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Yeah because last time they tried to draw a line in the sand for what the future of gaming would be it worked out so well and looked so good for gaming.
Lol you kids kill me. This is the same company that just 2 years ago wanted you to check in every 24hrs, watch you play games to sell the data to ad companies, no trades, drm, and a tv focus. Yeah you are smart to trust a company who just lied to you at e3 about something as simple as the size of the Xbox's sheep like you...

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I Still don't see how this makes xbox profitable. It's nice to play xbox games on pc....but wouldn't that just make the xbox collect dust....people who own a pc would just play it on pc. But I guess. I have a ps3 and ps4 and vita with cross buy My ps4 has the most if not all the time of the game time....people will play on the best version if they have it. Pc can run through hdmi on your TV sooooo.

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The order wasn't hyped. It was in fact the opposite. People were calling it generic months before it's release.
QB was overhyped and it was worse than the order.
The order wasn't great or bad, neither was QB, but the order wasn't overhyped QB was....the order was over criticized prematurely.

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So the slim or scorpio will pit the Xbox on track to catch ps4??
How many ps4 owners gunna make that leap to scorpio? How many people gunna buy a neo? How much will scorpio cost?
Lets assume the scorpio is 500 bucks and the neo is 400, will 2 tf more be worth it ? Will people want to play the Xbox smaller line up of games over the playstation over double line up of games when both will be able to to play at 4k?
Sure the scorpio is a stronger console but it takes f...

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They gave us NBA 2k16 last month, it's only 7 months old and a AAA game.....what do you mean shocked?

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Lol smear campaign continues for the undying hate for anything playstation.
No matter how many bs articles they make uncharted will be untouchable.
Why do they go after games like this? Why not go after the actual games with problems like this? Hits?
I hate gaming journalists. I miss the magazine age, where you had to make articles with purpose.
It seems they think of a title first, then make the article based on the title....backward fucks.

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Lol, this guy^^^
Anything for attention.

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Yeah its gunna be a scorpio game/pc game. That's my assumption at least. Makes the most sense. I just don't want to think it's gunna end up like fabel. How MS has been doing things that just might be the case

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2d was always better imo.

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Spinoff confirmed...??!
Lol naw but congrats ND.
Fuck microtransations but with the amout of free content the mp is getting and a 5 star grade sp mode...I'm happy for them.

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That's What I'm Gunna do.

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It's funny how people simply can't except things for what they are.
article doesn't say Microsoft exclusive. ...says xbox.
MS don't even call the games exclusive anymore.
They say : " Available on Windows 10 and Xbox One"

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Thats Not an exclusive game....none of them let call theme console exclusives for the sake of accuracy. Also KI is a 2013 game not tired of the truth bending.
DLC isn't a game it's just content
Exclusive means only on a console and no where else.
Edit let me correct myself u was at work when I wrote this comment...
Exclusive means it's only on the thing that's on subject...and no where else. Darth you know this.... exclusives are ...

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Im interested, I just need to get more info on it....I need to see the
Price, design, new features and memory size. Then I'll know for sure if it's a day 1 for me. Same with the scorpio, I need more info.

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Still he has a point..
But I don't think this is a move to catch the's a move to compete in pc gaming. Of this was still a console battle then it would still have exclusives. Making exclusives available on pc will only draw pc gamers that want to play ms games. If you have a gaming rig, then you have an xbox already. What you may not have is win10. You might hate win 10 and prefer win 7 or mac or whatever. This is to draw more win 10 users and usher in the windows s...

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Well I'm thinking the scorpio will in fact be the last they make.
It will just be upgradable like a pc...
They lose money on making hardware so they just might make a upgradeable console and leave it to you to upgrade it when you want. Reducing production costs and new hardware designs and marketing . Imo at least
I'm concerned about the scorpio because I'm a gamer...I want the best for it, I'm just not a fanboy who hears what he wants to hear and ...

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Yeah they spin and spin and lie and lie. no surprise here....but it's funny how people say they've changed .
they'll say whatever to sell a xbox.

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How long have I been a gamer?
Since I was 1. My pops <--- (still a gamer at 70) passed the torch (an unplugged atari controller) got me hooked likely before you were born. I have had every system except the Sega expansions (32×, cd) but literally every console but thos. That means tg16, gg, even neo geo, hell I still have a neo geo pocket bro. I know great devs when I see them....tbh nintendo has the most talent even though they barley put games out anymore....but when they d...

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Thinking of how tlou was on 8 year old hardware...looked better than most games to date..hell it holds up against current gen games like quantum break.
People are thinking power is everything when really it's the people who utilize correctly.
Look at batman on ps4, now look at it on pc...clear example of talent vs power

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