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I already bought the Legacy Collection =/

Now, if this is the same thing but also includes Ground Zeroes and is a PS4 collection, I will sell my Legacy Collection and Ground Zeroes to get it. Because remote play. #7
X/Y are far superior. #2.1
Mario's third party is for the Nintendo 64... #4
All of which are much better than COD. Even if they are released on a yearly to bi-yearly rate. #8.3.2
Doesn't matter for many reasons:

1. Tons of good first party games coming out for the Wii U
2. Call of Duty sucks #8
If Bowser Jr makes it in, I hope he gets several of the Koopalings as alts. #2
Ground Zeroes didn't suck. It was actually quite fun. The problem was that it was just extremely short. But short doesn't make a game bad, it just makes it not cost effective.

Dark Souls II wasn't bad in the slightest. It was kind of disappointing because it wasn't as good as the first Dark Souls, but it was still fun to play.

South Park was a fantastic game. The creators of the series put their effort into the game so much that the latest sea... #7
You do realize that Corocoro came out and said the day after the announcement that it was just going to be the currently known roster, right? #1.1
Haven't played The Witcher or Knights of the Old Repbulic, so maybe a remake would make me play them.

I would love an "Assassin's Creed Saga" collection for the PS4. Something that could include AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and AC3 all remastered. The other games in the series are either irrelevant, already on the PS4/XBO, or are too recent for this treatment.

Would love an "Uncharted Remastered Trilogy" for the PS4 which wo... #1
I agree with Ipach. XIII-2 is a fantastic game and is waaaaaaay better than the original XIII. It has the story synopsis of XIII so you don't actually have to play XIII. #1.1.2
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Hmm... Naughty Dog... A returning series... In space...

A Crash Bandicoot game in space?
Or Nathan Drake going to space?

Either way, sounds interesting. #21
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I did not like Killzone 1-3 at all. I will not go through why I did not like them, why I thought they were boring. Because that is NOT the focus here.

But Shadow Fall, in my opinion, looks significantly better and waaaaaaaay more fun than what I experienced with KZ 1-3. So I am thinking of getting it. #22
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I get a strange feeling from the legendaries being around level 3/4. Generally legandaries, if they have a set spot, are level 50-70, and if they are event tend to be 30-50. But then again they were found by a hacker who may have found them via a hack.

As for Mega Latias and Mega Latios... They look exactly the same, with the same exact background and every pixel in the same location except for the legendary itself. It seems a bit weird. #1
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I have always wondered about the discount coupon. But now that I have every buyable tm and mega stone, and I have just about every piece of clothing... I have no use for it, and am struggling to find use for my money.

XD #1.1
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I'll tell you my favorite moment... but first, an introduction to my experience with the series.

I love this series. But originally, I tried to get into the series by playing MGS3 first so that I could get into it in order of storyline. But I could never get into MGS3. It started out with a lot more stealth and a lot less action or story than the other games. It didn't get the "holy sh*t" moments until later on in the game, but since I didn't play the ot... #6
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I'm still surprised that this isn't coming to the Wii U. The PS2 and GC versions were competing for the most sales for a while, and easily had more than the XB version, and overall, people thought Link was easily the best exclusive character. If it weren't for the Gamecube's lack of popularity, the GC version would have sold much more than the PS2 version for the entirety of the lifetime, instead of just being very closely ahead at first and very closely behind after a little... #2
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And US has gotten a decent amount of free PS+ games that EU hasn't yet, or got after us. #3.2
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It is very important at release, but not as important by the end of the generation.

Microsoft's statement about "less than 10% of xbox 360 owners play original xbox games on the system" is true, however, they are looking at the demographic at the end of the generation, where backwards compatibility isn't as important.

But let's look at the launch of a new console. The new consoles come out, and gamers want them, but they might not have g... #20
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He brought several weapons to school that aren't found in the game.

My guess here is that the child is like my brother. My parents said that he will not play Call of Duty anymore. But one day when my parents were at work, my brother's friend downloaded CoD to my brother's Xbox. Now, whenever my brother plays the Xbox, he plays CoD, and as soon as he hears someone coming up the stairs, he quits and loads up minecraft.

I wouldn't be surprised if... #14
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For the most part, 3D Land was pretty easy... But some of the later levels in the main game, and especially a few of the levels in the 8 bonus worlds were a bit frustrating. #1.1.1
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