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""I'll buy it at a high price""


Thatis true, but nothing being done on it looks really far from what the Wii-U could handle, I mean it is a two gen old game. #1.1
MGO2 was just amazing, MGO3 is ok. It has a long hard road to catch up on. #1.1.2
Seriously, they need to bring their A game. #1.1.2
That's wonderful news! Come on Capcom, make DD 2 with a nice big budget! #1
Games are just too gorgeous now D: #1
I liked the game, but I do think it is one of the most overhyped games ever. It had a lot of good but had tons of bad as well, still a really solid game though, just not as great as some say. #11
I need to finish them.. #6.1
Yeah, I don't care about the game but seeing it and hearinf about it all the time is really getting annoying. #1.1.2
Jeeze, people would probably be mad if that was what it turned out to be. #1.1
I love Nomuras work but in the case of this game I am not sure, there seems to be a lot of Exec pressure on the game and we know very little about what they are doing to it...Guess we will have to see. #2
I hate SJW pandering and episodic content but am Happy about the action combat.

We need more solid info and less vague crap. #1.6
XD Haiku contest... #20
It's amazing how friggen good the game looks. #1
One Punch Man is spectacular, I wish we could get a game for him. Though youd have to play as Genos until the end where OPM owns the boss. #1.1
Hope it is good and comes out soon. #1
No new MP maps?
No new modes?
We need way more. #1
Ah, that's ok though :) #1.2.1
D: What?? #1.1.1
I love hair physics, can't wait to see things like that for grass and stuff too in games. #1
I'm thankful that I got to live in a time with such awesome technology, I can go and explore worlds that don't exist and talk to people who don't either.

Then of course I can explore these worlds with people from across the world, it is amazing and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. #72
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