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I wish we had gotten Donkey Kong Racing.

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Obviously the Xbox One since you can share physical copies now unlike before.

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"It's the first time ever the whole staff has agreed on a pick of the week. "

You mean it's not Wonderful 101? :(

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Well obviously; it's a videogame.

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I turn it down every once and again just to see what it's like, but I turn it back on immediately after. You lose way too much in 2D compared to 3D, from depth to color to clarity, etc; so I can never convince myself to keep it in 2D for long.

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Yeah, Windows 8 really slowed down buying computers; and the rise of tablets is not helping.

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A game from 1996 inspired by a game from 1997?

Sorry Jez, but that's a load of Croc.

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That's very good to hear.

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The graphics looked nice in 3D, but it also felt cheap.

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I think it's tough for game websites to cover Nintendo, since they are secretive and don't offer them a lot of content and leaks; and to make things worse for them, they make their shows that people can go to instead of game websites.

The gaming website has nothing else to do but complain, since Nintendo took the rest.

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I approve of cheaper prices and more sales.

I disapprove of mandatory installs and DRM.

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I don't think there should be a list of games someone should play to be a gamer.

But then again, their tastes and worldview about gaming could be so radically different that it would be hard to have a conversation with them.

It's still weird to me seeing people that haven't played a Mario game, and boggling at the implications.

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That's quite the weird jump in industry field.

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Nintendo makes some neat ads for Monster Hunter; I still remember those for MH Tri. They probably helped a lot in having the games sell as much as they did, despite being such a niche kind of game.

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Great that it has local multiplayer. It is so frustrating having so many big name racing games only be limited to one person in local play. It's so backwards.

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Because Nintendo's game systems have their own Mario Kart games already. Nintendo only makes one per system; and the arcade games aren't even made by Nintendo.

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This game is a scam.

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It will be interesting how stores like Gamestop will deal with no used games. Even their new games are used, as employees take them home to play with them.

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That's ridiculous. Nintendo is more secretive than Microsoft and Sony, and they like to do things their own way; but that doesn't mean they don't have "much to show".

The fact that they are announcing *multiple games* in each of these addresses show the exact opposite.

Simply because they don't want to show off everything in one event that will be filled with competition and the possibility of certain games going by the way side, w...

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Looks great, especially the polygonal graphics.

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