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Why is Ar NoSurge Plus on this list? It is coming to the west at the beginning of July...

Replace Ar NoSurge with Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki and it will be a pretty solid list. #2
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Lately, AC hasn't been very innovative. It has just felt like more of the same. So I no longer use gameplay as a deciding factor to buy these.

I've been looking at this:
Do I like the main character(s)?
Do I like the setting?
Does the story interest me?

With rogue, the story interested me and the main character interested me. But the setting just felt like more of AC4, so I haven't been in the mood to play it, even though I... #8
I don't care what platform it comes to. I just want it localized, as well as the other 5 3DS Dragon Quest games that didn't make it to North America. #6
2 and Black Flag. Brotherhood is 3rd. My biggest complaint about Brotherhood was that the entire game took place in just one city, so exploration got pretty boring. #2
These are not all of the positive traits gained. Also, they apply to all of the Souls games.

I find that before I played through Dark Souls (and actually enjoyed it), I was a bit impatient. I didn't have much self-confidence. I strayed away from most challenges that I came across.

The first time I played Dark Souls, I threw a fit, and I sold the game in a heartbeat. After so many people kept saying how amazing of a game it was and me not believing them,... #4
So far the only New 3DS "exclusive" games we know of are Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

I hope more New 3DS exclusives get announced. Especially some that aren't remakes. #5
I honestly preferred the remastered soundtrack, I wouldn't even do anything with the calendar, and I am not obsessed with graphics. So since I already have the Vita version, I don't think it is worth paying $50.

I will still get the PS4 version eventually when I can get it for about $20. But $50 is too much for it. #19
Prior to playing the souls series, I found that I usually backed away from challenges. I didn't do things if they were hard.

It was the Souls series that showed me that I grow most from challenge, and that if I push myself I will be better. It made challenges fun. Ever since then, I have embraced challenge.

BloodBorne will do the same for people. #1
I don't think it is the retailers fault. If it was, then only a couple select retailers would have shortages. But when every single retailer that sells amiibos have major shortages, it is more on Nintendo's hands. #2
4 is also one of the better games. #9.1
Most Final Fantasy fans have generally been biased toward the first game they have played through. You may be able to avoid this bias if you start with the original Final Fantasy, since it didn't have the great storytelling or character development of later games.

But if you want to start with one of the games that were generally better, the best games were 4, and 6-10.

There are several other games that were pretty good, such as Crisis Core, Tactics, Typ... #11
Metal Gear Solid 3 got a 3DS port a few years ago. #3.2.4
Here's hoping they announce localizations for the Dragon Quest 3DS games and a release date for the localization of Bravely Second.

Would be cool to see the next Pokemon game, release date for Mewtwo DLC, etc. #4
Not sure if it is really a delay. They usually announce them the week before the month's first playstation update. This upcoming Tuesday will still be March, so it would make sense in general that the announcement would be next week.

I still want to hope that the games are going to be really good, but lately it has been mostly indies that don't interest me, with a few indies I do want in between. #1
Hmm... So having 40 insight makes the Amygdala's visible prior to the blood moon. Interesting.

Normally, once you activate the blood moon, everything shows up. #5
Cleric Beast is a boss that is on top of the bridge in Yarnham. You can fight it before Father G, or you can fight it after. I fought it before, but it all depends on where you explore.

Cleric Beast is, however, required to be killed to be able to progress after Father G. It drops an item that allows you to buy a key item needed to open up a gate to the rest of the game. #9.1
The demo will come with day 1 copies of the unannounced but probably Kingdom Hearts: Xehanort Remastered Saga for PS4.

=P #1
3rd games for each Pokemon generation don't add new Pokemon... Just new forms... #1.2.1
Not sure why they didn't do a God of War Remastered Saga for PS4 that includes Ascension, Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, GoW, GoW2, and GoW3.

God of War 3 by itself... Not worth it imo. The ps3 game looks good enough as it is and the remaster really doesn't look much better. I have seen the game for as low as $2, so I really would not want to pay $40 for it.

I would get this if it was a remastered Saga, but just being GoW3 remastered... I am not... #56
Still waiting on 3D remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI like the DS remakes of 3 and 4...

Still waiting on a Kingdom Hearts game about Mickey.

Still waiting on a PSN release for Crisis Core.

Still waiting on a US PSN release for the PSP versions of FF 1 and 2.

3D remake of Chrono Trigger.

Full remakes of FF7-9 #3
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