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Because some care about graphics....some care about gameplay ...some care about content.
Its the way it is.
It's neither good nor bad.
We as customers should expect the BEST our money can buy...but the word "best" could mean different things to different people.

That said IMO parity is bs ...simply because I bought the most powerful CONSOLE to have the definitive CONSOLE VERSIONS on 3rd party games.....ubisoft straight up said they gimped... #1.1.4
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PS+ version or >.> #1
Pretty straightforward with that.....imo though on whichever console I'm sure it will sell well and be awsome....still, with these comments I want too see the "resolution gate" if any....or will we see another UbiSoft parity situation. #1
Pratcher knew he was wrong....he just wanted attention.
Nothings changed since the gt buyout.
Its like he is the co-owner of vg-charts....may as well take what he says and believe the polar opposite. #1.1.3
gimme that ps+ version ......then ill be excited about a patch! #1.1
I would think the US x1 sales would eventually overcome the ps4 but I work in retail in the US and the ps4 is the hot game system. True story, I was helping a older lady buy a gift for her grandson...she asked me is the ps4 a good gift for a 8 year old. All he talks about is the ps4. I told her no the Wii U is better for kids that age. She said he already has a Wii ( hence the problem with the wiiu...most casuals or non gamers think the Wii and wiiu are the same) I was explaining the di... #1.2
I can't see it happening.
But so what, as long as all three major companies innovate and keep gaming fun and amazing, I could care less who's selling most. #2
Agreed ^^^^
I want the best for my money . to find out that a game has been gimped because one console cant handle it like its competition just feels cheated, and is a dirty practice. Some people bought a ps4 (and 360 last gen) because the game were better on the system. Nobody gimped for the ps3 and it was common knowledge that the 360 versions of games were running better because of the simplicity of developing for it. This time around the ps4 is easier to develop for and all of a s... #1.1
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Them disagrees..... From who I wonder. Smh #4
Forza2 MCC are not x1 exclusives.....I just gotta correct y'all on that #2.1.6
Its crazy how I got disagrees.... The wiiu is aimed at kids. When the CEO puts on cat ears and paws I don't think its to grab the attention of grown ups. Two Mario releases and no metriod releases... I mean its just best for kids. Period. Its cheaper too so if the kid breaks it it won't hurt the wallet as much as the other consoles will. ...smh from a parent's point of view when have you seen a violent game commercial for the compare that never to the other consoles...... #1.1.1
Then get Lil big say what you will but the ps4 will continue to dominate and jot that I care but feeding into an article that totally excludes the ps4 is just crazy. All of them will sale well and that's great but the ps4 is just the hot item at the moment. #1.1
I think you misunderstand, pes saw no may have seen parity. If games like infamous and middle earth can hit 1080p I just cant see why ac couldn't.
I don't think the ps4 has any games that are 720p BTW....thats just bad this gen. #11.2 question. #1
From what I seen so far from Rime it has that ICO/Zelda feel to it....both games have that sense of wonder in them. Rime looks to be at that level of wonder and adventure over action style.
As far as "console wars" are concerned it can be completely erased from The title imo. Its not needed will get them clicks maybe but IMO it takes away from what would be a quality topic to discuss...its now tarnished with a flame bait undertone. #1
Smh well honestly if you read the title of the article ...all I did was stay on topic. wow so sensitive.... I went out of my way to let people know I don't care about the difference.. But rather what I prefer and that it was total opinion.
Instead I get this ....sensitive jargon from PC and Xbox fanboys.
Smh. Be a customer, not some free advertising PR advisor. #1.13.1
No I specifically said "definitive console version".... Read again
I understand PC always will have the best versions.... I also stated why i chose consoles over pc....smh #1.14.1
The sp was great tho....still without mp its only half as fun. #1
Lol wow...I said it my preference... Not that 1 pixel makes the game better but that if they cost the same and I have a choice imma get the best my money can , really what wrong with that. Y'all act like y'all selling games not buying them. If I pick up a gallon of milk and one gallon expires 1 day sooner than the one next to it...I'm getting the one next to it. It the exact same item for the exact price...but will last a day longer so why not get the better product????... #1.5.1
He didn't even state real things people may not know how to put a YouTube app on the ps4 or playing online browser free games..smh amateurs.. Double tapping the home button to go directly back into you last app ...streaming mp4 videos...I can go on ... syncing it with your Sony TV ( turn on your ps4 your TV will come on...turn your TV off it turns the ps4 off if nothing is running) playing certain online games without PS+. Smh #1.1.1
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