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I'm going to laugh at you next E3 when the next gen PlayStation and Xbox is announced. #3.1.5
Next Gen will probably be here next E3. #3
You can buy them online from best buy but if your game gets sold out your going to have to got to the store and deal with the crowd on friday. #1.1.1
I already got my game as soon as it went live. Yall better hurry up before the games get sold out and have to deal with the Black Friday crowd. #1
Mirrors Edge 2 Dammit!!! #1
Both are good in my opinion. Its good that both Nintendo and PlayStation have something like this. #6
Yes!!! Finally IGN does something right. #5
No it won't. Just don't see it happening. #2
Knowing IGN they will give it 7/10. #8
Why!!! Sony!!! Why!!! #5
They wish them well until they announce the true next gen console PS Orbis. #16
That's not his point. He obviously doesn't want to by another Nintendo console because they don't push New Ips like Sony PlayStation does. Does PlayStation milk some of their franchises yes but they still offer the New Ips for new experiences. Lets not play dumb here Nintendo likes to milk its old franchises and refuse to push New Ips more and I don't see them changing that at all. The only thing I can say that I'm looking forward to for the Wii U is Bayonetta 2. #16.1.1
Shut The Fuck Up

I'm not a Sony drone I own a PS3, 360, 3DS, & PS Vita. I'm tired of 3DS fanboys like you writing stuff like "The sony drones will cry, fight, shout out, but they cannot avoid the obvious." or "Vita is going to die and that is totally their faults". #19.1
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They need a price cut that is all. #20
Oh God please be true. #1
I bet they trying to hold it off till next gen then trying to get it out on current gen. #1
Borderlands 2 says hello.

MOH Sucks #2.1
I knew IGN was going to do this. 9.3/10 #7
I want it on current gen. #4
It's really sad. #2.2
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