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This is the issue. I agree anyone should have their freedom of speech and be able to voice their opinion how they see fit. Yet as others have said they’re consequences both good and bad for said voice. The thing is people are representative of the company and when you voice your opinion whether others agree or disagree they are consequences.
I pose to you this question. If a racist goes on his personal facebook page or other public forums ranting on about minorities should they not ...

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Crossplay probably will never happen this gen between the consoles, particularly between huge multi platform games. It’s a simply matter of the bottom dollar. This is reason why MS didn’t do it last gen and Sony won’t do it this gen. The incentive is not there for Sony as it would simply eat into their sales as the incentive to buy their platform won’t truly matter if you have the competitors’ platform and vice versa. Sure we can say do it for the fans, but obviously it’s a business move. It ...

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I don't think it's irrelevant. Microsoft is in this situation simply because of their initial message and price point. One could say their exclusives have not been as vast as Sony's but that's a matter of personal preference. They have done a great turn around since then, but I think the damage was already there and they'll continue to play catch up this gen and I highly doubt Project Scorpio will make a difference. This is not because it won't be the most powerful con...

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For certain games I can see that happening, but for the majority of their exclusives more than likely it will be a no. For one they're comfortably ahead in the 'console war' and they have no incentive to ship their games to other platforms. Secondly what would more than likely happen is games which they believe won't perform as well may hit PC, but more than likely if it's a Sony first party games the likelihood is slim. This is the same reason you don't see them rushi...

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This is halarious!!!

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More than likely. I would find it very hard to believe a fighting game would give so much work to a 980ti.

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No prob, but do remember you have to preorder it to get the free Windows version.

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I'm going to probably say no at this point. I'll list the sys. req. for you below:
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX-6300
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x
HDD: 55 GB available space
DX: DirectX 12
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5 4690, 3.9GHz or AMD equivalent
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 o...

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Yeah I don't think I'll be watching anymore as I don't want any spoilers. All I needed to see was gameplay and I was sold. Once their story is good I'm a happy guy.

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@moldybread. Once you have a 960 or equivalent and up, I'm pretty sure you should be good. I'm just waiting for them to start implementing sli in the games as well as allowing modding as there are non exe files. That to me is where they are lacking

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Yeah I quickly jumped on it this morning when I saw it advertised. I kind of figured they'd change it back quickly. Sorry for those who missed out on the deal. Cdkeys usually has good prices. The best deal I saw so far for this game was when the Ukraine App Store had it on sale for less than $10.

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I also have it on the Windows 10 app as well as the Xbox one. The downside to the Windows 10 app is that sli and frame monitoring are not available.

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It's a steam game so steam will automatically update it.

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Actually PC games are usually $10 cheaper for certain titles. They're only half price when you use sites like greenmangaming or cdkeys and such.
As far as pirating goes. It appears many high profile games are coming out with denuvo drm, which has proven to be quite tough to crack. The thing is you can buy these games from the sites I mentioned it almost deters some from pirating. Of course you'll always have those who will no matter the price. For example I was able to purcha...

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Xbox exclusives are not dead in the water. They're in fact very much alive. I think the problem here is the perception of how you view exclusives. 5 sales of QB where 3 are on Xbox One and 2 are on Windows store are still equating to five sales. I think what you wanted was for the game to remain exclusive to the console platform and the simply fact is that MS needs to push the game so it makes sense to include a free PC copy.
As I mentioned earlier; most people don't have a ca...

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I don't understand why they are those saying this will effect MS Xbox One sales. I believe it will not have a detrimental impact. I however believe it will just increase the awareness of the game. To the people who say that everyone has a computer capable of running this games is not true. If you check the statistics on steam you'll be surprised how many people have capable PCs. I have both Xbox One and a PS4 as well as a high end PC. Gamers like me are the minority as most people don...

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To those saying it's not exclusive are incorrect. It's a console exclusive. It simply will also be appearing on Windows 10. We're unsure if it will appear on steam, but I believe it has a chance of not appearing on steam as MS appear to be aggressively trying to promote their Windows App Store so it would make sense to make it exclusive.
At this point I believe MS is simply trying to entice gamers to purchase this game. It looks great and plus you can get the digital PC ve...

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Only exclusives will be crossbuy. This is the reason Rise of The Tomb Raider is not crossbuy as it is also coming out on PS4. If this takes off I can see them adopting this for console exclusives. I however believe they'll only allow this for certain games and not franchises like Halo or Gears.

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As far as a single player experience it's very good. It's just so much better playing with other people. I guess just how I would rather play a Halo game with friends via co-op vs. singleplayer.

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Haven't played the first one as yet, but definitely will do so before the second one comes out.

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