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""I'll buy it at a high price""


I hope it lives up to MGO2, that was one of the best MP games I ever played!

As for the customization, I hope it is slightly better than 2 and will have lots of things we can buy. #2
I'd mark the gameplay down a bit lower, not much to it, combo isnt really anything, it just goes on by its self. #5.2
You have a link for that? #2.3.1
Tabata said we'll get another demo, I hope it plays a lot better! I have high hopes for the game so I am spreading this as much as possible. #2.2.1
Kinda miss the good ol days of just getting the games. #3.1
Reviewing demos is a bit odd, but the score is about right, though I would of complained about the lack of a combo system. The game has a ton of issues as is. That's why we should be vocal about all the problems the game has, I want this FF to be great!

If you have impressions and want Square to hear them, leave them in this link-
Man I need money to get this, I LOVED Demons Souls and Liked Dark, I hope this one strikes as hard as Demons did! #1
In Versus we were apparently able to climb on top of them. #2.2
They are bringing characters, costumes and new missions. #1.1.1
Most under rated Zelda Imo. #1
Game isnt perfect but it is Mega fun! #1
Dear lord I thought you were serious at first... #1.3.1
If that is the initial load screen it isn't too bad, I also want to know if the day one patch is going to address this? In any case loadtimes don't really break a game for me unless they are like every minute. Which is extremely unlikely. #1
I really enjoyed this game! Has some room for improvement but It is easily the best DragonBall Z game we've gotten since the Ps2 era! #1
It looks just plain stupid, it doesnt match the tone the game was going for. It looks like a horny 12 year old designed her. #5.1.1
I really HATE her design, it just doesnt match. It looks like some 12 year old designed it. :| #5
I enjoyed playing it, I mean it wasn't perfect but it was pretty fun. Had a few annoying parts but that is normal. #2
I believe the Master-C collection is the only other one that has had MAJOR issues this gen? I mean other games have had some hickups but other then that I can't think of any they would be talking about.

Edit: also AC:U... #2.3
I actually preferred 3's, but was hoping for 2's because everyone else wanted it back. Hopefully it plays like its own thing as Uncharted 4 has So many new features to the gameplay. #1.1.5
Most these seem like a pretty big stretch to me. #3
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