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Free renasters? The upgrades are for Xbox one x....people paid 500 for this

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So resale old games a 3rd this is just lazy, cheap support.

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Is it me or is this push to get xbl sales a bad look.

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So...zombies are "creative"?

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To you maybe....but the goal for Xbox was 200 million. Right now the 360 is out pacing the Xbox one year over year. MS on a consistent basis has been losing money to the xbox. Their software has more worth than their hardware. MS has already stated they will eliminate generational consoles ...while Sony has stated they will stay traditional.
Chances are MS will go digital, Playstation won't. The Google console will take the Xbox's place and hopefully they will show more ent...

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Lol putting pubg in thumbnail is hilarious. It's not even in the article...also all of these games are available somewhere's that equate "exclusive"?

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Phil Spencer states alot of things...that don't make it fact.

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I think halo 5 is the only exclusive Xbox

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If it's a great game it'll be sweet on pc,Xbox one,ps4,ps4pro and xboxonex.

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Why is it that you guys give Xbox more credit than is due?
Every game sold more on ps4 when available on all consoles. Tomb raider had a year head start on Xbox and got out sold by ps4.
Playstation has ALL types of gamers on it not just so cinematic games...cod sold more bf sold more tf sold far as your power narrative goes ww2 sold more on ps4 so did MH and star wars. It's cool that pubg sold as much as it had but 80% of these sales are pc sales.

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@343....when your goal was 200 million...that's more than failing.
When the switch sales half of what you sold in less than a year than you did I'm 5...yeah that's failure.
When you sell half of what you did last gen....yes you failed.

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@^^ it was a remake of the 3ds MH

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This isn't the same Rare.
They left and made yooka laylee

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They are both trash... :D IMO

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Lol this..^^^^ comment.
It's crazy how articles say these things.

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"Rumor"...."sug gests"....."considere d".
Why are talking about this?

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What's so bad about trading in games?
It's crazy how this is overlooked. You are letting MS charge you into accepting a sexy DRM. By this you gave less freedom to trade or sell what you it's the "pay 9.99 plus xbl monthly" to play games that would be too much trouble to play and if you don't keep paying them they'll take them away. I could have swore that was the exact thing people got on playstation about. You gotta keep paying to keep playing...

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You are seeing in tunnel vision.
I dislike gamestop as much as the next guy...but ...who do you think sells the most xbox consoles? On top of that why would a program aimed at gaas be ok? With this they gain control over our freedoms. This won't really hurt games stop because xbox it's a games juggernaut. Sea of thieves isn't a huge blockbuster nor is crackdown and sea of tgeives. If gamestop felt any kind of threat they'd just pull xbox altogether. So far they jus...

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