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""I'll buy it at a high price""


They don't have to play ALL the content, tons of content in game is just repetitive quest. If you have to play them all for reviews then it would likely lower scores. #3.3
The aiming in MGO2 was purely amazing! I hope it plays more like it. #2.2.1
I hope it lives up to MGO2, that was one of the best MP games I ever played!

As for the customization, I hope it is slightly better than 2 and will have lots of things we can buy. #2
I'd mark the gameplay down a bit lower, not much to it, combo isnt really anything, it just goes on by its self. #5.2
You have a link for that? #2.3.1
Tabata said we'll get another demo, I hope it plays a lot better! I have high hopes for the game so I am spreading this as much as possible. #2.2.1
Kinda miss the good ol days of just getting the games. #3.1
Reviewing demos is a bit odd, but the score is about right, though I would of complained about the lack of a combo system. The game has a ton of issues as is. That's why we should be vocal about all the problems the game has, I want this FF to be great!

If you have impressions and want Square to hear them, leave them in this link-
Man I need money to get this, I LOVED Demons Souls and Liked Dark, I hope this one strikes as hard as Demons did! #1
In Versus we were apparently able to climb on top of them. #2.2
They are bringing characters, costumes and new missions. #1.1.1
Most under rated Zelda Imo. #1
Game isnt perfect but it is Mega fun! #1
Dear lord I thought you were serious at first... #1.3.1
If that is the initial load screen it isn't too bad, I also want to know if the day one patch is going to address this? In any case loadtimes don't really break a game for me unless they are like every minute. Which is extremely unlikely. #1
I really enjoyed this game! Has some room for improvement but It is easily the best DragonBall Z game we've gotten since the Ps2 era! #1
It looks just plain stupid, it doesnt match the tone the game was going for. It looks like a horny 12 year old designed her. #5.1.1
I really HATE her design, it just doesnt match. It looks like some 12 year old designed it. :| #5
I enjoyed playing it, I mean it wasn't perfect but it was pretty fun. Had a few annoying parts but that is normal. #2
I believe the Master-C collection is the only other one that has had MAJOR issues this gen? I mean other games have had some hickups but other then that I can't think of any they would be talking about.

Edit: also AC:U... #2.3
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