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How much they helped the last 2 years?
I love my 360 but the last new exclusive AAA ip for only 360 was Alan wake in 2011...thats not good when in the same year ps4 launched ps3 had
ni no kuni
And soul sacrifice
I would want my system to be supported with exclusives like that until a new console drops. First 2 years are awsome but for its lifetime is much better. #1.1.1
Bubs up for funny and well said. #1.1.13
If he wants halo 5 or uncharted get a gaming pc?????????????
Lol I kid I kid... but this has me thinking of getting a gaming pc.....they just cost too much for me at the moment. #1.1.1
Wait so your saying ps+ is lacking on ps4 because it hasn't had AAA games on it?...really? I get you want AAA games on ps+ but you should understand that it's not as easy as it sounds. Also ps4 ps+ games have been coming day one of its launch 1. That in itself is phenomenal. Still a lot of new indie games launch free on ps+... looking at the ps3 I'm sure AAA games will come but I think you should let the AAA game library grow a little more before you start crying about it.... #1.1.5
Gwg has a great lineup for april.
Usually it's not much of a notable line up...April gwg is Imo their best line up I've seen.
I don't even own a x1 but I know quality games when I see them...and this line up is quality.

Really bro...u missed col? Really? That should cost you a bubble.... I ..but it's a quality rpg that had a little hype behind it. Hard to believe it went over your head as much time you spend on n4g. #1.1.13

Why pc gamers always jump into console conversations?
How long are you waiting on gta5?
How's the partition going for bloodborne?
that halo online game look nice.
That console 360 controller working well on pc?
This console emulator games are awsome huh.
to me it seems more and more pc gamers want to be console gamers more than console gamers want to be pc gamers.
I don't want a keyboard and mouse instea... #1.1.4
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This^^ (r2ob)
Titan and ryse not true exclusives for they are on pc. Console exclusives yes.
I get your point though they are original.
Could have added Tlou it's a new ip...i know it's on ps3 too but Titan fall is on 360 too.. just telling you why your disagrees will be high.
true reason for this article is BB being so hot right now and not coming to pc or other consoles. #5.3
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How has Mario hurt Nintendo?
Imagine Nintendo no think the wiiu sold little now it would be doing ouya numbers.. if that. Exclusives is what makes differnt consoles different. Makes them compete more. Competition always makes things better....that's why ms isn't a drm machine and gwg on xbl exists, pure competition.
No competition results are what madden is today...same game looking better no evolution. No innovation and more each... #1.1.2
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I'll buy it... i know a few gamers who will appreciate it more to give it to. I'm sure they won't complain about having an awsome system.

On topic: exclusives are what make consoles unique. So from a business standpoint yes. From a gamers standpoint Imo yes also. While it costs more I think the fact that competition has helped gaming grow into what it is. It has its good and it's bad. The bad being the console war getting more and more delusional. Journalists... #1.1.3
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Bet they give it a 8 for hits.....8.5 at most...mark my words. #1.1.5
I give It a 9 myself. Any game thats so addicting you think about it at work...While being so difficult you die 100 times a hour gets a 9 from me. I would give it a 10...but that camera... (while not bad) can be a pain. Targeting has its issues too...not badly but I died a few times because of it.
They patch that and it's a easy 10 #1.1.2
Loving bloodborn right now..Imo more addicting than demon and dark. And prettier to look at.
If anything what I think everyone will agree on after playing it's a darker atmosphere creepy even. You knock on one persons door and they scream at you to leave them alone in fear because of the murders happening in the street...As you make your way down the street you hear screams and growls and foot steps...then you come to a door with people partying with laughter and music. .knock on... #1.1.1
@ ima
I don't read articles with click bait titles...i refuse to be baited.
Don't get me wrong I do read article's that have a proper title...but if what you say is true...then this was indeed a click bait article. #1.1.8
A different approach to a souls style game.....negatively happens. Lol wow. Bloodborn needs no shields when the Dodge is so effective. I've been playing for almost a week...i didn't miss a shield at all. It's an awesome game.
Another example of journalism hurting games. When will it end #1.1
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Been wanting this for ages...
Also I wonder if the button mapping in the up coming patch will be usable for remote play. #1.1
Then backlog this too.
I have a backlog and I'm pretty sure anyone with a ps+ account for more than a year has a back log. #1.1
Lol journalist. longer writing gaming or previews.
They now can see the future and it's always a bad future for gaming.
Click baiting articles..are gaming's worst enemy. #1.1
Well I just streamed it....42-45 seconds confermed...With about 10 witnesses.
I wasn't a believer of this as you can see from my comments...but after testing. ..Unfortunately it's as of now true...**test done with latest patch installed.** #1.1.22
Let find out...I'll stream it die and time it
I'll be on twitch look up kingthrash titled BB #1.1.17
The China market and it's thirst for gaming will likely boost ps4 pat the sales of ps4 in record time. That ban was lifted and is a huge opportunity to catapult all sales for all consoles. That's a huge market. #1.1.1
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