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Once I seen uncharted4, lost legacy, spiderman, tlou2, death stranding, God of war and horizon I couldn't unsee I understand. When you see the best looking, goty level master peice games in all of gaming ...its hard to unsee the difference the competition has with its library.

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Darth...I'm sure you work for ms now. Smh that too much or to be free.

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A more helpful comparison would be a xbox one s vs xbox x comparison. They would sale more xbox x this way. Ps4 owners not gunna drop the investment especially if they bought a pro and see the minor differences. Vs the xbox one s you'd see just how much more powerful the xbox x is to the people who will buy it.

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Xbox has been around for as long as ps4.
What's to worry about? It's like they think people should be afraid of losing stock or something. These articles promote customers to not be gamers but owners of the companies who made them. The article title would make alot of since if they said should sony be worried. Gamers should never be worried of competition.
Extremely dumb article and should fail.

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So not selling out day 1 is success?

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Naw bra.....I see xbox still available at the target I was in yesterday and today....still the same 3. It's not selling as well as people think. The demand for the switch is still higher....I thought it would sell out but naw it's still available for walk-ins

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All I know is they are still in stock in target....I seen 3 of them at closing time. The demand is nowhere close to the og xbo ps4...and isn't nowhere close to the switch. Nearly sold out and sold out are 2 different things. Switch sold out in an hour worldwide

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Features don't make a games console.....GAMES make a GAMES console. You can throw as many features and perks arouND all you want but the 1tf ps4 has better looking overall games than the 6tf xbox x. God of war E3 was the base ps4 version....find me a xbox x game beating that..
Furthermore the ps4 upcoming games wipe the floor with xbox upcoming. Base ps4 days gone wipes the floor with X1X state of decay. Base ps4 spiderman destroys x1x sea of theives...and Sega dreamcast power s...

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Could have swore Phil shifted to games back in 2014.
What has he been doing the past 3 years? Can't tell me they were busy making xbox x....Sony made ps4p and nintendo made switch and both have games made and out.
Both have less money than ms.
Is Phil just gunnar repeat the lie every 3 years?

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Cool....still dosent change the fact that it happened elsewhere first.

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Real 4k hdr came with the ps4pro on launch day. NBA2K17 was native4k 60FPS HDR. Let's not pretend that the xbox X is the beginning. It's late. Let's also not act like most of its games are "real 4k" it's mostly checkboard or dynamic. That's not real. It looks fantastic tho...I'm not here downplaying anything here. It's the most powerful console right now. But on that same note be professional and don't over play it either. It dosent need it a...

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What games are you talking about? Less than 80 games out of 1200 games are enhanced and less than 5 have "4k assets" I'm sure they are applying all games....very few of which have enhancements

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Moldy.....stay on topic.

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Now ellie...but her mom...imo

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I word says it all.......


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Maybe they are closing....awsome

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Yeah, kinda like SOW did the ps4pro huh. They did the bare minimum and gimped the pro to widen the gap with xbox x....or no?
If I can't use this excuse every time than neither can you. Tell you expect 4k60 from these games....and anything less would be a gimp job because somehow marketing deals force development teams to gimp games and lose money for...I dunno bragging rights to the fanboy side of user base?

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