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""I'll buy it at a high price""


New isn't bad,but it also isn't good. I just hope that the game is fun in the end, which is what they need to focus on. #2.1.1
I would honestly prefer they just improve the gameplay they have now. Trying to appease everyone will just make it so no one is happy. #2
Tabata is all talk, I wish he would actually show something. In all reality I expect Luna to be a weaker character as that is the norm for Tabata as he tends to make more typical women. #13
What type of fanboy BS is this,you havent played it. #3.1.2
I'm still sad I missed Megaman back in the day..would probably make these more fun :"| #8
Thank you!! People werent really listing info besides "you can explore" everywhere, I am very curious about the game I just want to see what else it has in it :D #3.4.1
You can cancel approvals. #4.1
Ok, thanks! I want to see more before I am sold. #3.2.1
What is there to even do in this game? I am seriously curious. Is there a story, mini games? Quest, I mean there are planets...but what else? #3
Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game ever, but really I don't really care if it is turn based. I've heard some extremist fans say "It needs to be turn based" but really, did you play the game for the turn based gameplay?

I sure as heck did not, I played it for the characters, the world the awesome story. Sure I liked the materia system but it could just as easily be in an ARPG.

Also, assuming it wil play like XII or XIII is pretty weird, it w... #1
I wish games like this would get giant budgets...Not all these random generic games :{ #1
A ninja and his blob. #2.1
I did too. #4.1
I would love to see mario do something different, or at least something more like Mario RPG or 64, I haven't really cared for any of the Marios since those ones. They just haven't stacked up to those amazing games. #1
I was honestly surprised at how innovative the bird cat dog looked, using it to do long jumps and to catch you seems really interesting and cool, the possibilities for it are huge. #1
Me too, old cloud is best cloud. #14.1.1
I want an FF8 remake! I love that game :{ #3.1
I'd like it to play like Dragons Dogma mixed with KH both play way smoother than XV does. I'd also like the Versus style character switching and stuff.

I'd also like the option to start the game and play it as an ARPG or turn based. #13.1.1
I am scared they will make it less fun, we know Nomura wanted Cloud to be more jokey and like himself for AC, but the execs wouldn't have that.

gameplay wise I want a Dragons Dogma/KH2 combo. With the option of playing it turn based. #14
I would prefer Dragons Dogma like gameplay, with the option to play the game turn based just like the original. Have you choose at the start of the game, and Bam. We're all happy. #1.6
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