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""I'll buy it at a high price""


Bet it has more to it in the full game #1.2.1
I've been trying to figure this out for way to long... #1
I'm just picturing Jack Skellington in knight armor #5.3.2
Warlocks are beast, I like Titans though,they look cool. #1.8.1
It's working now #6.2
Looking at B-net profiles #7.1
22 hours on one Titan so far.. #1.1.1
There will be more items with Way more things you can do to them also dyes and such #1.1
Seriously though, it drives me nuts how no one is trying anything beyond the same class they started with. #1
Really? You're judging the entire game off of a beta?

There is TONS to do in Destiny, just look at the number of actual locations for the full game. This is all from a beta, you know the thing thats made to fix things like that error that I have not had at All.

Also micro transactions are speculation. #1
I was just recording videos a few days ago, my brothers wouldnt though.

it's odd. #14.1
I killed him! #11.5
The only negative thing is not hearing people in PVP, it's meant to be played with friends though..But sadly I hate wearing headsets. #1
you can kill him by knocking him off the edge. #11.3
Maintennce for two days so you'll have to wait #8.2
freaked me out the first time it happened to me #3.1
It's all that has been revealed #6.1
Interesting that not everyone is announcing it all, it's like sets of VA are being announced at a time.

Not sure how good Bryce will be as Machina though. #1
This whole ordeal is stupid, let devs make the games they want to make. Stop trying to make them pander toward you. #3
The ai does this quite a bit when they get stuck on objects, it happens in a bunch of games.

I've put over 20 hours into the game and this doesnt happen when anyone else gets killed. #3.1.1
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