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""I'll buy it at a high price""


So its a controller switch like thing?

How well would it work for gammes that need the touch pad? #83
I just hope I can invade other peoples bases as another character, like in MGO2/PW.
I dont want to be Big Boss fighting Big Boss. #1.1.2
PT was truly astonishing, the visual detail was just amazing, and it was crazy....That last part though....Rage ! #1
I hope it is more then this leaked video

I really want to see MGO3! #1
With Planet Side 2, Deep down and a few more games coming out..yeah, I got to agree. #3.1.1
I want the ability to take things off my front page, and more folders and themes. #3
Something about this guy seems fishy, someone should phil me on onto why I should care about him. #1
I wonder if we'll get this and Deep Down at TGS?

Between those two and the Witcher, this is a great time to be a Dark Fantasy fan! #7.1
The music in the Soul Series is truly underated, it is amazing!

That opening tune to Demons was epic. #5.1
I would buy these if Capcom would bring them to America, and not price them at 50$...I can buy most a game or that price #1
Well it is pretty much all the people behind Demons Souls, so chances are it will be. #2.1
Well more like Demons Souls animations, Dark copied a bunch of them #1.2.1
I cant wait to play this tonight, gonna go in without knowing anything! #2
That Zell creeps me out... #1
I noticed some similarities, got to wonder if it was intentional.

I honestly miss the Orc/character desgin from Warcraft 2, they got a bit to over the top for me after that.Besides that that CG is dang good, the lighting and hair in particular are amazing. #1
The fact that it and BloodBorne(maybe)/The Order and the Witcher within like 6 months of eachother sucks for me...With the exception of the order those games all seem like ones I might end dropping 100+ in within the first few months. #1
It's always been pretty dang serious for the most part, it's just with weird little things on the side.

The Box in MGSV though, seems like to much. I won't be using it. #1.1
And with that,I am sold. #1
I just got caught up with all the Gamscom news, holy crap sony announced a lot of stuff.

Rime though, Rime looks amazing. #34
Done. Seriously,I need this. #1.2
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