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Disagrees for telling the true and the actual facts?

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The problem is that this is a wasted opportunity.They could do an amazing remake like all the other 3 zelda remakes so far but no.
A simpy crap remaster doesn't justify this price for a 2006 game
especially when Sony gives 2 or 3 games from the ps3 era for a better price.
We've been waiting for more HD remakes since the release of Windwaker in 2013(like super mario sunshine and other classics) for far too long and instead we get this CRAP.


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Team Ico is about the details...then what is this? (9:20-22 and then look at 9:32)

The garment Mono was wrapped in was nowhere to be found in 9:21 but
it suddenly appears out of nowhere in 9:32!!!!!!!

Why the disagrees?For telling the truth?!

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They seem to forget that Sony has more a lot of first party studios and they will remember it the hard way

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The new zelda won't be released before fall of 2015.

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Do you know how many GB is the game and the 2 DLC of the collection?

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Did you play that through the Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Collection?
Is the game on the disc or have to download it?

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People and the author of this are VERY STUPID.
Why pay 40-70 euros here in Europe for digital files which you don't own but simply rent when you can just pirate them for FREE then?
What is the difference between the two of them then?
Don't tell me 'supporting the developers'.I don't give a fuck about them in that case. I accept digital as an option but fuck digital only distribution.

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Yes,the idiots who buy digital content and want a digital only future don't understand that the servers for the games and the patches won't be online forever but for just some years only and the digital only games will cost ALWAYS $60/60€ on consoles.
They are dreaming steam-like prices on PS4...

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People were complaining about the HD collections.Ha! good luck rebuying all the ps1/ps2/ps3 games again but only this time around these companies are smarter and they will allow you only to rent them and not own anything.
Why buying them and pay only once when they can make you pay countless times in order to be able to play?

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But they never patched the 2 misspelled trophies in Sly 3-
Slytankhamen Approved(it should be Slytunkhamen as in Sly 1)
Wirlwind Of Awsome(missing the 'e' letter)

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Now we want Majora's Mask 3D.

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The game look great but they still didn't fix the 2 misspelled trophies in Sly 3(Slytankhamen approved and Wirlwind of awsome)

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With all these nintendo games coming plus monster hunter and Pokemon and all the third party support they got,I see the Vita sadly will probably be in its last year.No third party support and a couple of Sony games only against this list?

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Well if this sounds bad let me tell you that ps4 will probably use cloud gaming too and ps5 will be only cloud and download system.
Good luck paying 60 dollars to rent each game without never owning anything.As soon as each company pulls the plug off for the games which are get old and they aren't 'hot' anymore it's game over.

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Well if they can go all digital and cloud with Gakai in the upcoming years then why can't they do this?There is no such thing as used games on this services and still people buy them and look forward to them

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Where is Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2?

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Yes nothing can compare with the Thousand Year Door.What great awesome story and characters.

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Yeah,let's hope,in 5 years...

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Xbox360 will sell more than one million only on Black Friday alone in the US again.Same sad story each year.

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