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All I hear is "buy an xbox" They still haven't figures out that's what we don't want. We xbox live, paid member ship, paying for proprietary hardware.

Why the hell would I want to stream the xbox game on my pc, my pc is faster in every way and can render a more beautiful game and streaming add latency on top of that. It should be the other way around. #12
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What issues you had with amd's drivers? Single GPU is flawless. Their crossfire support is preaty much on par with sli beside having to wait 7-10 days after release for game support.

Most features that nvidia has is there too, they have better multi monitor support. That's all comming from a compagny with 22.5% market share. I'd say they are in preaty good shape. #1.3
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Ugh, the 980 ti is about twice as fast as a 680 right? So I'm paying 650$ for a card twice as fast as my OC 670 that I've paid 300$ 2 years ago? :/ Not much better price/perf. I'm not sure I want to wait HMB gen 2 on pascal. What do. I'll wait and see what amd has up their sleeves. #12
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Can't wait for the 390x and the 980ti to duke it out in about 3-4 weeks. #6
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You are asking the wright question...

Nvidia's maxwell run tessellation better then their kepler architecture and amd's gpus and they are in the business of selling maxwell gpus. Go figure. #6.1
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I agree for most of the point. So sad to see this beatuful world crafteed and the main gameplay mechanique is just sub par. #17
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Thanks weak ass consoles. #1.1.1
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Point is to see the difference between the pc and ps4? Honestly there is no way that I'll be playing in 5k, but if we are honest I could shell out 4k on 2 titan and a new monitor (obviously won't because it's a moot point imo). but in 3 years, probably and that has weight in what platform i but a game for.

I'll usually get it on pc for that reason, but for those who prefer consoles they can also see what they are missing and ask to themselves if 60 fps and hig... #2.4
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Honestly the video quality is quite bad on this youtube video. Like, weird squares everywhere and everything id way too blurry. #1.4
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And that's exactly waht I'VE SAID. LEAN TO READ #28.1.1
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The architecture used in the ps4 is already been used for years so yes there won't be as big of a leap. But what the developer actually said is that it's hard to imagine doing such a great job like they did with the ps3.

Honestly, I feel this gen so lackluster specially if you play on pc ... #28
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cannot wait. #2
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you need aa in 4k... #1.1.5
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Console gamer shpuld just buy a pc and a controller. Dev would release their content on that platform and everyone would be happy.

Consiles are not needed and there is hardly a difference nowadays from putting the blu ray and installing the game+updates on a console or a pc and thats theonly positive console ever had. #18
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Let me explain it to you as simplistically as I can what was my thought behind that.

Rendering is just hardware reading code in a loop something along the line of update game word, draw the picture, clear the picture. The faster it does it, the faster the framerate is.

Let say we give code to run BF4 on my pc and on a ps4.

My gpu is always on 99% load and my cpu is around 45%. The cpu is plenty fast to run the event/game loop and send informa... #30.1.1
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The hardware itself is already max out, they can now just refine it a bit with tricks and mirrors... What else to expect for such a low end machine #30
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I hope it's 32vs32 and not lower, It has to be brought to the lower common dominator witch is the slow ass cpu in the console so probably won't be that :s #14
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DX12 is going to help pc games that are all already playing 60fps. #3.4
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I'm quite excited about the audio part of this game, hope it's on bf:bc2 sound level with the dolby atmos sound. #8
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I don't see why so many people disagree with you. Let's be real it's not looking like that on a console, specially since it's running 60 fps.

Guess it's still news4consolegamer here #3.5
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