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Dam...toxic? Smh how?

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You can't wait for this game? Dam. Lol...well hopefully it's better than the first game.

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Nope...I doubt it. The vr game was trash so it's gotta prove it's self just like knack did.

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Nope...but I can play it on pc. Thus not exclusive.

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Yes it's not an exclusive so stop calling them that....if they gunna keep saying exclusives people like me gunna keep saying it's not...because it's not.

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Lol wtf is right. Can't be gamers writing this.

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Infected ...
They spent that 1 billion plus another 1.5 billion on mojang....and did absolutely nothing with it.

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I mean sony is getting games people want ....Wtf is this game? I'm kinda glad it's not on ps4.

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MS is making its transition to a pc service nice and quietly.
What you say makes sense and you don't work for ms.
If they wanted to sell consoles they would have never put games on pc to begin with. But they did.....and it's ok to question it. No matter how many dislikes I get I still don't understand eliminating exclusives only on console but not on pc. Not saying forza isn't a xbox game but, it shouldn't be on pc. But it is, and no one can explain it....

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People like me?
Who gamers?
I mean gamers want
I mean since bf3 there has been 3 battlefields and 1 battlefront.
All gamers should want new experiences. Going back to play old games is nice but with the lack of new games it been the worst generation for xbox so far. The focus is all wrong.

6h ago0 agree0 disagreeView comment bc is nice and has been relevant since ps2 days....but they have 1 AAA game this year and it's forza...focus on Making the xbox great...not living in the 360''s greatness.

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Could have swore he already bet it was coming in

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I worked at tArgent at the time....saw day ones months after launch

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Ps4 sold a record 100,000,000 day 1. So you saying xbox x surpassed this before launch....not only passed it but doubled it? Link please.....*I know you can't link something you made up but
**limited edition console with short supply = 2 million preorderd lol 2mil isn't limited at all.
This is why xbox had a bad wrap ...people like yourself who make things up just for......I dunno....bragging rights?

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@darth yeah and it was dev choice not to have the pro version resolution as the xbx....right? I mean it's technically true just like this game not being 4k on the xbx because of developer choice....right?

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These games are on pc and not exclusive.

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Hater eye.

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Yeah but that's a xbox exclusive

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People say "Nintendo has no 3rd party"
Then Nintendo makes an effort to get major 3rd party it's
"It looks ugly at a higher price".
This is the problem with the gaming community. Nintendo makes an effort to appease gamers and even grant the ability to play these games on the go. People still get negative. Mean while MS skip's a full year of bringing games, eliminate's exclusive's, delays 3 games, hasn't announced ...

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