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Toukiden: Kiwami being localized is probably the reveal. #1
Already way too busy and way too many games coming out in 2015 to spend time and money on an MMO.

I may get the game for collection purposes sometime in the future when it is cheaper, but no plans on playing it unless there is a gaming drought.

Still waiting on TES6 #22
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I definitely would have preferred Rogue on PS4 #1.4.1
I've played every numbered Final Fantasy game, and my western RPG list includes Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins, Demon's/Dark Souls, etc.

So I don't know what you are getting at. Not everyone feels the same way. #50.1.1
Let's please stop with the FFXIII hate. It isn't that bad... People are overreacting.

FFXIII-2 was a very good game, and if this trilogy includes all of the DLC for it and lightning returns, it will be worth it in my opinion. XIII-2 had really good DLC. Gilgamesh makes it amazing just on his own. #50
Hoopa! #3
Imo most of the FF games including and after 4 had a better story than 7. 7 only has a really good story if you play Crisis Core as well. #2.1
If anything, I regret MGSV:GZ and Watch Dogs. But since I was able to actually sell Watch Dogs for more than I bought it for, it wasn't too bad. #39
Yeah I wouldn't mind a break from AC.

But Victory's setting is something I have been wanting from AC for a while. So I hope Victory still comes out next year. #15
Nope. Made by two different teams in Ubisoft. #14.1
Not really. Time management was significantly better than games such as the Atelier games, Lightning Returns, and Persona where if you miss something that only happens on a specific day, or you miss a deadline, you have to restart the entire game to be able to do it.

In Majora's, if you miss something that only happens on a specific day, or you miss a deadline, just play the song of time and try again. It is a significantly better system. It wasn't annoying at all, an... #17.1.1
I love Majora's Mask. But everyone always says it was a horrible game and was stressful as hell, saying that they couldn't even finish a dungeon in the time limit.

I proceed to ask "Did you play the song of reverse time?" And I always get the response: "What is that? What does it do?"

This happens every single time I talk to someone who disliked Majora's Mask. #17
I plan on getting both Rogue and Unity at some point. But with how often the games are coming out, and how many other games are coming out this month that I want more, and being extremely busy at the moment, I am just going to wait for a price drop. #3
If they update the 3ds to be region free, I will finally be able to play Dragon Quest VII 3D, Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D, and Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3D #7
1. We have already seen what looks like Leviathan. But it seemed like it was just a story summon. But that makes it look like summons do exist.

2. I am content with the standard -, ra-, ga, and ja- spells.

3. Limit breaks existed in every FFXIII game. They have existed in pretty much every FF game, and based on previous footage such as Noctis having the circle of swords around him, I bet they will be in here.

4. I am interested in if this wil... #10.5
My most requested DLC characters:

Ice Climbers (I won't use them, but they deserve a spot)
Simon Belmont
Mewtwo #3
2014 is a very heavy year for games coming out. This is true for all systems. 2015 is already looking to be just as densely packed with games.

My wallet, growing backlog, and I are all hoping 2016 is a complete gaming drought. #1
I already bought the Legacy Collection =/

Now, if this is the same thing but also includes Ground Zeroes and is a PS4 collection, I will sell my Legacy Collection and Ground Zeroes to get it. Because remote play. #7
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X/Y are far superior. #2.1
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Mario's third party is for the Nintendo 64... #4
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