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:{ #11
That was epic. #1
I pre-ordered it. Can't Wait!!! #14
Oh my God, are you going to do the same thing on every article that brings up PS4. There will be a PS4 next year and you will behold it when it gets announced. #1.1
Rated M for Mature hahaha!!! #8
Game Of The Year 2013 #1
1162d ago by KingOptimusAscend111 | View comment | Well said
Game Of The Year 2013 #3
Game Of The Year 2013 #7
After playing the last game I realize this is a franchise for real gamers.

*Fixed* #2.1
I wish they would bring the franchise back. #3
Probably saving it for next gen. They also need to bring back Black. #4
Absolutely Amazing #1
Ignorant #1.1
Your name pretty much explains you, all wrong. I do have a Xbox 360. Next time don't pretend like you know people when you don't know them at all. #7.2.1
Hopefully we don't have to pay for Live. #7
Thank God, now Xbox fans can quit wishing. #1
1172d ago by KingOptimusAscend111 | View comment | Trolling
I would like a open world reboot with multiplayer and on the next gen PS4. #7
No one cares. #5.1
PS Vita will be fine and have games for it by next year and a price cut. #35
All Lies #11
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