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Very very sad. RIP Mr.Iwata. Gaming took a loss today.

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lol that would be funny. I hope Kaz talks about...

1) PSN super security.
2) PSN everything encrypted going forward.
3) Free PSN game of choice out of 5 games of different genre as compensation for data leak of users.
4) Free movies for PSN downtime.
5) Free PSP digital game for PSP PSN users data leak.
6) Sony hires hackers to protect sony against hackers.
7) Sony will catch and burns those hacker(s) responsible for stealing an...

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y r these idiots

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approving these bs stories made up by vgn. they should loss their approval abilities.

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wat??? how come the submission changed automatically?? it had a different source and title mentioning "leaked" before.

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fear, fear itself.

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it should be.

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Sony just shut up and apologize to all ps3 gamers. You let these loser hackers hack the PS3 and PSN by making it vulnerable to them.

good job. at least now fix it.

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Even if this chat log is fake or not Sony sure fucked up bad this time.

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Cliffy B loves N4G. RIP Cliffy.

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wow what a super attention whore.

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yup dead space and buyin up mass effect.

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slowly losing their minds again.

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Sad to lose THE PlayStation guy that was remaining. time for new tiger blood i guess. I guess he look out for PlayStation as well from the top of the top of the very top. happy 4 u Kaz!

bring back Phil!!!

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Well, take that you dumb hackers. Break that (at least try it from within your jail cell).

peace off

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Oh god is cliffy so desperate for attention? did Epic remove him for the gears of war team???

shut up already!!

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wow!! I am stunned he reads n4g!! for what?? see what fanboys bitch about??? maybe he likes these sort of things.

hey cliffy if u r read...



Please then I say nice things about you like for example that u r awesome and the best dev on the planet.

if not then i just say wat u r today... an annoying little kid who epic hired by mistake. :P

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stop this crap and get this shit off n4g. also ban this particular site from spamming n4g too.

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Do 360 owners really want to play FF Versus 13 on eight different game disc?

hmmm... do I hear desperation?

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No one shall finance terrorist operations and/or organizations in the gaming community.

Stop the terrorism on PSN, PS3, and PSP.

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that is simply stupid sayin that. then just call all video games copycats of one another then.

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