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Several reasons.

1. Bugs, crashes, etc
2. Niantic took out various quality of life things
3. The game becomes a boring grind pretty much at level 20.
4. The hype train that existed at the very beginning and resulted in seeing large groups of 20+ people playing is no longer there, so it isn't as social as it used to be.

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This game took me over 100 hours to beat and get the true ending and I did not have to go out of my way to grind or anything. I normally get pretty antsy when an rpg takes longer than 50 hours for the main story, but this game was so fun and engaging that it didnt bother me. I kept coming back.

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What a drag.

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It is also the reason why my math skills are strong. I used quite a bit of algebra when planning out my goals in the game.

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I was excited for this until I saw that it is focused on Arms and Splatoon. Neither of those games interest me whatsoever. Hopefully the parts that aren't focused on those two games are pretty good.

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Now if only they could see that people want a good variety of exclusive games, not just specs.

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Making PERSONAl connections with the characters.

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Give me Tales of Vesperia and Fable Anniversary please -_-

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Switch is more portable easily. You don't need to own multiple consoles, nor do you have to be connected via wi-fi or data. You don't need to deal with connection lag. You don't have to leave a secondary console turned on or in sleep mode in order to access the games. You don't have to make sure that the system you are playing has the game you want to play put it before you leave (not an issue if you purchase games digitally).

Besides, Switch has a higher re...

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I love how the best powerups in the game aren't on this list. Where is the nail, which increases your damage, lets you break rocks on touch, and grants you a soul heart every use? What about brimstone, which literally just obliterates everything in its path? What about mom's knife, which kills things extremely quickly? What about tech-x? Polyphemus?

All of those items are significantly better than most, if not all of the items on this list.

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Better than most Zelda games (and all in some people's opinions), but perfect? No. There are issues with it that could be fixed/improved. One thing that REALLY bothered me was the stale dungeon bosses. They all looked very similar and had the same exact concept overall.

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It is a great game but it is not perfect. I'll just list one problem:


Every dungeon boss is literally just phantom ganon with a different element and weapon.

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The hype is deserved. It is a great game. Though it does have some issues that make me somewhat uncertain if I can truly call it the best Zelda game. But it is EASILY in my top 3 alongside Majora's Mask and A Link Between Worlds.

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Still baffles me that Fable Anniversary and Tales of Vesperia aren't backwards compatible yet.

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Why I'm not buying Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nier Automata, or Mass Effect Andromeda until at least May:

Persona 5

I'm a weeb... I want them though XD

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If this is true then this would be the first PS+ free games lineup that interests me in a long time. I might actually resubscribe.

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None of the consoles have extremely GOOD launch exclusives. But I do have to say that there is more coming out for the switch in the first year that I want than there was for the XBO and PS4 in the first year COMBINED. Look at how amazing the PS4 turned out, the Switch will be just fine.

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I just hope it hooks me as much as the Ezio games and 4 did. Everything else has been a bit meh.

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But what if I want to treat my switch to a romantic candlelit dinner?

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I have only regretted one of my console purchases, and it was not a Nintendo console. I thoroughly enjoyed every Nintendo system. Do the Wii and Wii U have problems? Yes, they do. The Wii was gimmicky, and the Wii U had a small lineup of games. But I still thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

I am really excited for the Switch. I'll be getting Zelda and I am Setsuna at launch. Followed by Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Yooka-Laylee, Disgaea 5 Complet...

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