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Look into the PDP zelda case. It looks way cooler. They also have a zelda console skin that looks really cool as well.

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Despite having a PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and a top of the line gaming pc, I think I will get Yooka-Laylee on Switch if it gets a physical copy, at least as long as it runs at 60 fps. As a throwback to Banjo-Kazooie and other classic N64 platformers, I feel Yooka-Laylee will feel the most nostalgic on a Nintendo System.

But if it only runs at 30 fps on switch, I will get it for PC.

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Not having them won't kill the system. It doesn't NEED them.

BUT I will say that now days, with how many games I get and how busy I am with school and work, I generally don't play optional content in video games unless it provides trophies/achievements. I generally play the main game, then move on to the next game.

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The 32gb is internal memory for the system, which can be upgraded to up to 2Tb with the use of a micro sd card (currently micro sd cards only go up to 512gb).

Not sure what the actual size of the cartridges are.

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I personally like him. One of the few FF villains to actually succeed in the end.

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There are no new standard race tracks. It includes the DLC. But there are plenty of new courses for the new battle mode.

From watching the trailer, there are at least 5 new courses for battle mode:
- Splatoon Course
- Lord Bowser Course
- Mario Kart GBA style course
- Haunted Mansion course
- Course with the spinning platform in the middle

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Launch and most of 2017 looks grim. But with how much third party support it is getting and games such as Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that are coming out early on in its life, I feel like it will do a lot better. I have 13 Wii U games (including ports/remakes) with no plans on getting more... (Well, there is one I am debating on). But switch already has more than half that number of games coming out in its first year (including ports/remakes) that I plan on getting. So I am optimistic that it will...

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Zelda is really the only good launch title, and it is coming for the Wii U so it doesn't give many people reasons to get the system right away.

I personally feel like 1-2 switch should be included with the system like wii-sports was for the wii.

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I am a nintendo fan. I do plan on getting the switch day 1. But I can say that this presentation had issues. Like most Nintendo fans, I don't particularly care about power/graphics. But for a handheld system, the switch is very impressive.

But I am worried. As excited as I am for Zelda, it isn't an exclusive title. The first exclusive title that actually looks good and caters to a large amount of people is Mario, which doesn't come out until the holidays. Everyt...

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32gb with upgradeable storage via microSD is perfectly fine. Higher storage would have added to the system cost and it would have forced those who purchase physical games and don't use much storage to pay more. This is good because:

- Those who play physical games only and don't use much storage won't have to pay extra
- Those who do stick to digital games will be able to upgrade the storage as they see fit. MicroSD cards go up to 512 gb now.

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Xbox One is the only console I have ever regretted purchasing.

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Reports I am seeing are saying the following:
Wii U version - 720p @ 25-30 fps
Switch version undocked - 720p @ 25-30 fps
Switch version docked - 900p @ 30 fps

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The only thing that has me worried right now is the lack of launch title information. Right now, we only know of 1-2 switch and Breath of the Wild. But 1-2 switch doesn't look exciting, and Breath of the Wild isn't exclusive.

But the future has me beyond hyped. Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Super Mario Odyssey all sound really exciting.

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Comes with the dock and controller. Battery life will be between 2.5-6.5 hours depending on the game and whether you are playing with max volume and online or not. They made that stuff clear during the presentation.

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Silent Hills upset more gamers in general. But I personally don't care much about silent hill, the survival horror genre in general, the walking dead, or Norman Reedus... So I didn't really care about its cancellation.

But Scalebound... It was the one game that made me finally decide "I am getting an Xbox One." Now I have a console that the only exclusives that I can buy for it are either online-focused shooters/racing games, hd remakes, or backwards compa...

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It is only a disaster if you like hack and slash and RPG games and wanted the Xbox One to be about something other than online-focused shooters and racing games.

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Nobody is saying that it was going to be a great game. But it did look fun.

The thing that we are mad about is that it was an MS exclusive that wasn't just another online focused shooter/racing game. It was the game that interested people who liked hack and slash, rpgs, etc. As an RPG person myself, it was the game that finally made be decide to buy an Xbox One.

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Xbox consoles are really only good for shooters, Forza, and Minecraft these days. It used to be good for other stuff too. Remember platformers such as Blinx the Time Cat? Remember RPGs such as Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Fable?

Microsoft has been catering their console to a few specific types of gamers and that is not a good thing to do.

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Really hope this is true. Bloodborne is easily my favorite Souls game. At least in terms of music, atmosphere, and gameplay. It didn't have as much depth and content as the others though. If they can get it to have the same amount of content and depth as the other souls games, I will love that.

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