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Funny you cant afford a game without selling another.

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PSP outsold the PSV?

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vgwrong amirite

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lol you sir made my day. Wooosshhh

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I dont find how they are trolling, they are simply stating their opinion. They are not saying it is what YOU think, but what they think. All they said was that they didnt like one franchise so they are automatically trolls now? that makes no sense -.-

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Its not trying to be a metal gear game bro. Its trying to be a damn good hack and slash game.

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Ok we know it was possible in 2007 but was sony attempting to market it or even use it as a feature for most of its games? nope.
It would have been cool if sony put forth a effort to make that feature a big thing but they had to wait untill the Wii U came out o finally show that they are willing to support that feature. And you can always say "oh yeah remember Lair?" ok....that game if i remember correctly was not that at all. Yes sony is uping the ante right no...

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Swtor was also a let down

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actually, its not THAT great. i mean its doing ok, but not nearly as good as it should be doing. Sales will come if you advertise and show games people want to play.
Sales are believe it or not what makes the companies go round. Without sales devs will have a smaller budget to work with, will have to make cuts, less people and all that equals out to less games or sub par games.
So even though sales are not what should drive a company with decisions it should b...

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But you cant expect people to actually read articles anymore!

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from the riot forums, a dev posted this
"Glory - we are not trying to get out of paying prize money. It is being distributed to the other top teams

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who cares if he smokes pot.

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whats up ur ass.

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Only one game you mentioned is only dedicated for the move. Where are the titles that NEED a move controller to play?
And the only title that you mentioned that needed move was not a horrible title but not the best that was thought it was going to be. And for move to comeout however long ago it did it is a shame and a failure on Sony's part to not support it with New titles, not just move updates for games.

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I mustache you a question sony4l1f3

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try harder

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coming from the guy with 69 in his name and over 1500 comments.Then has the nerve to tell somebody to go outside.
Graduate from junior high then reply. Derp.

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da fuq is wrong with u

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Well that's usually the case right?
As you progress in the game which inevitably you get better the difficulty rises in new challenges.

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