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"When clutching for the win, cars drive better with three pedals at the feet."


Yeah.. Warhawk is one of those games I never want to get rid of. I still marvel of the fact that not only does it have a butter smooth framerate in addition to 32 player matches, but It also lets your ps3 act as a hosting sever depending on you bandwidth. In a nutshell, so long as psn is up, Warhawk is up. lol

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Hmmm.. that would go a ways to explain why I had to jump from ps4 to tablet to laptop back to the ps4 and back again to the laptop. Eventually I figured out to add funds via ps4 and verify on pc.

It may have been minor headache, but with a 10% discount and zero tax, buying four games for less than $35 was worth it.

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Yes siree! I had the family over friday. I was playing bordierlands on the PS4, Netflix was running on my 2nd PS3, and folks were enjoying split screen warhawk on my 1st PS3.

Those... other guys.. didn't ruin my holiday!

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Soo..these guys are saying Sony lost black friday because some other guys want to see the interwebs burn.

The hyperbole is real!!

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It costs money to license the Bluetooth protocol. And then you have copyright trolls, they tend to pounce on vendors at any given chance.

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That six button layout is almost perfect for Street Fighter, unfortunately, I'm a Tekken guy.

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I know right! Let the actions speak for themselves. When you boast about something, people tend to look too deeply the matter. And if things.. don't go right, folks act like a promise was broken.

Quiet surprises on the other hand are sometimes more gratifying, like finding an extra twenty dollar bill in your wallet over having to spend 20 dollars less on groceries.

In a nutshell, unexpected surprises that benefit you are best.

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They really do keep things running smoothly.

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All I've got say is wow! The entire time, game developers have only been able to utilize six cores. This makes the anticipation for Media Molecule's Dreams all the more exciting.. Having access to one more will be a definite benefit for gpu compute.

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I even miss the progressive slo-mo when you tweeked the right analog and messing with reverse playback.(watching action scenes backwards can be fun)

Of course it was never officially mentioned, it was just one of those stealthy features you had to either figure or find out by accident.

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I didn't expect the discrepancies to continue in that direction. Seems I stand corrected.

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There might be a new sharpshooter accessory that accepts two Navi controllers instead of one. In one or two morpheus video, there was a modified sharpshooter.

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To my knowledge the ps2 was the first console to literally stand above (vertically) the rest. Inadvertently that other rival continued the Playstation's tradition of standing tall, while that other box opted to lay flat.

Believe or not, people like their Playstation's in the upright position, just cause.

Anyway, congrats to Sony.
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Wait! People use to stand up when playing games? Does this mean I have to buy a nice cozy leather couch for VR. Maybe I should settle for a mussel instead.

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Yup, yup & yup! You betcha Sony's gonna Crack down on this guy harder than a hammer on a walnut.

Someone's already broken into their home twice. The first time to shut down their water (psn) the second time to snooping through, lookin for dirt. And now they're's this guy tryin to come into their own basement and make a dime off what they built...

...Cyber or real, it don't change the fact of what it is, home invasion.

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The most I had was around 18 ps1 games not counting any underground demo discs I happened across.

Ghost in the Shell,Project horned owl and
Pandemonium were my favorites.. till I lost them.

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Megaman X collection
Capcom vs SNK 2
Megaman collection
Resident Evil 4
Wipeout Fusion

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Ughhhhhh! My 500gb hdd is crying man... it's crying for mercy! I.. I need to upgrade my PS4's hdd soon, don't think I can make room for another 50gb+ game. I'm still getting Battlefield though, (and a bunch of lbp stuff too) I'm just not gonna download it yet...

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Wut!? A Gackt app? what does it even do?

At first glance, I couldn't really tell...
Man... that guy's really pretty. O_o

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Such a shame the Wii-U isn't free of region locks. So many awesome games we'll never get to play unless you import the console.

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