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"When clutching for the win, cars drive better with three pedals at the feet."


I'm hoping we'll get support for embedded subtitles when using the video media player. And it wouldn't hurt to have have some form of side tone adjustment for the gold wireless headset. It's clear as a bell on the PS3 but on the PS4 you have this background hiss because the mike never quite turns off.

Off topic I know, but it has to be stated. The og wireless stereo headset DOES indeed have better bass, but suffers from mild wifi interface. The gold wireless s... #22
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Captain N should be in Smash Bros. That cartoon basically had an all star Nintendo cast from the start.

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I don't necessarily feel bad for the guy. He basically sold his dream. What ever remorse or regret he feels now is his own fault. I do however get that family & friends will away be one thought away from asking for some pocket change.

The curse of the lottery. The bigger the win, the bigger the vultures. Unless of you're born into it or self-made, you'll need a really thick skin, and quite possibly a wholly different perspective.

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Same here, I only just got up to the part were you play as Michael & Franklin but not Trevor. lol

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I hope Capcom follows up with the X collection! 16bit Megaman was one of the best.

edit: They'd better not leave out X7!

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Nintendo’s flash cart System is Smart and Makes Sense. FIXED!

Heh I knew Nintendo would eventually go back to form. Cartiadges do seem to be smart choice. Sd cards USB drives & ssd'so have come a long way
from the carts used in the 90's.


Say what will about disc based media, it is undeniably convenient. However, the consumer level blurry format has it's limits, specifically a limit of fifty gigabytes. Perhaps w... #39
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You have no idea how much I miss the PS3's video playback functionalities. I keep pressing square & triangle expecting 15 sec thumbnail slide or a host of options to show up. It's frustrating!

I'll admit though, MKV support is really nice, however it doesn't do anime fans any favors without embedded subtitles.

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Is it any surprise that Sony acted differently after the ps3 was jailbroken? Would it be sensible for them to not take measures after a USB exploit ripped the ps3 wide open.


Heh... The Vita debuted after the ps3 jailbreak. There's no way that had any effect on it's development. Nope! Not one bit.


It's no wonder that wheels for the ps4 need a security chip. Burned once on the psp. Burned twice with the... #12
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Yeah, the game was seriously underated. Even though I own it on disc, I didn't wait a single day on december to download it free on both my accounts.

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I wash my hands of this series. It's like a moderately good movie that's been stretched far past two hours. Just when you think the movie's over, It ends with a cliffhanger that you know, you just KNOW will turn into one sequel after another.


I've got nothing against Naruto. I actually don't mind it that much. But then came the fillers, whole arks of them, season after season, complicating the story's details to the point where y... #2
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Welp! I'll just to get this on PS3 instead.

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Wait a minute! Does this mean Borderlands uses the cloud as well? Who's or what's controlling the game's AI or bullet calculations if my PS3/PS4 isn't crunching that metadata locally?


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I guess that's the price of popularity. When someone mentions Sony, Playstation isn't far behind in thought. For better or worse the Playtsation brand is Sony's most recognized asset at the moment. However that won't stop people from assuming it only works with Sony products. I wouldn't that having that little box as a companion to my Galaxy 4 tablet. All it needs it bluetooth support and it's game on.

Alternatively, some of thew listing for for pico p... #1.6.4
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Find me a projector of similar size & features thats cheaper.

Howe easy it is for people to forget that Sony makes more that just game consoles. Is it such a bad thing for them to want that same success in other ventures?

I suppose that's why new tech don't always come cheap. No one ever said progress in a world where patent trolls exist was easy.

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A shame the Vita doesn't support MHL.

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It also supports MHL, so means you can plug in something like a roku stick or even a tablet with an sd card loaded with media.

Next on the list, a silver screen. lol

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It's probably for those cinematic movies, you know, the kind that leave's you with black bars on the top & bottom of a screen.

It makes sense if you think about it. Alternatively, I'd be perfect for the PS3 & PSTV.

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You might be right about the amiable PS4 updates, however, prior to the jailbreak fiasco Sony had to deal with, the PS3 had quite a few changes made. It nothing so drastic as an overhaul.

One of the little known features I enjoyed was the active thumbnail video search. So long as it wasn't on dvd or bluray, you could press square and have the option to choose between 15, 30 second and 1 & 5 minute video segments. It made searching for a favorite movie scene that much... #10.1
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I wish Sony would implement triangle as an option leverager on the PS4 home screen. That triangle on the PS3 was like the right button of a mouse, you never seem to miss a cornerstone it till it's gone. As it is now, features functions and game libraries alike are spread out because of this.

Dammit! I want my folder's back.

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My only regret is that there's no silver controllers sold that match that match mine. Guess I'll have to settle for the 20th anniversary edition instead, not that's a bad thing. lol

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