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A remaster and BC are 2 vastly different things.
Crash remasted...and crash BC are not 2 old games one is old another is updated to this generation's'll be nice to see that happen to Also bango was never on xbox and couldn't be a BC would have to be remastered....

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Well this is the biggest xbox game of the
I feel bad for those who at the beginning of the year thought
Sea of theives
State of decay
Would be the major games line up coming with the scorpio.....instead 2 were delayed and 1 was cancelled.
Now we are stuck with crackdown that looks like a 360 game and for a which looks as beautiful as usual....but no matter how pretty it is its gun...

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I thought they were at least remastering banjo and battle toads because of phils shirts...but I guess they'd rather focus on old 360 games. It's a missed opportunity.

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Namely, the cpu

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Agreed's the demographic. .

Still tho I'd like to see a 30 year old protagonist that'd be awsome.

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Glad to hear that the console is strong and a breeze to work on.
Also glad to see that the same game will run at native 4k 60fps on the pro for 100$ cheaper.
Wins for everyone!
I guess instead of the headline being 4k60 for all consoles... this gaming site chose to headline the redundant information.

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Loved sf ex! Day 1 for me...another ps exclusive....nice.

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Free with lost legacy

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While I disagree, I have to agree with the baster bastardizing of turn based combat.
I can't understand this new action gamplay when it takes away from the role playing aspect. Most action rpgs force you to use one character while the rest are a controlled..doing it this way frenzied the combat. Especially when everyone is doing flashy moves at the same find yourself button mashing. No longer do you build each character, strategically using them one at a time and watch...

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I don't think the way tlou played was the problem. I think you just need to broaden your gaming experience.
Not every game has to be aim and shoot things mindlessly like some online shooter. If you don't like the game then that's you and I can respect that, but just because it's not your thing doesn't mean anything was compremised.
Tlou had:
Cover shooting
And horror gameplay all in o...

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If uncharted, crash bandicoot and jak and dax could get multiple sequel's why wouldn't tlou? Imo ND can do whatever they like, they've earned the respect and until the mess a game up they shouldn't be questioned. They are one of the most consistent devs and are arguably the best ever. People still want another jack and dax.

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Seeing that vg charts usually aimed to overdraw ms numbers maybe the 360 passed it up long ago.
Didn't think I needed to explain why people didn't trust vg....but here I am.

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Guess that's the end of "xbo selling better than 360" talk.. like jaguar said the xbo need games.

With Phil saying it will take 2-3 years for its new games to come out we won't see much.
All upcoming console exclusive games are under wealming and not mainstream. None show the power of the xbo's ridiculous

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I would put turn 10 in the same level as ND but they are talented.....but I would say that the guys making for a horizon has more talent. It's not too hard to make a car drive in circles...not much proccessing....but say they make the same jump that GG did.
Moving from a locked game like racing where you have minimal animation, lip syncing, no platforming , no openword or semi open, or level design...just pretty cars on a track. It wouldn't be easy at all....I mean shooting s...

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Lmao the games are all the same???
Lmmfao.....such BS... Ok....well give me more of the same then. I absolutely enjoy it.

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Pretty much any games getting
Xbox X "enhanced " will also get ps4p support. And vice versa. It's solely a developers choice. Some will have the funds to give support, some's all gunna depend on the budget. That's the problem with mid-gen

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Smh cold part about it is sea of theIves and state of decay 2 are 2017 game's delayed to 2018...both don't have that mainstream appeal.
Games pass....isn't selling systems, while Nintendo and Sony have an established lineup for multiple years and games that have mainstream appeal it's looking bad for the entire family of xbox ....not just the xbox X.

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GG set the bar....they've entered that sweet top tier level of developer.
They've always had great graphics now they stepped their story telling game up and took a major risk that paid off tremendously. I'm happy for them.

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People been worried since the beta was cancelled. Now that we've seen it in action, fears were confirmed.

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Darth...OK so we know all about this's's's price..all before it comes out....why haven't we seen games as well...before the pro we saw horizon, spiderman, days gone....I would say god of war but that footage was played on the 1tf base ps4...Nintendo showed zelda,arms,splatoon2,Mario and point is why do we gotta wait to see games other than forza? Forza looks beautiful on the 1tf xbox S at native 1080p not much o...

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