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Nah, penguin! Its the truth man! the next halo!

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Yea my main problem with it was that he had a really smooth voice, which is just really weird. Where did all the gravelyness to his voice go? lol

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Wait but wasn't that just ocelot with nanomachines hypnotized to be liquid?

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Its kind of weird because I thought that the gameplay we have seen from ground zeroes was the opening of the game, and if that is the only level in the entire game, how is it open world? I mean I know that ground zeroes is a smaller prologue but if the event of saving chico directly leads into the destruction of mother base, then how is it going to have open world elements?

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I just find it odd that he would put a line in ground zeroes like "kept you waiting huh?" when we wouldn't have the iconic voice to really make that line so cool. I mean i understand why he would want to change the phantom pain's voice actor for big boss, but he confirmed that ground zeroes takes place literally days after peace walker...

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Why the hell would kojima put in a line for the beginning of ground zeroes like "kept you waiting, huh?" if he isnt going to have the iconic voice actor that would really give that line its punch?

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Wait... didn't someone ask David Hayter if he even was asked to come back for metal gear solid v by someone on twitter and he said "nope." And now is saying that he met with someone that told him he won't be in metal gear solid V? Maybe I'm wrong about this, but isn't this contradicting his previous tweet?

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