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""I'll buy it at a high price""


Cheaters do suck, they ruin games for everyone. #5.1
I would probably do exactly the same thing. #10.1
I got to disagree, why have a hard mode if you are only going to allow users to have an option that breaks it, not to mention should they get the credit that people who actually did the game on hard should get? #1.1.2
Really though, that seemingly ruins the hard mode if you use it....Never would have occured to me #1
Same here,and really it's not like the option would hurt anyone. #6.1
I would really like to be able to talk to my enemies, I like to hear their sounds of despair as I crush them. #1
I never played Defiance, it any good?

And yeah I can see why they chose FPS, but I like my options! #2.1
When traveling it's how I run around. It's just more fun. #1.1.1
I would really enjoy just walking around in 3rd person, even if it's basic like in Fallout. #1
I can't wait for this game!

Despite all the terrifying amount of misinformation going around this game is going to be huge, and it doesn't help that it plays better than 98% of shooters. #1
The 20 level thing is a soft level cap, you can go beyond it. Heck in some footage you can see guys with levels higher then that. #5.2
The info is only from the code within the Beta, which is very much not complete. It's likely we are seeing a list from old code that could have as little as half the missions. #4.4
There is two raids confirmed, and that's just from the Beta code. #1.4
A bunch of people on B-net are saying Deej meant each planet is a destination, as many other locations have been shown on earth alone. #1.8
I did this too. #16.1.1
Pretty much this. #1.2.1
I was to hurt.. #3.1
It only allows three for that mode? #2.1
I can take them out in 3-5 with a good team #1.1
What do you mean? #3.1
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