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Don't know how I'd feel a about fable game without lionhead behind it.

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Wait....isn't this something we already know?
Like I knew there wasn't gunna be a halo/gears this year....its a forza year then. How is this exciting if it's a forza led year? Nothing at E3 besides remakes if announced will make the year. It's extremely rare to have a game come same year it's announced at e3.

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MP up yet? Last I checked I was down. Been down so long the coalition was redeeming

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Just wow.
I bet cod is your favorite game, and it's not repetitive at all to you is it. The graphics look like a huge jump in cod too huh...smh.

This Mario looks like it will have that magic mario64 has ...imo at least.

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I love my ps4 pro...
That said, it costed more and every game was playable already on ps4.
Same will go for the scorpio and it will likely cost more than a pro. So it kind of makes your point...moot.

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As of last year's E3, I agree as well.
Xbox has no exclusives and i refuse to act as if it does..

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Looking at the ps4 and xbo launch line-up...they had many more games...but zelda is better than all of these games imo.
That's not to say the ps4 and xbo games were bad...but zelda is a killer app.
That said tho....1 killer app game isn't enough to justify a purchase. If they simply would have waited until holidays to release they would have mario, zelda, mariokart and all the other launch window games at launch. That would be a for sure worth a day 1 buy.

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S**t I'm getting both.
#gamer sickness

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Relax bro I was over exaggerating....and seeing the conferance they didn't have many games for launch. What it may well do is out sell the scorpio for the holidays. Coming in second. Mario looks fantastic and Zelda at launch will help sale some in march. If MS dosent some games launching for the scorpio they will be in some real trouble tho. E3 will be a defining moment for the scorpio.

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Short answer.
MP forces you to pay for a gold subcription. Thats why they push it so much. The more games that have mp the higher the chance of a new

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It will...its mends a console and a handheld. Seeing that their handheld sell like air in space they may well pass the xboxone in a year or so. Mainly due to the handheld crowd and depending on if they ACTUALLY BRING GAMES TO IT. it dosent have to be the strongest. If the price is right and the games are there it may well see the same success as the wii did...or close.
This of course is my stance on it. If it's 249.99 has a boat load of games.... I can see it doing really well. T...

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2 reasons.
Mario, zelda, metroid are gamin legendary status. Up there with Pac-Man, sonic, Castlevania, street fighter, mortal combat, final fantasy, dragon quest. These are legendary status games. They dont get stale because they change so much or are classic.
Halo, gears, uncharted, tlou, cod, battlefield, killzone are all great games but they are games that can get stale over time because they usually share the same story and characters or formula.
Secondly nint...

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2017 Will Be Tough For sony?????? Man they really should make this exact article for xbox or switch. Sony has all the momentum and with the lineup they have its gunna be tough for them to LOSE this year. It's the switch and xbox/scorpio that will have an uphill battle here.

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What's funny, he's brought more games to win10 than the xbox one. Yet he's the xbox boss.

Above ...Sony has marketing deal with red it won't even be shown running on an xbox this e3.... old ips bright back?? Probably banjo remake or old version emulated...if they show new ips...when will they come out? 2020?

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If we are talking about this the next 5 months before E3 sony will have released more games than MS could announce at E3.
And why E3...usually games don't release the same year they are no xbox lost this year....even with scalebound. They need to focus on next year.

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"Are you Major Nelson?" Lol that made me laugh lol
But yeah your point run true.

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I never said MS are the only ones canceling games.
It's obvious many games get canceled on all platforms.
The problem here is MS has canceled 4 games
And now scalebound in less than 2 years.
What's concerning is MS....especially this year is really lacking on games. They are launching a new console ...and right now, it is the worst time to cut games, A New AAA ip's at that. This was a huge game...fa...

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Cancelled after nearly 5 years of work.

We also KNOW that MS is hard to work with.
It's MS who cancelled the game. Sure if you want to say "we know nothing" but then look at what we do know.
Halo and gears are massive franchises.
The original creators have left.
Bungie stated that they wanted more creative freedom. They sold halo to MS for that freedom.
Epic said the same thing. Sold their franchise as well.

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This.....also nier looks and plays like one of the better games this year. I wouldn't be surprised if it is one of the best sellers this year. That demo reminded me why Im a gamer. That last fight was epic....I can't remember the last time I played a demo and got lost in its epicness. (Epicness is rarely used in gamer language, feel free to use it)

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