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Can't beat sea of theives.....yet it only took a few days to get bored and stop playing 😏

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Everything gets spun nowdays

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The best exclusives are games that are not exclusive? With most even outside of the xbox and available on psnow and ps3? I mean they just warped the meaning of exclusivity so much that it means nothing and everything

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Actually it is too late to start. Its been 2 years of nothing and 9 years without a huge new successful ip... you telling me waiting 4 more years for HOPEFULLY a good new successful exclusive is ok? Smdh

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Been waiting to see for 3 years now

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Pro should be able to run this game higher than 1080p. But nobody says "lazy devs".
Dosent matter though....God of war out!! Need not worry about 3rd party dev inconsistency at the moment.

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Been watching for 5 years...done watching.
Only counters MS has done was make their consoles cheaper send make halo, gears and forza. Clearly the same old thing isn't competing.

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Writer speaks As if his opinion is a universal one. The majority of gamers know how did t have boring combat. Combat made up most of the game, if it was "boring" the entire franchise would be. Smdh....can't stand these click bait focused journalists

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That's not anti gamer at all to you?
This is...good?
Gaming has grown without this b.s.
All this does is take away ownership of games...the thing we fought MS about 4 years ago.
You say every big company's Goal is to keep every one connected....when it's only MS who is doing this ....dont lump Nintendo and Sony in with this. They didn't eliminate exclusives....they aren't putting their major AAA EXCLUSIVES on a service day one...they are...

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Time for me to pull rise of the tomb raider out of the backlog!

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I many copies did bloodhound sell? 3million...4 million...out of 70 million ps4 owners. I own it and everyone should have bought it...but this is a great addition because there are millions that don't own it

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Microsoft nearly closed platinum games down a year ago with the cancellation of scaebound. ...then the made a comback with the exclusive Neir for sony...i seriously doubt platinum would take another chance on them.
Plus the user base may well be in 3rd place by the time the game launches where's the money in that? Best to go multiplat...this is just plain untrue

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Early development doesn't mean 2018... we've blurred the lines of "exclusive" games...we blurring dates now too?

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Tbh...they still owe me from the last time they did this. I called and they said they stopped doing it a while ago. So I won't be setting the 15$ I was supposed to get
All I can say is...proceed with caution.

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And nobody will say anything because reasons.

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Free renasters? The upgrades are for Xbox one x....people paid 500 for this

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So resale old games a 3rd this is just lazy, cheap support.

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Is it me or is this push to get xbl sales a bad look.

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