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too bad it's not an RPG.

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"entitled & act ungrateful"? Really... are you a hippie?

Their offer includes monthly free games which we don't even own btw, play online, and discounts. By law we are entitled to those 3 things if we pay their subscription and there is nothing to be grateful for it's a business.

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damn it so close...

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Lost me at Pokemon X&Y

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Nintendo please stop making consoles, and concentrate on software. Obviously what you are doing is not working.

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I don't understand how people can be whipped, and side with who did it to them. This article is retarded on so many levels...

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Money you didn't make is money you lost.
I don't understand why people hate to make a statement...

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clean it, like take your PC to where you usually pump your tires and blow all the dust. (Probably it's overheating)

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Your logic in business fails terribly.

- Valve is too small for the market.

What the hell are you talking about, THEY ARE THE PC GAMING MARKET.

- No exclusives except Valve games, especially when you consider games that actually move hardware. Left 4 Dead, Half Life and a bunch of DLC games like CS:GO.

no really?! No exclusives for a device that is not even out yet? what are you smoking...

- They never built...

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I don't get why people keep saying windows 8 is bad, every single game I have runs better on 8 than on 7. It boots faster, stuff works as they should or better.

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I understand everything you say, am an IT major, for the love of God geeks need to realize that people are not going to use linux as they imagine it has been around for years and never took off. Linux is base in the background of every hole doesn't matter. What matter is ease of use... am 100% sure that valve will lock down their box as well they are not better than microsoft they are just another competitor, the more the better.

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Not a single game that would actually sell a console... No big names at all.

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You both need to know what an OS is...

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I like the idea of the game, but I hate Molyneux...

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true, yet people fail to see what this could open up that doesn't exist now.

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what a tool.

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n7 is not a phone.

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alot of sony fb do, check comments.

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yup, as for me i don't want both.

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