The Gears Still Turn

Kingdom Come

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Whilst I am more than certain the game will be a masterpiece, especially through the direction of Neil Druckmann, I do wish people would refrain from prematurely labelling a title as "Game of the Year", despite having seen no gameplay footage and with it being presumably more than a year away...

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Scarecrow initiated an evacuation of Gotham City by threatening it with a Toxin attack.

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"Spider-Man 2 HD" .

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Incredible news! Great to have Rod back as well!

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"Microsoft phoney"? Yet you proclaim to not believe Tretton's story. Well, if you think he's lying, what does that make him?

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Funny, I was playing "Dead Rising 3" within about 10 minutes.

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Open world game with no loading screens and literally hundreds of zombies on screen being compared to linear military shooters. That's fair...

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Firstly, you're the prime example of a gamer that believes graphics to be a stronger necessity than original gameplay in video games. Secondly, WE GET IT, you're a Sony worshipping fanboy, you don't have to troll every single Microsoft related article.

I myself am a multiplatform gamer, but people such as yourself deter me from associating myself with Sony. You have no maturity, sophistication or respect for the industry as a whole...

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Or, maybe, Ubisoft wanted to simply utilise the same gameplay video for both consoles as a shortcut for not having to reenact the gameplay on the other console.

Why do people have to read in to things overly conspicuously?

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Thank God critics are no longer giving the Call of Duty franchise a free pass. Their lazy development process' are an insult to the gaming industry. Whilst astonishingly creative and original games struggle to find a market, the sheep flock to the generic recycled trash heap. Hopefully "Ghosts" marks the beginning of the end. The demise of the Call of Duty franchise. I doubt it, but what a brilliantly symbolic start that would be for the next generation of gaming, the return of ...

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Just like any logical business. Oh, wait, Sony run their company "For teh gamerz", right?

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So, you've essentially admitted that your early posting of reviews are premature, you shouldn't have to change scores, you should wait, fully analyse and critique the game before finalising a review.

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This "review" is pathetic. Rockstar suggested patience as a necessity when approaching "Grand Theft Auto Online". You sound like a petulant child crying for attention by scoring it without playing a significant portion...

Grand Theft Auto V is a beautifully crafted, terrifically written, ambitious game, and your score is unjustifiably insulting...

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How do you expect people to think highly of your reviews when you demote a score (initially a perfect score) by 1.5? If based on Grand Theft Auto Online's start, it is incredibly unjustifiable, it is hugely ambitious, therefor, as suggested by Rockstar, people need to remain patient. I have found with a number of your reviews have been posted suspiciously close to release, as though to suggest you had not played a significant portion or spent enough time to credibly critique it...

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How exactly did they ruin it? Judgement was an unnecessary cash grab, targeting a different audience than its own, but how exactly did Gears of War 2 & 3 "ruin it"?

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More Weapon Combo's,
Seamless open world (larger than both previous worlds combined),
Smart utilisation of Kinect,
More Zombie types,
Greater amount of zombies on screen,
More vehicles/vehicle combos,
Co-Op specific combos,
And more...

It's got more going for it than just "more zombies".

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But Duke Nukem went through an infamously troubled development. Theres a difference between a troubled development and a long one.

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This shows Troy's acting capabilities to great effect. His improvisation, his maintenance of a serious composure. Brilliant...

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Whilst its story and characters were highly commendable and engrossing, and its contribution and connection to the mythology of the "Bioshock" franchise was smart and delicately written. The games linearity and false advertising led consumers to create incorrect pre-conceptions of the game. In early demonstrations, "Irrational" led gamers to believe that choice and personal preference where huge factors in the game, only for these pre-conceptions to be shattered by somewha...

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No, it's a bad one. Capcom developing a free to play game? I'd rather it be a retail title. Imagine how many micro-transactions there will be...

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