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Innovation is not the same thing as change. Gamers don't want their favorite games to be changed.

Innovation is taking an already existing mechanic and making it better, not changing it. Gamers want innovation. They want similar gameplay but refined.

We don't want massive change within a series unless the previous games were horrible. #16
Spin-offs and sub-series are pretty synonymous. There really isn't much of a difference between the two. #2.2.1
Persona 4: Dancing all night is a spinoff of a spinoff.

Persona 4 should be in there instead. It is a spinoff of the SMT series. #2
I'd really like this game to be localized.

It looks like it has the battle system of YS and the out of battle gameplay of Persona. #5
Drive or ride?

Drive suggests we can control the car. #1
BloodBorne gameplay...
Classic Dark Souls depth of content, customization, and probably NPCs...

This might end up being my favorite Dark Souls game. But we will see. #9
In my opinion, it is one of the best, but not THE best. I think I enjoyed FF8 the most but some other games such as FF4 and FF10 are a bit better in terms of story and characters.

But I have played FF8 more than the others because I personally really enjoy it and I have a lot of nostalgia toward it because it was the first FF game I ever owned and beat. #21
I am okay with getting the game at launch because I have wanted it since even before the Konami bullcrap started, it is the finale to the series and I don't like playing a finale way after it comes out if I have been waiting for it since before it came out, I have a bunch of other games coming out soon after and don't want to get swamped, and I have had money set aside for it ever since I wanted the game.

However, after this, I don't plan on supporting Konami. #2
How many PS1, PSP, and Vita games do you own that aren't lego?

If you are going to buy a game console without buying games for it, why even buy it in the first place?

Every console is practically useless if you don't buy games for it. #1.1.4

Why not? The game was *bloody* amazing. It and The Witcher 3 are the best new games that have come out so far this year for current gen systems. #4.1.3
I am excited for Halo 5, and I am sure it will be a great game. But I highly doubt it will stand a chance for GOTY against games such as BloodBorne, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, MGSV, Xenoblade Chronicles X, or Persona 5. #4.1

Listing fee - Free if you sell during a promotion which they do almost all of the time
Shipping fee - optional, item sells a lot faster if you pay for it yourself though. If you do pay, it is about $2 for video games if you get the 20% off for being a high rated seller
Final Value fee - 10%
Paypal fee - 2.9% + 30 cents
Total fees for a $30 video game: $6.17

Referral Fee - 15% for video... #1.2.2
Every once in a while Gamestop will have a period of increased trade-in prices where you will maybe get only 10-20% less than if you were to sell them yourself on ebay.

So for those that don't have a credit card or paypal account, those periods would be pretty good. But otherwise, the most I have seen them offer for a preowned game is 70-75% of the preowned value for a power up pro member for a game that just came out. Usually it is only about 40-50% of the preowned value... #1.2
Localizing it will also positively impact Square Enix. Even if they just do english Subs without dubbing. #2
Miyazaki has already said that it will be the last Dark Souls game, but it won't be the last souls-like game.

We could get things like Bloodborne II, or Demon's Souls II, or souls-like games that have new atmospheres such as sci-fi. #1
My prediction is it will just be a little more gameplay footage and some world announcements. Nothin #2
They need to give all the Dragon Quest games a chance in the west... Especially these:

Dragon Quest 7 3D
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3D
Dragon Quest 8 3D
Dragon Quest 11

and maybe Theatrhythm Dragon Quest #2
I imagine this is what Estus tastes like? #1
Doubtful. Amazon in the US has both versions of the game listed. #1
My half-brother owns 5 Xbox Ones because he wanted one for each room in his house that has a TV...

Why the hell would you want to do that? Just move the xbox one to another room if you want to play. The money you spent on each of those systems could have been used for a multitude of things.

It just baffles me why anyone needs multiple of the same gaming console if they function exactly the same way and do the same thing. #30
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