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I hate these kinds of articles.. great games speak for themselves... I'll continue watching but I will never assume this game is better than the already great games rare has made until I play it.
Also this is a rare game by name only these are a totally different set of guys than the rare we know. So if we gunna compare lets say yookalaylee to this..I'm honestly more excited about yookalaylee. #1.1.13
Pretty much any company that made or has a remastered game on the way won't allow BC. Others are just stingy. #1.1.2
That's crazy because in 2014 we were saying the same exact thing about 2015 this is the one game I wanted that I didn't expect to be pushed back.... this one hurt. #1.1
Look I'm just stating facts... and the fact of the matter is ms skipped 2015 when it comes to >> AAA NEW ips<< I said nothing about smaller budget games like ori. .ori is an awsome game...but it's not a AAA game...smh read my comment before you make a list of indies or low budget games...also yes its hard to make new ips...but why does it matter when you are the richest company in gaming? ? We all know sonys finances are not so good...but they've already released 2 new... #1.1.12
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I've been saying this for a while now. I love my xbox but honestly they haven't brought a new AAA ip since sunset overdrive 2014 and we won't see another new ip until 2016 when quantum break comes out. For a company with so much money it's a wonder why they don't make more new ips. Alan Wake was the 360 last new ip and that was in 2011...the 360 was in limbo since until Titan fall came out. Smh it's something many overlook. Like it or not halo has run its course. So ha... #1.1
I said yeah you pay a subscription. ..but the 50$ a year price tag has been paid back with these games alone....and like I said sony could easily had followed xbl and just charged for online play for ps4...but they didn't for what they give us they can actually charge more and it would be worth it....but I guess for the sake of argument we are gunna complain. 50$ a year for multiple free games a month for multiple consoles...Sony could easily stop giving out last generation games. ..but... #1.1.12
Lol what?.... i think many are forgetting these games are free. Lol. Stop complaining over free stuff. Man. Just don't download them if you don't like them and be happy they aren't giving out shovel ware. GOW:A is the only gow game I haven't beat and it's a AAA game.. i never played tomb raider alot of these indies are playable on all 3 consoles so if you own only one you still be able to play them. seems every month somebody is complaining about free s... #1.1.1
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Yes this is great for the industry. The most populated country in the world is now free to join the rest of planet In gaming glory. I know they had pc gaming but this opens the door for those who can't afford pc. So great day for China and the industry. #1.1.2
Lol...this "review" is late. I've come to expect this kind of thing from great games lol. Soon we will have an opinion piece of why someone didn't like it. #1.1.1
Lmao...Danzo wow...just wow. He means how ms has the money to make new games...but Instead of making them they are buying 3rd party timed exclusive games...i preached this before, xbox one last had a new AAA exclusive game was in 2014 sunset overdrive...and won't have another until 2016 which is quantum break. They skipped an entire and your list is so comedy shows you have some very potent goggles on. #6.1.5
Much better than 2015 because most games coming are actually new. So if anything it is more exciting. ..backwards compatability is nice but letting people. ..especially new to xbox people buying old games is a plus but new to xbox owner aren't buying a xbox one to buy old 360 games. BC is awsome but it's not something to count in this. #1.1.5
I think uncharted 4 is part the reason why. I was thinking 6 months myself...but then I though uncharted 4 would be it's competition. ...have to compete with fallout this year I'm sure they want to avoid a game like uncharted next year.. lol but horizon might come next holiday season and tbh I'd be choosing that over a year old tomb raider next year if the release close together. All bad for tomb raider. #1.1.17 funny how Tlou is so great that it's becoming the goto click bait game. I don't know how many times I gotta see these same while real overrated games like evolve or titanfall get mega gaming journalisim sadly have turned less about news and more about controversial personal "opinion" #1.1.10
Halo 5 looks awsome ..before sony showed tlg and horizon.. halo had xbox winning e3 It looked really good. But true there is alot coming out to battle halo this season and will be on both consoles. This will be the second consecutive year of a halo game on xbox one. While games like fallout and rainbow 6 launch. Cod most likely will sell stupid numbers. I agree halo 5 will sell xboxes indeed. But I don't know if it will add new fans to xbox...more like get some of its user base back. It w... #1.1.1
Still coupling. ..
Crazy how the spinning of numbers are still happening in order to make an item seem more successful than it really is....crazy thing about it the xbox one is selling decent. just doesn't want to look as dwarfed when compared to ps4 sold through numbers. #1.1.4
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But we buy gaming consoles for games. And believe it or not the power level of a console matters. ..alot especially when pricing is involved. Today the xbox one is cheaper than ps4 as it should be but when it released it was a whopping 100 bucks more.
Right now it's 50$ cheaper but has less introduced less new ips..has yet to release a new AAA ip since 2014 and won't until I guess those apps and updates make up for all the gaming perks tha... #2.1.3
How much was it? #1.1.1
Wow.this one is I its an opinion piece that reads like satire.
The hit struggle is real my friends. This level of delusion is scary...i love Nintendo. I love Nintendo games. I've owned every Nintendo in my lifetime....but I know that this is just plain wrong. Just disrespectful to any gamer to sit there and compose something so blatantly wrong.
I'm face palming so hard I can see through my hand.
Totally false. So false it's more sa... #1.1.2
Lmao....clearly it's a figure of if I would have said "literally kills me" then your comment wouldn't look so bitter....If you need a explanation to what I'm saying. .When I said kills me...I'm referring to the spin being put on dx12. Most of these Dx12 articles are for pc...but because it will land on xbox in a very minor way, they streamline it to xbox like its purly xbox news.....even though Dx12 is mainly a pc thing..tell me, how many times have you... #1.1.3
My god....Every week we get this. What kills me is Dx12 will impact pc.. and minor impact for xbox. But xbox is always the article pictures they choose....even though most the time the developer is mainly talking about pc. Smh just like the oh xbox out sold ps4 for a week..even though ps4 won the entire month. Smh it's like xbox gets an article for any minor "victory". Just annoying. I'm just glad the cloud articles have I can't wait until Dx12 comes so the... #1.1.1
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