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""I'll buy it at a high price""


This seems fishy. No one I know who owns it has talked about this. #3
How about focusing on new things? More games like tactics with big budgets would be great! #2
Not many ugly main characters now is there? #3.1
I agree that diversity is needed, but forcing it out of the blue is just dumb. #2.1.1
You Changed them,that is completely different. I would be ticked if I played as a black character, got used to playing him and grew to like him and then BAM you switch it.

A more apt comparison would be to make a game with a black character, and then see how people react( they don't really).

Edit:I also play as different ethnicities , it depends on the games story and premise. Not everyone is afraid and hurt by having to play someone of a different skin c... #2
I summon people ALL the time, I don't know how you guys are having issues :| #11.1
So is the story worth it if you dont care for the gameplay? #1.1.1
So, are the side quest as good as people are saying? I've heard that some are better than other games entire main plots? #1
Where is the Ps4 NPCs? I watched my brother play and there was a bunch more :| #3
Best is for sure preference. #1.1.1
Well, it is. Unless you count PC, but I don't think anyone counts it as a "console". #1
I just can't make myself care. After all the nerfing I just got tired of the game, I dont want to grind anymore. It is just frustrating. #2
It is a new one. #10.1
It has the info in the article, though it is a bit jumbled cause it's a quote. #5.2
That would rule! #8.1
I wish I could have seen this live! That would have been amazing! #1.1
Ignis has a shirt, Glasio has the open one, but I do agree. When I see her I don't really think mechanic at all. #16.1
Did it even say how to do the full lock on? #2.1
The game under Nomura had much more potential and was seemingly just far better.

All Tabata has done is take out features people really wanted, --Character Switching is gone, you only play Noctis now.
--Blood seems to be gone, instead there is an oil like substance.
--Combat is no longer like Kingdom Hearts. Details here.
--World Map seems to be gone, now it seems to be a more western style open world.
--The ability to equip all weapon types i... #3.2
Thank you sir! And yeah, the game very much takes control rather than the player much of the time, I personally want much more control over the game.

As for the camera, yeah it had problems, the lock on was very glitchy and would just not work half the time. #1.1.1
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