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The think I understand why Sony went with a single profile on the Vita and why have to format to swap between accounts. It kinda makes sense.

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Kazumi had to die? Crying Heihachi? Devil gene?

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I wholly welcome this advancement of sound, but I do hope they don't get rid of the standards like...

Buick GNX '87
DMC DeLorean S2 '04
Pontiac GTO 5.7 Coupe '04
Lexus GS 300 Vertex Edition (J) '00
IMPREZA Coupe WRX typeR STi Version VI '99

I'd be sad if my favorites went missing in GT7.

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Did anyone honestly expect Naughty Dog to just on unused cycles and do nothing with them?


Options are a good thing to have you twits, they're awesome dammit!! Pc games have em' so why shouldn't Sony's first party games? I for would love more options like those in more games.

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They're part of the reason why I don't don't like Cod. The second & last game I bought from them was Blur, the first being Tony Hawk's project 8... which sucked btw. I've long since stopped playing it since GT5 came out.

It didn't even have wheel support... che!

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I know right! Just imagine games with licensed music, all it would take to ruin someone's day is a bot that decided that the BGM theme in a game is copyrighted. Ditto for in game music.

All of a sudden, Ustream looks really attractive right now.

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The LBP started with the PS3, many of people still make levels for it. Are you saying LBP 3 should start fresh and forget about the community levels and DLC outfits?

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...the entire Media knows that you are guilty!

Oh man should of bought that premium ADT home security. It's my own fault that my house was broken into.

Guilty of what?... being stolen from.

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Just as the PS3 overcame the 2x256mb of ram so too will the PS4 overcome the default usage of 4.5gb of ram. Look at at how the PS3's memory allocations started out. You couldn't do ingame xmb or music at first, now you can.


Can you buy a card with 4gb of gddr, you sure can... for the cost of an entire game console.

*sigh* If only every gaming pc shared the same exact same OS configuration..... *sigh*

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PS1 - insta classic, it also had a kick ass music visualizer.

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I can't help but notice... the timing.

Uncharted 2 Debuted in October 2009
Uncharted 3 Debuted in Nov 2011
The last of Us Debuted in June 2013
The last of Us Remastered debuts in July 2014

PS3 firmware

fw3.01 September 15, 2009
System changes

[Improves the playback quality of some PS3 format
software and fixes problems with certain games.]

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The problem with multiple discs right now is HDD space, it wasn't much of a problem on the PS3 as was mostly exclusives that hit 30gb+. With the PS4 & XB1, the average game size is 32gb, that's only going to rise over the years.

I'm still hoping out for some kind o update that will somehow bring BDXL to PS4 & XB1. It doesn't make sense for Sony or MS to not have future proofed their respective consoles seeing as how it's already a commercial product.... #9.2
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Damn! where's BDXL when you need it. At this rate PS4 & XB1 games are going to require multiple discs by late 2015 to early 2016.

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I cut cheese, passing the whiff along in the breeze, taking pride in causing people to wheeze. http://blog.theregularguyny... lol

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I guess there was no point in having pair play on tekken tag 2 then. Shame on me for having two controllers and thinking two people same room could actually play it together online.

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LBP 1 & 2 wouldn't have been the same without local co-op, Dito for Castle Crashers & Scott Pillgrim vs the World. My nephew & niece would cry if they couldn't play together.

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True enough, you can always install a better battery. I did so when my original DS3 died.

Options are awesome!!! (lol) and so are conveniences in the form of power packs.

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What else are you going use that usb port for? If it's not doing something, why not slap a battery pack on it? Is it really such a bad thing, having extra juice for your DS4. The 'Power Pack' can even be used for what they actually are, battery packs. You can always by more than one if it's needed.

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I get what your saying. True motion Motionflow Motion plus ect, at 120hz can look weird in some movies.

Filmic indeed. It's sure is nice to have options... eh.

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Out of curiosity, just what does qualify as recommended hardware for pc gaming.

8gb of ram?
GFX card with GDDR5?
Up to date mobo with fast pci?
Large HDD?
Decent antvirus?
Multithread/hpyperthread capable CPU?
Robust power supply?

Can you just walk in and buy a desktop pc for $1200 at best buy and call it a day? 9d ago by kingPoS | View comment
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