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Fall starts September 21. So technically it is. Not trying to be difficult, just putting it out there. #7.1
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Thanks for the explanation guys. #2.3
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Why did you get a disagree for saying you can't get yours to work and you're looking for help? #2.1
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This may be the most realistic character model I've ever seen in a game. Excited to see some gameplay in the future. #54
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LOL! I think he just may be. #4.1.1
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LOL! Hopefully that glitch won't happen too often in the second video. Funny nonetheless. #3
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I really don't understand the hate for Origin. I prefer steam myself, but EA like anyone else is trying to get piece of the pie. If it's a good game then by all means enjoy on the platform you prefer to play it on. I do feel at times they're those out there who limit themselves because of their dislike for Origin which may be warranted or not. #2.1
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LOL! Man all too true. Slowly but surely you just start losing those skills. #1.1.6
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They must be on that time zone difference. LOL! #2
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Well said my friend. #4.1
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I respectfully disagree. If you've played any FPS you may have realized the smoothness of 60fps vs. 30fps. It's just more fluid. Third person adventure games don't necessarily need 60fps, but definitely fps. I say if a developer can achieve without sacrificing what they want to achieve overall, then by all means go ahead. #1.2.4
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I'm sure modded can take care of this. Shouldn't have to, but it is what it is I guess. #2
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Ahhh it's for your own good :) Unfortunate that you won't be able to play it right away, but getting those good grades will be beneficial in the long run. #9.1
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I understand the greater precision part for K&M, but I use a gamepad playing BF4 and COD Ghosts and I can place in the top 3 quite often. A very experienced and great player can have an advantage over a similar person who is using a gamepad, but IMO it really boils down to the player and their skill. #1.4
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I just fired up my preload from steam and I gotta agree with DonDon and say that there appears to be a problem with low framerate. Running GTX 680 SLI at 1440p and it's very laggy. As soon as you get to the title screen you have lag so it's obvious the game needs a patch or two. #1.1.1
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I agree partly with your statement. GTA yes, twisted metal I say is a no. Perhaps you may be a fan of the twisted metal franchise, but it came out on the ps3 and it did not sell like hot cakes! I would say that franchise is currently niche. #1.1.1
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Sorry bro, but there is noticeable difference. Might need to adjust your image on your monitor if that is the case. Not trying to be snarky. Just sayin.... #4.2.2
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A little cringe worthy, but I feel you bro. #1.2.3
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Don't know if it srole its thunder as both were excellent games. Personally I prefer The Witcher. #2.1
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I hear ya on that. I picked up Tearaway myself. I'm not really a platform/puzzle gamer, but I like to try new things, plus I figured I can enjoy it in spurts. The thing about IGC is that many gamers may do the "wait and see" approach. I've myself done it with steam and PS plus. Money is at times tight especially with a family so you start to think should I drop $40-$60 on a game. Even if I can afford I try to hold out on the single player games. I've done games like The... #1.1
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