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What? No, Sega doomed Dreamcast.
IMO the Dreamcast was the best console Sega made and of that generation ...but it was Sega who ran out of money....Sony had nothing to do with it. #1.1.5
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Thats what I was gunna say. Ms started this trend long ago with GTA..they still practice this with cod..just with less exclusive time. Smh time to move on from it, you shouldn't cry over a method you bragged about before. #1.1
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Rime alone looks worth a ps4 but...witness and egttr are also on my list though I need to see more gameplay of them. Indie are great games...but I thought egttr was made by a big company... No? I could be wrong. #1
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My question is then why mention it. They might not be scared of Sony but they are scared of losing money. This Imo, is ms trying to get buyers to buy the Xbox brand...just like the cloud and dx12 talk. It's just to give their loyalists something to brag about and get some kind of hype around the Xbox brand. A lot has failed with the x1.... TV, kinect, specs, DRM, now the unpacked x1 still hasn't helped much. I'm sure they are in a scramble and at a loss of what to do next. I start... #5.1.1
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Agreed...super creator ...o.O...hell lets call the next Xbox 'super Xbox' ...the seed of the super creator.

My question is
why so soon?
Why announce it?
.....And Why not call him super-mega-ultra-typhoon-sport scar-leglock-explosion creator? #2.1.2
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"And lazyness"? O.o
How many games have you made?
I mean your opinion is yours and I respect that ...but how do you figure they are lazy? I understand you are implying they could have optimized it more to save space..but who says they didnt? Maybe they just have a ton of content.. #1.1.3
Well that's a bad 180. Probably just a selling point from the start. I personally didn't care about the feature ..but many were excited about it. Smh. #1.1.18
Same here...GameStop had them in my area....worth every penny. #5.1.2
Doesn't ms do this with cod? Destinys Exclusive content until Fall '15 is longer than a cods month but ms are the ones who started this's a bs trend no matter who does it..but this isn't new.
Fully on topic...the box looks like a treasure chest.....awesome. #1.1.7
The power of the cloud tho.
I thought lessons were learned when Phil said it won't have I huge impact on x1. I just can't wait to see the results of this So they can stop preaching the cloud bs. Even x1 strongest fanboys stopped mentioning the cloud...why ms is deciding to bring it back up is beyond me. Them sales of the new SKU probably haven't matched sales predictions so its time to talk the cloud to hype sales...maybe...I dunno. But one things for sure all the cloud ta... #1.1.12
My brain is a lier. Its thinking of a lie to convince me its telling the truth...but in truth, its only lying.
..ot I use to put mine in the freezer...worked. #1
I'm no racing gamer...but even I'm disappointed in this lack of tuning your car..IMO its like half the fun...bad move Sony. #1.1.21
@^^^^Blacklight...warframe, plus needed....day1
Next. #1.1.9
Gorgeous. I wish they'd show gameplay already...maybe e3'15. #1
Ms has always been about ms...Sony used to be like that. They've changed and now they listen AND act in favor of gamers and devs. Quickly too..that recent tlou pricing prob was solved in a hasty manner...they, by law had all the right to keep that money, but instead they refunded it. Not to mention PS+ giving free games for ps4 AT LAUNCH.. On top of true f2p games...I can go on but we all know this stuff by now. #1.1
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The camera is too expensive too. It also shouldn't have been a focused feature since they have no great games for it now or in the near future...the sales numbers are what they are partly because of the price and the neglect of the kinect....many more reasons are there but this just added more to the pie. The fact the you don't even need the kinect for voice commands it enough to sot it next to the kinect 1.0 to collect dust. IMO the kinect did more harm than good as a bundled item. #2.1
I'd go for a naked female clicker poster . #1.4
One main thing ms needs to do is drop the price below the ps4. Your 3 adjustments are needed too..but many won't buy it because its overpriced and underpowered. Ps3 was a more powerful machine with a bluray was overpriced but it had its value..bluray players were costing 3-400 bucks back then. #1
This ^^
Sony corrects things fast imo . I would be surprised if they didn't correct the pricing problem before it launches. #1.1.2
Because unlike the TV the Internet charges monthly...and isn't stable or avalible in all areas...and you don't have a choice but to have internet if you want to use the cloud.
This gen is the first with HDMI only consoles..( with the exception of wiiu). Last gen had multiple ways to connect and a HD TV wasn't a must. #1.1.4
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