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I'm all for enjoying both disc & digital games.

With a hardcopy I'll never have to worry about a game disapearing due to licensing as Marvel vs Capcom 3 did.

Ever since 2010, the number of digital games on my console have grown so large I have to categorize them by genre.

What's wrong with having your cake and eating it? Isn't that's why home consoles read optical media and include ethernet ports?

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What I don't get is why doesn't MS just put it on two discs to begin with. It has to install every game anyway, so why the heck not. Today's next gen games aren't going to become any smaller as time goes on.

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It's not so much that disk space that's the problem, but rather the amount of time that you have to spend downloading tens of gigabytes. Not everyone has the option of a 10mb+ internet connection. (myself included)

Now if the teleco giants in NA actually gave a rats azz and upgraded at least 15% of their lines from copper to fiber optics, the problem wouldn't be nearly as bad as it currently is.

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I'm not sure Christian Whitehead had anything to do the Sonic 1 & 2 that's on PSN. Sonic 2 was a real bummer, they cut out the two player splitscreen. The only way you could get OG Sonic 2 on PS3 was to buy the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection.

With CW behind this, we might even see horizontal in addition to vertical splitcreen gameplay support, maybe even mighty the armadillo as a guest character. Either way, I'm buying Sonic 3 & Knuckles' Anniversa... #1.1.4
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Wow... 65gb, now that next gen is here, double layer BD's seem a mite small right about now. [Sigh...] I just wish the PS4 & XB1 had BDXL integrated from the start, at least that way multiple discs would still be a distant memory.

This is comming from a 3mb dsl user... so yeah, it matters to me.

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Looks cool, I can't wait till Nyko comes out with a Media Hub Slim for the PS4. That usb hub is absolutely invaluable on the slim PS3's.

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Remember when Assassin's Creed 4 received that 1080p patch... That was a short lived parity wasn't it.

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Who doesn't want to play as the siren in Borderlands?

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I still have my OG PlayStation headphones. The virtual sound is more like a dsp setting, I turn it off for a little more bass and turn on for more clarity. When I use them on netflix, it does sonething weird and manages to sound better with the virtual 7.1 dsp in stereo than 5.1.

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Friday & Saturday. Oh ho, it's Netflix time! lol Even Amazon has been sited more often since they've added a chunk of HBO to their lineup.

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I think it comes down to processing. A certain guy that worked with Universal, mentioned that the project he was working on had a secondary processor to help better facilitate background tasks.

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Learn the track learn the car, sounds like my kinda game! Cars have character too, especially if you have a decent wheel.

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I find myself using my WDTV Live more & more for Netflix (& Crunchyroll) lately. I really miss being able play from the beginning without rewinding after someone else left a movie from my que half finished...

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It's so real, it looks unreal!


Driving with the sun at your back makes for scarce shadows in real life.

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Eh... I may not of played Destiny yet, but even I know that many of the guns look the same. Man... I can't to see what Borderlands 3 looks like on next gen.

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Wut? 7.1 through optical? Magicians... they must be magicians to pull off such a feat! Better late than never with DTS sound. [Puts on PlayStation headphones and plays the Bjork's Post dual disc in DTS]. Such a shame dual discs died out. >_<

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I don't pirate my games, however I do buy a good deal of them used, simply because their no longer in rotation at retail. How many times have you gone to target walmart or best buy only to find the game you desired was not popular or new enough to keep in stock?

I wouldn't own great games like... The Orange Box, Time Crisis Raging Storm or Mirrors Edge if I didn't buy them used. Those sort of flew under the radar for most, consequentialy they usually didn't... #15
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It could be that Shuhei Yoshida doesn't boast, he'll promote something, but he won't shout out about how great this or that is. Humbleness seems to be a charm that people genuinely like. I like that

Fanboys on the other hand... well, you know what they do..

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Here's the thing about market share. He who has the larger install base tends to be the golden goose. It's happened with the PS2, it had the larger base, and thus devs flocked to it.

Twitter's base is large and people love using it. FaceBook has a huge base, though personalty I dislike it, but that won't stop others from caring.

It's kinda early to tell with neither the PS4 or XB1 being a year old yet. But so far devs are making more games... #6.2.9
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Hype only takes you so far. You have substance to stand behind to outlive it. With amount of people enjoying a PS4 numbering in at eight digits, it's hard to argue with the facts. Unless of course... you're being paid to be stubborn...

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