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The Round Peg

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English, please.

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Those b1tches at IGN suck. Doesnt help having Xbots reviewing PS3 games.

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I will be picking it up.

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Whats a Xbot, Greg Miller, doing talking about the PS3? Oh! Wait, IGN made him a PlayStation editor there. No wonder the game ratings on the PS3 there suck.

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I wish, I was in the beta :(

Fingers crossed 29th Nov/4th Dec Open beta

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I was wondering about the same thing. I thought Remedy owns the IP, which now seems they dont. It now either belongs to 3dRealms or Rockstar.

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I think Surfer girl is all BS.

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Me as well. Even though, Im might still pick up Orange Box

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750,000 players, ok. Multigamer and his mates buy one each and thats about it. Case closed. BLU-RAY is the future, believe it.

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Get use to it, coz there will be lots n lots more of it :) cheer up.

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Hate? There is no hate here on N4G. Just brutal aggression in getting a point across. Does that count as hate?

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Awesome! Another award for the man. He more than deserves it. :)

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VGChartz is the hot sh!t right now on N4G. Even though I hate the site and their inaccurate sale figures.

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Because the PS3 and everything about it is awesome. Whereas, the Wii and Super Mario Galaxy blow.

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The demo was a blast. Gotta check it out soon.

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Just to point out, there are several pages to the article...


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->40GB PS3 sells 50,000 in first day in Japan

There is the math. It sold 50 g in a day, launch day. That is basically the first sales data appearance.

"and you suck lol".

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You are wrong.

->PS3 outsells Wii & 360 in Japan, PS3 Dynasty Warriors 6 outsells Mario Galaxy

PlayStation 3 - 56,000
Wii - 35,000

*Second time