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Lol that a fact?
I've only seen one article against xbox1.5...compared to like 17 for neo.

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It's 9.99 on psn too
Might have to grab one for both!
That's not I'm this Sale's a weak sale.

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So a patch then?
Performance tweaking happens all the time...ok look at the witcher...has had several major upgrades all the way down to inventory revamping and up to graphics and frame review for it. And I do own was free's a great fighting game. But it's also like a launch game. These "reviews " are to keep it relevant. Like 3 or 4 forza, 2 gears, 2 halos have been released after this game.

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Maybe not review dlc at all and let the games original review be it's reveiw.
It's not like it's a dlc that's changed anything or added a story arc or something. Just new characters, something so minor shouldn't be reviewed. Why people act like ki dlc are new games will never make since to me. Far more people buy cod dlc and I don't see any reviews about them. Just impression videos. They should do the same for KI

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Little bird told me it's about time travel.
Little bird = own brain
But the clues I've heard point to it. I heard ww1 then ww2 the future then ww2 again...why not have them all with time travel? Thet would surprise gamers at least

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Xbox 360 will be the last great console .........from MS.

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^^Totally agree.
I saw the title and was like ...dear god. Really? Really tho?
That's like saying playing GT prepares you for driving....or watching port will help you know how to smash correctly. Lol
Nothing without experience will help you..not games not infomercials. .not orientation videos...nothing.
In no way does wall running or fixing a tank or bike or helicopters with only a blow torch prepares yout for war.

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Just want to say this for ND, because ND are too classy to say it themselves....
This is how you do it ubisoft and EA.
No doctored demos or trailers....make you game look unbelievable in demo...and somehow even better when it goes gold.
Not the other way around.

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Guess you haven't read today's xbox2 rumor...where in that article people were praising it....yes apparently ps4 does it and it gets the doom articles, all week mind you...while xbox 2 get positive ones complete with the same nay sayers on Sony articles, saying how great this is for xbox.

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Yes...the camera killed me more than a few times. ..but it's pretty hardcore...the combat is deep 1 for me

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My gamer tag is my profile name and in my profile...I'm a very critical guy so I get alot of people who don't like what I say on n4g......but not one time have I got a harassing message on my psn/xbl account. This site may have alot of fanboy and alot of trolls, but they are respectful, and won't leave harassing messages on your accounts. They'd just pm you at most.

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I think one point you made is half true and if you look at it it may be the sole reason why games are less extravagant.
You said since ps+ is mandatory the games should be better, but there are two things you are forgetting. WAS ALWAYS MANDATORY FOR THE GAMES. simply already had to pay for a sub to get free games...though I agree that it sucks that playing online mp has to be done by having a sub to plus...but that money should technically go to better onlin...

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Yeah seems they forgot people were paying for ps+ when it only had discounts and mini games and only supported one for the same price it give better games NEW games bigger discounts all while supporting 3 different platforms.
Still we complain.
Xbl is doing great though. ...right? RIGHT?? what games did they have this month? Why not an article asking them the same question? Why not have this article ask them both? Clicks? Oh...makes sense then.

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I must have touched a nerve huh.
I'm in no way a fanboy, I just think people are blowing the neo waaaaaaayyy out of proportion.
It's a better's the same thing as a ps4, just a definitive version of it.'s too simple to describe futher.
The only difference between ps4 and neo is neo has a updated hardware. That entirety it.
Same software
Same apps
Same controller

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It's just not for you....people who want the neo will get it. It's still a ps4 and already has sold 40 million. It's install base is the same. I'm going to buy it...just like a bought a slim ps3,ps2 and ps1. And like 3 360s, 2 ds, 2 3ds, 2 vitas...ect. I'd like to see my games play and look better and I own a 4k tv so it's a win I'm my book. But that's just me...if you don't care for a new ps4 then simply don't buy one. You sound jus...

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King of what? Like mp? Sp? Graphics? Gameplay? Like what exactly?
I've played the beta too and I'm a huge fan of gears...if you were a true fan of gears there would be some concerns. To say that it will be king of 2016 after playing the beta is more of a blind fanboyish remark rather that a true fan of gears. True fans want the best out of gears. Especially after judgement. I'm not saying gears 4 is on the judgment side of of bad...but I'm concerned a...

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I think the difficulty debate is stemming from the nioh demo. That game is brutal, as literally difficult as a ninja Gaiden and dark souls combined. I love them both but both are difficult in its own way. Souls games are exactly what you said, a matter of knowing patterns and patience .nioh is pretty much the same in that aspect but have a few more ways that make it harder. Like in souls games you can out run your enemy and they will eventually give up on getting you...but in nioh they will...

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Xbox doesn't have too many to give away...and Playstation has too many consoles to pay for the free AAA games.
The free games every month costs and Sony and MS as huge companies don't want to spend that much.
Sure AAA games would be great to have I would love to see them more....but realistically it just would cost too much.
Besides, if they did give out AAA games monthly people would still complain saying this game is old, or I already beat it. Just like...

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Modern warfare remaster?
I got money that that will have more play than the new game lol

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So no outcry?
For weeks it's been a bad move for many articles were non stop bashing it. But it's all good for xbox?
Lol wow.
All we gonna do here is talk and joke about the name? Lol not about how it splits the user base and is a middle finger to gamers?
It's becoming very clear that all the bashing was due to xbox fan boys making the ps4.5 look bad because it was going to widen the gap between them. that this is a xbox possibil...

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