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My problem is the complete lack of games overall. I understand gwg and PS+ because they have the ability to offer more games from different devs not just 4 to 6 a year. PS+ and gwg offers a minimum of 24 games a sales of up to 75% off...not 10%. I just don't see it. I'll pass. #1.2
Xbl+EAsub= 80bucks a year...
PS+ 50bucks a year
Major difference...PS+ offers more total games a year. If psnow becomes a sub at the same price of 30$..the game count difference is too large to count.
While I like some of ea games its not enough for me to pay so much for so little. #1.1
Considering the huge amount of gamers that jumped from 360 and Wii to ps4 ..many of which hasn't played uncharted at thos like myself who would buy again like I did tlou...Id say there's a market for it. #1.1.8
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What's funny...what if....Sony puts all EA games at 15% off at the same time this ea service launches. Then what? Lol. And I think y'all missing one order to play these games you need gold. So that's 50$ plus 30$ a year to get a few free ea games? OK. When plus offers multiple games for multiple systems a up to 75% off games for just 50$? Man do the math. EA isn't the best devs out there.. #1.2.5
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A software company pumping out software faster.
A hardware company making stronger hardware.
The difference will be added overtime on both systems. In a few years...much like ps360 era... They will both have similer software apps and features...
BUT hardware...the meat of consoles...will never change. That gap will never close no matter how you spin it.
Cold. Hard. Truth. #1.1.2
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Smh....angelic ...did truefan hack your account? Because your comment seems just as blind as his. You do realize the ps3 outsold 360 almost every month...the only reason it played catch up was the year head start. In this case the Xbox dropped its price, doubled its sales and STILL DIDNT OUT SELL THE PS4. in no way is the x1 bouncing in fact the gap widens every month as the ps4 out sells it month after month...and I know you know truefan stop hacking angleics profile your... #1.4.3
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Smh...GameStop wonders why they are losing cliental.
First the camera now this. #1
Yessirr #4.1.1
Same here my download has tlou currently on its way to ps4's house with the intent to cheat on ps3 for a younger traffic in the way of this digital infidelity. Mmy ps4 is already turned on and counting the minutes for what some say is the best thing to play with ...many who have played with her says she's a dime.
....ohh yeah *spoken in Barry Whites voice. #4
Nothing...that's the point.
Its not OK to ignore "problems" when more than Sony are doing it....this year even. Its well well known fact that all do this...I mean psnow...vita ports..wiiu virtual console games..GTA ..halo MCC...they are all wanted things by gamers. If this "journalist" thinks tlou remake and its greatness is sad...then why ignore literally EVERYONE ELSE? #1.3.4
Lol there you've been absent lately. As usual you are incorrect.
Tlou has been out over a year.
Halo MCC is as great a addition to x1 as tlou is to ps4 and why not mention gta5? Its younger than tlou.
Tlou is already the highest rated game on any console this so far this year and is looking to be a contender for goty. Why not release it? It has a market for it with so many new ps4 owner who did not play it because they had a 360. Halo most every Xbox 1ow... #1.7.1 now this is the new argument? I've seen this said too much in article titles. But isn't the best x1 game coming a remake of Xbox and 360 halos? Persona5 and ffx are the best on vita IMO. the best 3rd party games are also on last gen consoles.....
So what is really sad is bs like this is the best articles gaming "journalists" can muster for hits. Tlou is the best game ever made IMO and people who jumped from Wii/360 to ps4 can experience this bar setting game... #1.3
Goty 2years in a row?
Possible. Maybe it won't though, simply because it won it last year.
Still IMO its a contender. #1.1.1
But I didn't .. I clicked on n4g article comment section NOT the read full article....smh. You do know how it works right? Facepalm. #2.1.3
I don't even click on these articles anymore...its all click bait.
Just go with what you like and enjoy....both machines are incomplete anyway. If you can only get one and you want the best...then go with what YOUR opinion likes. Not some guy/girl looking for clicks opinion. #2.1
First impressions are most important ....and you only get 1.

-snickers commercial

(But true) #1.2.3
Only 3? So you skipped other great games so far this is year. #1.5
While ea is far from earning trust....a delay is better than a rush job. When it comes to eat games delays only help.....'sides this game felt more like a dlc than a stand alone new IP. Maybe the delay will help it feel more like a full game......
Protip: I'm so tired of fps...dear god. With destiny and cod and halo1234 and farcry4 and ps2 and tf and blacklight all releasing in ...I swear its why I bought a wiiu last week, mk8 is such a breath of fresh air and a nic... #1
What exactly DID they fix? How do you know what was fixed? Maybe they didnt fix the problems you think they did or should have.
The truth of the matter is Sony has always been slow on updates. They get them out yes but they aren't a software company so its ALWAYS been a slow process for them...I'm sure they are working on things like the psnow software and these fixes may well be for psnow stability. Smh just be patient and enjoy games. This is nothing new. #3.2
Sony= hardware= better machine
MS= software= faster updates
Simple. #2.1.4
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