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Nintendo has already stated that the new Zelda is still coming to the Wii U, not the NX.

If anything, it will be like Twilight Princess which came out for the Wii and Gamecube. #7

I don't really even care about PS+ much lately. But I still need to keep my service active if I want to be able to play the free games from back when the games they offered were decent. #3.2.4
Jet Force Gemini was an amazing game but it was very obscure and not many people knew about it.

While it was amazing, it was very hard to play because you controlled the camera by holding Z(or was it R?) and moving the analog, making it so you couldnt move the camera while actually moving, which became really frustrating in areas where tons of enemies were attacking you. The camera also snapped back to default if you let go, and you couldn't change it from inverted.
If they give Jet Force Gemini dual analog support, this collection will be worth getting just for that alone.

Not to mention 29 other games. #2
This will come west. It is a main series Dragon Quest game that isn't an MMO or a remake. It will happen.

I am worried about DQVII3D, DQVIII3D, DQM3D, DQM23D, and DQMJ3. Not worried about XI. #5
Longer games almost always give more value for your money. But how it is presented determines if it is enjoyable or not. It also comes down to personal preference, how often you get games, and how much free time you have.

Back in elementary, middle, and high school, my parents didn't give me an allowance. But they rarely bought me games. So I didn't get games all that often. I also didn't do anything after school so I had a good 7 hours a day of free time. So game... #4
To be honest, I feel that all amiibos should come in this type of case anyways. #1
The PS3 and Vita have both been out for quite a while. They could at least get some more AAA games. #3.1.7
My first month of PS+ was awesome. The free games in just one month made up for entire year of the subscription in cost. Overall, the first two years of PS+ for me were really good.

But lately the only games we have been getting for free are indie games. Sure, this is a good way to spread word about indie games, so there should be indie games pretty often.

But most of these indies end up being on a major sale about a month before/after they were free, and man... #3
I'd rather have a change to the breeding system where whenever you breed two pokemon it creates a brand new pokemon with qualities of both. Unless you are breeding two pokemon of the same evolution chain or a pokemon and ditto.

Something similar to Dragon Quest Monsters. #2.1
The Barret in this picture is from Advent Children, not the remake. The box behind him even says "Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children" on it. #
So you are saying that Kingdom Hearts 1 is the only game in the series that was good?

I seem to recall most of the fanbase preferring Kingdom Hearts 2 and, arguably, Birth By Sleep. #1.1
You should play 358/2 days #4.1.1
Agreed. Playstation now should really add a free version where all of the games we have purchased on the PSN can be streamed for free. #1.1
I hope that all of the guardians of light are playable.

I also hope the secret movie gives an insight to what type of villain we might be seeing after the Xehanort saga is over. #4
Hmmm Idk which is better this month...

Playstation Plus - A bunch of obscure indie games that barely anyone knows about

Games with Gold - A bunch of games that everyone has already played #6
Eh. I'd rather play the game on my Vita. $20 less, same damn game.

Though, if the retail version of the PS4 game gets a download code, I may be tempted to get the PS4 version instead. But I am not interested in getting digital games at full price.

I'll get physical games at full price, depending on the game, but not digital games. No way. #3
I just wish the 3D chibi remake of FF4 was more aligned with the gba and psp versions of the game in terms of content.

The DS version made it so you couldn't switch out your party of the main 5 characters at the end of the game, it removed a ton of the end-game optional dungeons and content, and it made FF4 frustratingly hard.

If they could re-re-re-re-remake FF4 for the vita with visuals similar to the DS and iOS versions but with the content of the PSP... #2.2.1
Import... They are region free... #3.1
I'd like to see remakes for FF4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 in the same way as FF7 remake.

I also hope that in preparation for the FF7 remake, they release a pack that includes Crisis Core HD, Dirge of Cerberus HD, and Advent Children. Or even include those in a collectors or limited edition of the FF7 remake. #2
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