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Upgrade the freaking engine already looks outdated

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At this point i can't help but feel the need for a major overhaul with these two football franchises,even more so it would be a major boost if we got a third player like 2k sports joining in with some fun new ideas & stiff competition

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Sweet baby Jesus !!!

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True compared to last year's showing this was sub-par but geez! it's the fourth major conference of the year cut them some slack,only the people who paid tickets for the show are entitled to complain.

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This would cover my ps plus subscription for 2 yrs

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That gameplay section was nuts

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The snow took a hit too & that scripted voice acting isn't helping either

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It's a bloody video game what kinda revolutionary gameplay experiences were you anticipating for,gamers turn to set their expectations beyond reach only to be left disappointed.Not every thing in my book has to be a classic or reference & im afraid following this current trend game publishes would be reluctant to invest in new IPs this gen hence the occasional rehash tittles

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The ps4's screen capture degrades the picture so that blurriness is to be expected

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Fortres of cash & yet can't make any decent hardware innovation just cashing on overpriced windows software for years

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I Believe yes provided his got PS Plus if im not mistaken

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This right here is a game changer ,can't wait..

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I believe the folks at xda already have this ported to other android devices http://www.xda-developers.c...

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Team names weren't the issue back when it was considered the best football game to grace a console on ps2 & PS1

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looks like they got rid of that flawed Physics collision amongst players which looked ought at times during highlights & replays

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You can't compare it like that dude for uncharted is what a Halo is to Microsoft,but you could put it this way,how will xbox fans feel if the next version of Sam fisher(Splinter Cell) was to becomes a Sony exclusive?

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Sign up

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