like gears of war 3.5

It literally is that.

It should be VASTLY more then that.

Rod and Coalition lost there damn minds.

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""That's made it easier to design moving forward. In the past, when we were doing Gears 1, Gears 2 and Gears 3, there was a lot of doubt, we didn't know whether there would be another one, so we just had to get everything in right now. "

"Here, we're able to look at it, recognize a great idea that doesn't quite fit right now, but it'll fit in the next one. It's made it a lot easier."

And there it is.

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I expected more magic to be had in gears of war 4.

Something that would stand out and wow everyone again.

I wont get any of that from the multiplayer from the looks of it.

Its depressing.

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"It feels like a very safe sequel."

Yup so far its been very disappointing.

Its crazy because my expectations were just steam railed.

People saying its amazing cant be serious.

O___O The game is like gears 3.5 literally.

Its very very sad to see rod and coalition go this route.

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We been played.

Gears of war 3 was a way better looking beta.


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When is the windows 10 app coming in the store?

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This looks so rough.

The execution because its missing visuals or whatever looks so janky.


I cant play this im sorry gears brethren.

There are limits to life.

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