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News for sony gamers? Lol all I've been seeing the past 2 months are xbox news....and only 1 game released during that time. Smh. This article included.

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Nobodys definition of incredible is credible. Some people think trump is incredible, while that is incredible to think people think hes incredible me thinking he is the opposite of incredible isn't credible to thos who believe he is incredible.
No matter how you spin it, your incredible isn't credible to anyone but you and the ones who share the same views.

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Wow brett....the man can't like all types of games? That had to be the worst comment I read all day.
I love jrpg games much more than american rpg....dosnt mean I want to be Japanese. ...just means I prefer jrpg. Lord.

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Agreed. Nsm should be replaced with horizon. ...kind of a weird mistake.
A true exclusive left out and a multiplat included lol....otherwise good list.

Corta....the Xbox console isn't the same as an operating system....while memots comment was uncalled for and out of place, let not act like pc=xbox...or windows=xbox.
Becuse that would mean a sony brava tv with psnow on it=playstaion...and that's not true.

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I guess I'm above average. Lol
But naw I think sexyyy women are in games simply becuse women are sexy.
I mean why does every male gotta be ultra buff or cool looking?
Gaming is whatever it wants to be.
If you played sf5 and you seen chun li in her work clothes (police outfit) you'd be like dammmm chun li! But in reality I didn't buy SF for her sexy hips. I didnt buy TR games becuse of bust hypnosis. I bought it becuse of the adventure.

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Dam libras!
Just becuse libras are awsome yall gotta walk around like you know everything! .........9/27

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Not the first of the last time that happend....didn't sony do it with gta?
I know they were stupid and got greedy and feel free to buy it used, just sayin I think we got devs selling incomplete games with minimal content for full price, it's getting rare for a game to release complete. TR released complete and I can only support quality games that are complete.
That's said, I fully understand if people disagree. Square shouldnt have taken the money and for a whi...

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Yes, support quality games.
No of you played it and don't want to go back.
But with so many game lacking quality getting money for bad games, this game should get support. It's a great game.
Cod shouldn't get support. They need a wake up call more than anyone right now. ........imo at least.

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Last time the Xbox sold more than playstation was when halo released.
That in itself should spell it out quite clear.
The fact that halo, your biggest system seller will be available and better on another platform should tell you why sharing it with pc isn't a great idea for selling consoles.
Halo is a system seller. Always has been.
Now it's a system(s) seller. It will sell PC as well as xbox.....who is competing with who?
You telling me ...

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but they didnt build a new console.
they upgraded the current one. uhhhh man im so sick of misinformation and 180s.
we know nothing about both...and in reality AMD will definitely say positive things about what they are selling.
holla at me when nvidia says they like what AMD has done with scorpio.
kinda like when phil and shu compliment eachother. man yall eat the pr stuff up like candy. funny if it costs 600 bucks or somethin...smh be pa...

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Only a fool would think they'll stay just to lose money on hardware every generation.
Above Ya see that's where you are wrong.....pc is now it's main competition.
Not only do they just share 3rd party games, they share 1st party games as well. That's why the ps4 is no longer the xbox's main competition.
You'll see when any 1st party game comes and digital foundry compares pc vs xbox/scorpio.
If they would have k...

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Lol then in the beginning of this gen, including this exact time last year"some fan base" BOASTED on how it has the "best exclusives ", "most holiday exclusives ", and" best exclusive line up EVER" it's exclusives don't matter...

No matter if it's gameing, food, movie...

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How? The neo and ps4 will share the same games...the scorpio on the other hand may have the same 1st party games but the 3rd party devs have a choice to make scorpio exclusives.
By your logic the xbo is already obsolete. Which is not true because it still gets games. When the scorpio comes it may become obsolete simply because it likly will have games working on it that won't on xbo.

Really? I remember watching phil say 3rd party devs can make exclusives for ...

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Let say the neo is a 4-5 tb console.
It's will be able to easily run 1080p 60fps, And even 4k as well. Looking at what sony devs are able to create with 1tb give them 4 or 5 and they go to town.

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mvp has the tools to be most valuable.
xbox s is missing games. xbox needs games...the most essential thing in a gaming console. its not mvp. i say for this generation as far as xbox goes the 360 has been the xbo biggest mvp. the only gaming news for xbox that has had the most coverage is BC since it launched. it was even the biggest news of e3.
so naw its not mvp.

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i wonder if this was the pc version? and i thought they were going 1080p 60fps....they still have time to make that goal tho so heres hoping. looks decent tho.

below...just looking at it you can see massive dips. even if its at 30 fps its surly not locked...yet
smh before i get flagged or something im not judging the game on some fanboy stuff....on either side. im just calling what im seeing. check my past comments and you'll find im a fan of gears and want it ...

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i think the comparisons are here now for scorpio is because they now share the same games....
this is just the beginning, ALL games..especially 1st party games will be compared....prices will be compared..pc is the new direct competitor of the xbox.

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This is dumb.
Guy just likes open word games then. Bethesda while they put out quality it's, always buggy. I'd put project red and rockstar in my top 5. ND, bungie, and nintendo have put out major high quality games.
>>>>>imo <<<<<

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Mine craft is boring >>>>imo<<< ;<
"Fun" is an opinion ....I think I will be fun to many and not fun to many as with any other game ever made.
I do see it as a quality game with creativity and a massive amount of content. I'll buy day one.
But will it be fun? That depends on the individual.

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