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Make the list.....please make a list...
Also point out the:
AAA exclusives.
AAA console exclusives.
And the indies.
Don't include ki dlc ...that's not a game.
And show me release dates.
I promise you'd be surprised by how many TBA release dates there are.

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#(@& your buddies mother, stop spamming.

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Wait so we are comparing services on gaming devices? I mean yeah they both have services and apps and features but they are secondary. ...why pick something to comparead that has nothing to do with what they are made for or the audience they are sold to?
It's like saying which boxer has the best nickname or which content has the most beaches.
But I guess it's the only non lopsided way to compare now days

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Nope...unless we gunna say scorpio is a new console sony sits on a 2 to 1 lead in sales...
Even if neo sells bad it still has a 20mil lead (likly much more by launch)
The neo is a ps4 just like the elite xbox one is a xbox one. Scared of what? I can't see people trading in a ps4 for scorpio, when they can just put it towards neo and still be able to play the ps4 games they have.
Also let's assume the rumors are true and scorpios power is higher. ...a few thi...

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Wait so these are good deals?
Ponythrash? Lol my gamer score is higher than yours lol...I see a bad sale that's all I said...and this was the hottest news I've seen with no comments. ...what antics was I doing? Facts?

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I'm happy it's coming to xbox and pc too.....know what would make me more happy? Xbox vs ps4 vs that it's possible I hope to whoop players from the console world!

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Whoa, hey,
Relax..put the gun down. It's a peaceful day.

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Hottest news to not get a single comment ever.
Prolly because of the wakk ass deals.

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Beautiful women tho..lawd

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How many times we gunna repeat the scorpio/neo rumors?
We know.
We got it.
Gimme some e3 news....some actual games real news...not rumored repeat.

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Hahaha haha hahaha
Really? How much is scorpio?
+ how much is oculus = hahaha ha
May as well get oculus on pc then no? That way you can enjoy oculus and the thousands of games on steam.
Instant dominance, wow.
Don't get me wrong I'm all for xbox vr...but just wow on that comment. It's like you speak without thinking.

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I never asked about a confession. ..even more so why are you here? I mean I don't know anything about Cambodian history, but you don't see me writing an article about it.. Gosh people are named news 4 gamers has an article about someone confessing that they no nothing about games....why? Even more funny it's submitted by someone named nintendolegend ... no news today I guess.

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Skyrim memories....

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I'm a nba2k veteran. ...been playing since tge beginning when Iverson was on the cover . Loss to 10 year old nephew in front of family...

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Did you write this?
What would a ex-sony dev know about scorpio? How long was he out of work? How much does he know about neo?
I don't know if you have all that in your article. ...I don't really click on click baited articles...which is what gamingbolt translates to....but, like, do you know this guy?

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But agreed....
I'll call EA and ubisoft, they need this advice more than anyone.

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In rumor the neo is to have no parity or exclusive games.....but scorpio we don't know yet.
Both are rumored items and this question is far too early to ask.
Frigging bad journalism

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Am I confused or was gone home free already?
Edit : no I'm thinking don't starve....I gotta look up gone home
Edit 2: ok I remember's not everyones cup of tea but got great ratings....I've never played it but will check it out now that it >>>might<<< be free

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No they shouldn't ban should ban them from your library and not buy/download them.
Also knack was pretty good. wasn't great but it was good.

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This^^^^ guy gets it.
100% agree

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