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So no compelling games in sight then.
Just games with microtransations.
Oh man this guy needs to go.
Hell MS needs to sell xbox to a company who has the same passion as nintendo and sony.

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I doubt BF1 or SW:BF will get a native 4k surly won't get a performance boost.

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Man whatever.
This ugly screen shot is terrible. It's unimpressive and not worth showing off the scorpio with.
If this what to expect then I see no reason for an upgrade.
That's just it.
This is the worst first impression pic I've ever seen a console pump out.

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No I'm saying MS has no studios.
Turn 10 is a second party studio. Forza horizon 3 is hands down the best game on xbox. I never denied that. But that's it. Rockstar is a full on 3rd party dev and will make games for all consoles.
Thing is.....which is old news.....1st party devs take full advantage of a console. 3rd party devs can't do that. No matter what you say a 3rd party dev will NEVER make a better racing game than forza. Simply because they got to make m...

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4k or not this is unappealing.
If games are gunna look like this at 4k then they can keep them. 6tf wasted if this will be the results. If this is what I get for a 499.99+ console then it will not do well at all.

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Gamers are people who play
Are all gamers...they are just different types of gamers.
Hardcore- are the guys who care about the smallest detail in games plays games frequently and likly collects games and likly has all platforms of gaming hardware.

Core- Are the guys who play frequently as well, debates and plays games socially. Fond of a particular brand and genre.

Casuals- mos...

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They invested 10 million in the kinect.
Dropped it a year later.
Is what it is.
"Likly a billion" lol not for a custom jaguar bro lol

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Xbox is dying....not to xbox gamers but to MS. They have done nothing to improve the xbox and it's sales.
Almost No exclusives
Multiple AAA games cancelled
The overhyped scorpio hiding the fact that they have not announced any new games since it was announced a year ago.
No new dev teams
Xbox at launch had much more going for it than ot does now.

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^^^^^^ guy dosnt get it lol

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Lol...wait so the " pesents" are holding the " master race" nice

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Lol you know nothing Jhon snow.
I don't think a single game will have a fps advantage.
Go do your homework.

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Imo it MS who needs to take xbox seriously

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Why would pc feel anything from the scorpio when pc will have the same games + steam and gog and the fact that's it's an actual PC ...throw in the fact they don't need to sub to xbl and you wonder why this question is even asked.

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Graphics and resolution are 2 very different things. Gameplay is most important period. Graphics has always mattered but people enjoy games that are lacking in that department.
This gen has been more focused on resolution than graphics and that is a shame.
Games dominate like minecraft or persona 5...yes persona 5 isn't graphic heavy.'s art style is so perfect tho that you'd think it is....but it isnt. Horizon is top of the line graphic heavy so is gears...

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They got psnow.
It's far ahead it's time, and sony invested 380+million into it.
Like it or not, streaming is the future and sony is set for it. They don't need to do anything to counter xbox.
Think about it. With ps now there is nothing holding it back on a hardware level.
At this point all sony needs to do is give you games you already own for free on psnow.

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Dude it's the most powerful handheld ever's new and is the first of its kind. The price is fine.
If you are going to compare it to ps4 and xbo then compare them at launch prices. It's unfair to compare a month old console to 4 year old consoles.
It's less powerful and it's cheaper....where were you when the xbo was 500$ and less powerful than the 400$ ps4?
Smh stop crying l, the switch is cheap in comparison. Wait until black friday if...

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It's clear none of you read the article.
The guy who wrote the article said all games will run at native 4k.....not ms....I said ms said it wouldn't that's the argument. ...dammm. yall overreact too much. This article that you clicked on is spreading misinformation. ....smh kids.
I never said digital foundry gave miss information. ..I said Digital foundry said opposite of the guy who wrote this article. I f***ing AGREE with what you are saying. ...simply read th...

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Explain? How am I salty? By stating fact?
You telling me the scorpio will run all its games at native 4k?
So we gunna see gta the witcher, QB and the like running 4k natively. Smh yout know nothing Jhon snow.
The Xbox community just ignored phil and digital foundry in order to do what? Best playstation? Lol phil and digital foundry said 1080p and maybe 900p native games will run at 4k...Qb is the math.

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Native 4k is over 8x more pixels than 720p...the scorpio is only 4.5 more powerful. It's just not gunna run games under 900p at native 4k. No matter what.
If the custom chip can work this kind of magic they should get out of the console business and start making pc chips.
I don't have to see it to believe it. It's all in the specs. It's in line to what phil spencer has said and what digital foundry has said. If any of you guys wanna bET we can all day. You ...

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