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"profile update"


Oh my.

Doctor, he's getting worse.
Lol I kid, I kid.
But you do realize just how incorrect you are right.
You really think 10% more power pushed the x1 over the hill?..

You can put as many big words in your comment as you want, it still doesn't make any sense.

The words unlocked surly tripped up a lot of people.
The x1 and ps4 both will get better as devs continue to learn more about the system and come... #1.3.2
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I know right. It's like saying "its ok to play games".
Smh, lame. #1.1
OK I never said tf was average.. I said it was good. And if you want to talk sells, fps games always sell ton's because of the market. Cod hasn't been the great fps since mw2 but still sells like water in hell because the market is of all ages and takes little to understand what to do. Point and shoot. Uncharted is point, shoot, climb, fist fight, solve puzzles, stealth, and treasure hunting....topped with a storyline to follow. And its main draw is single player. Multiplayer is also... #1.1.9
Uc4 overhyped? How. It is a great franchise made by legendary devs...and it's in engine trailer beats anything ever seen on consoles. Not one reason why it shouldn't be hype.
Hype is like what titan fall did. Commercials ...statements by suits sites and devs saying its the best game on any console. Constant hype words like cod killer and revolutionary game changer....turned out to be another good shooter.
Uc4 we know nothing about. But given the past games and track r... #1.1
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I don't even know it uc4 will land in 2015....tbh #2.1
I dunno China has more interest in ps4 ATM. Plus they dont like US products very much. ...on the same coin they dislike the Japanese as well so its kind of up in the air.
Recent polls show China has more interest in the ps4. All in all it will be interesting to see how it all pans out....China has a huge market. Tons of PC markets. It's a wide open situation. #1.2
Rime won the show for me...but p.t and wild and no mans sky killed #1.1.3
I just plain don't like it. I won't support this....I love tomb raider but not enough to buy a x1 for it...I would understand if ms bought the rights to halo/gears.. But this is timed and dumb. #1.1.2
Like they did with ryse for a and dr3.... They displayed PC versions then pulled the bait and switch.
In all honesty they have the x1 there to make you believe you are playing on x1, giving the illusion that its capable of doing something it can't ...just to get a sale. Its bad practice for any company ...lord knows they've all done this. #2.2.2
They have been showcasing halo since the reveal of x1...I mean halo is awesome and since you love halo buying an x1 has been the right choice for you day1.
That said as far as new games...we seen almost nothing new. Tomb raider exclusively is the biggest news of ms conference... And IMO its a dick also show ms still isn't making new games bringing new ideas.....smmfh right now. #1.4.1
Best update for any console. IMO. #2
Lol @ ps4 box #2
Update 2.0 will allow all PS+ players to do this to all games......awsomeness. Wait, until dawn is showing...brb #2
Like ICO and Zelda had a baby . that world looks just stunning. I'm even more excited to play it. They didn't even show combat...I love these kinds of adventure 1st action second games. We need more of these. #1.1
Game over. This game won the conference for me.
Key words : FOR ME #2
Rime won the conference IMO. #1.1
I have no intention of buying a x1 but as a gamer I'll still watch them. Maybe they will swag me...maybe not. I like to discuss gaming ...if you are on this site most likely you like to discuss games too...but if you only watch 1/7 of a event such as this what can you discuss? #2.1.2
Man this is a dick move ms made in all honesty.
Not a creative bone in sight. Just buy a classic instead of creating them is like a rich kid buying art to show at a talent show.
Toast....*sips milk* #1.1.2
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Mgs 4 was too powerful a game to run on a 360....learn the facts....ps3 had bluray discs ..that game as old as it is still looks great. #3.2.2
What kind of gamer only watches 1 conferance ? Thanks ms for bundles and nothing new. No new IPS...just a classic IP buyout. Then goes to sleep.
O.o stelth trolling much.
To each his own I guess. But I'm sure their are a ton more to enjoy at games on that what ms showed. #2.1
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