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Riiiiight !!! so having more exclusives is now a negative?,Yea dude whatever,power without proper dev support tapping on it can only do so much....and quality in house AA games have always been Sony's defense not power

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At this point i feel Spencer is just a hype man ,really thought this year would be different and the word Exclusive should be banned from his vocabulary

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and you wonder why your fav company stays collecting L's every generation,how about they go invest in building some first party studio's for a change lol

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Man o man!!!,waiting will be hard easily my top 3 fav game of all time

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Sweet Lord !! The Last of Us Part II looking great

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They never learn do they! building a great first party studio is way valuable than having the most powerful hardware lol

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They can have that achievement over here at playstation we just want the most spectacular first party games lol

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Same over here,trading mine for 200Euros before the value drops further more and the funny thing is i wasn't particularly planning on upgrading my current model :)

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I find PS PRO a solid proposition at a reletively affordable price for the common gamer ,anything targeted above those specs would force Sony to either increase price or sell at a lost which drags us back to the ps3 days,everybody suddently wants a 60fps experience but non is ready to dish out 599$ for it on a home console lol!

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I really want to know how it looks on a 1080P screen and the potential benefits it brings when compared to it's older siblings for i'm still far off from upgrading my current TV sets anytime soon however ,i do know Horizon Zero Dawn & Tomb Raider offer some sort of improved image supersampling & solid 60 fps modes coupled with high-quality anti-aliasing techniques to boost performance..yes?

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Upgrade the freaking engine already looks outdated

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At this point i can't help but feel the need for a major overhaul with these two football franchises,even more so it would be a major boost if we got a third player like 2k sports joining in with some fun new ideas & stiff competition

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Sweet baby Jesus !!!

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True compared to last year's showing this was sub-par but geez! it's the fourth major conference of the year cut them some slack,only the people who paid tickets for the show are entitled to complain.

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This would cover my ps plus subscription for 2 yrs

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That gameplay section was nuts

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The snow took a hit too & that scripted voice acting isn't helping either

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It's a bloody video game what kinda revolutionary gameplay experiences were you anticipating for,gamers turn to set their expectations beyond reach only to be left disappointed.Not every thing in my book has to be a classic or reference & im afraid following this current trend game publishes would be reluctant to invest in new IPs this gen hence the occasional rehash tittles

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