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Makes you wonder what's under the hood. I mean you hear 4k uncomprimised. Most powerful this and that...twitter punches thrown....then it starts to get downplayed more and more...1st party games are 4k..devs need to work for it....price not so premium......I wonder what's really happening over there. This just raised more questions.

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There is no "better" console. And it definitely wouldn't be rated by how much someone plays and I hope it's not from that article with 17,000 surveys out of the 70 million sold between them. Smh.
That's why you count sales. At the end of the day it dosent show what's better because people on both sides will say their side is better...going by sales eliminates the opinion factors and goes by who wanted a certain console so much that they bought it over the ot...

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Dear god how far does the miss information go?
By that logic MS owns
I can go on.....smh
Because like steam....they run on windows....hell the Internet itself....shit even N4g runs on windowsss....explains alot lol.
It's funny just reading this stuff from fanbois

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So where does that fit in with best gameplay experience? All they've been talking about is 4k and ultra bluray.
If we are talking gameplay then they really should be aiming at 60fps over 4k. They also should be more about games. I just see them making halos, gears, forza....and the rest will be 3rd party games. That's it.
They say THIS YEAR has the best lineup in xbox history. ...if that is what they think, then They are unaware of what ot takes to deliver "th...

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This is how it went.
Ps4 was more successful than the xbo....notater what xbo it take away the kinect, have 4 price drops in 3 years bundle multiple games with it and started its gwg program. Still no real boost in sales way behind their targeted 200 mil sales by the end of the generation (wow) . The big thing they saw was the Internet exploding when it's resolution was consistently below the more cheaper ps4. Then the nx rumors popped up....the nx being a mystery it wo...

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What? ^^^^
Did you even read the article? Do you understand what we are talking about?

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There is absolutely a difference between the scorpio and the ps4p...
The scorpio has 6tf....that's all we know.
That's almost 2 tf more and in such should be able to do more....but it's like I said the developers will go for the money....just like they did in the ps360 era. The ps4 was stonger yet had a much smaller userbase and was more difficult to develop games for....
The scorpio swapped places....its more powerful but will have a smaller userbase an...

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almost all will go for 1080p 60....both the scorpio and ps4p will have this...just the ps4p will cost substantially less. Usually exclusives would be the game changer...but in the scorpios case it won't have fact it's first party games will run better on pc...
Smh all that talk about 4k and they are already pointing blame to developers.

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The spin is.
First they said the xbox scorpio will run games 4k 60 uncompromised....then it was 1st party games will run at native it's up to the devs.
Y'see all this 4k talk and how the scorpio will run native 4k is all talk....literally.
What they know is that yes the scorpio is capable of running 4k is the ps4pro...but big developers like ea...ubisoft. .. Capcom and the like will go for what's best for them....what's best is...

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Forget gears and halo, let these guys make something new and original. I'm sure they'd love to make a game that was created by them. The pressure of continuing a franchise you didn't make has to have shackled them and the ideas they may have. Sure have them still make halo and gears, but for God's sake let these guys fully utilize their talents and make something new and fresh. Just looking at horizon I can tell GG was thinking of this for a very long time and it's super i...

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Xbox gamers have been asking for this exclusive ever since BC was announced last year, so great day. Getting mine! I just hope they see just how much it's user base wanted thos game and makes a sequel for the xbo...the xbo is in dire need on an rpg like this.

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My god here we go with this.
First lets look at it the correct way shall we.
As far as pricing goes. Ms intends to sell this at a premium so that mind set in itself regardless of specs shows what they intend to do.
Secondly we only know so much about the scorpio...arguments over pricing are pointless until we know what we are getting with the scorpio. But as a company like ms I doubt they will launch the scorpio at 399.99 that's just pillow talk. The xbo launche...

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I know you guys gunna call me out on this.....but.....why is it that every time good news for xbox comes the numbers need a "*"?
Why always with the number manipulation? It takes the wind out of the news dramatically.

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Lol what? In years? Lol wow.
You got those new sunblocking goggles.

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Ok....while I still dislike the price increase. ...if this keeps up I can see why they increased it. This is how it was back in the ps3 days where AAA games were the norm.

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Well ms has always copied sony more than sony copied ms...
Og xbox (ms saw the massive success of ps2 followed suit)
Protip: they do the same with apple too....zune, smart phones, windows apps and the like
The 2 analog 8 button controller layout.
Removing the paywall blocking paid apps.
Blu Ray player
Buying exclusive TR time to compete with uncharted. (Something they admit themselves)
Also they'...

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Nothing wrong with wanting new games....your wording it wrong tho.
Should say hopefully they announce some new ips.
Saying I want new ips sounds like the ps4 dosent have them on the...horizon...sorry...had to. So it may get read wrong givin that sony gets a unique and uninformed amount of trolling now days.
I understood you tho..and agree. Nothing wrong with new games, and I'm happy that they consistently bring on new ips....there has been almost 2 new ips a yea...

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Add ni no kuni2, and final fantasy world since we are talking rpg.

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Not will be, it is.

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And the search for ammo continues. ...each console sold over 17 we are going by what was asked of less than 1 percent of the gamers? And then boast when xbox wins by a small margin, in the US no less...really. this is what it's come to?

Funny how no one replies to my comment. Guess it's that on point.

This survey is equal to having 300 people in a room playing a game and asking only 3 of them how long did you play and then comparing...

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