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I got it early and I played it, not impressed at all. Sucks like every other COD game since MW2.

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I hope they have it online as well. Don't feel like being in that crowd.

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Needs to be 3/6

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You are stupid because if this was Halo or Gears you wouldn't be saying anything at all.

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Obama Won!!!!!

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Wow just ignore all the other reviews giving it 7/10 & 8/10.

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Yep, they trying make sure every score (except for Halo 4) is low so they can give Black Ops 2 that 9/10 or 10/10 for the holiday. either way IGN still IGNorant.

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Looks like another good week for the PSN.

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Sounds Awesome

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His Nintendo buddies that's how.

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Here is my guess. I'm probably wrong and will get disagreed.

My guess is maybe after they showed it to us in Jan 2011 they went into budget problems so Nomura called up Sony and said "We might have to go multiplat or cancel the game." but Sony was probably like this game is to epic to let go out of our hands. Then they had a meeting Sony paid Square to keep the development going on the PS3 and bring it to the PS4 (seeing how the PS4 maybe launching next year and...

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I think this is not fair to keep holding this game off for lightning sequels.

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You here on N4G now.

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Can't wait see them unveil it.

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