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""I'll buy it at a high price""


I literally just logged into my PS4. Just took a while. #1.10
I don't agree with them all but it is a good list.

Would add Final Fantasy 7, MGS1, Halo Reach and a few others to the list though. I also would take out Mass Effect, it is just a bunch of Sci-fi cliches that can be found done better in other series. #1.2
Well,that is truly horrible. Halo was like one of the last. It made me happy, this makes me sad. #2
Nomura got screwed by Square, he cant be blamed. #3.1
Honestly this year hasnt been to good for games for me. Most have largely been disappointments.

But at least the collections/remasters are good. #1
Famitsu us a magazine #17.1
People can just be friends man. #8.1
Well she might be a good character, but she looks pretty typical which is a shame. #12.2
I hope we get something an image even. #4
Man, I wonder how bug the city is? It looks really good!

Here is the image since some random people can't get to the site. #2
I can't wait! I hope they kept the arcades Nomura had been planning! #1.1
Dude, you just read my mind! #4.1.1
I honestly think they would wreck it.

I'd Love a good remake, but I don't trust Square as a whole. #4
Could you provide links to both? (saying which is which) #1.1.1
After seeing the weather I am considering buying it. #7
24 would be grand. #13.1
Not all are fanboys, many are truly concerned fans. You should see the Halo fan sites, they are going crazy.

Personally I am waiting for a more finished product, that being said I dislike many of the changes. #11.1
I'm thankful that I'm alive, got hit by a car a few days back and well living is pretty great right now. #124
Hardlight is a MONSTER, I have got it twice. The only gun Ive been trying to get was The Last word, but sadly I havent gotten it.. #2.1.1
I'm still playing it, I want a certain gun and havent got it. It drives me crazy, I need it so desperately. #2
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