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"Long Live Play"


Playstation Allstars is a classic so a sequel is surly already in the works. All a sequel needs is to add to the roster from the first game, the gameplay is pretty much perfect already. If they added Crash Bandicoot , that alone would be enough for a sequel. Considering Sony and Capcom are so tight right now I think we'll be seeing a Sony vs Capcom game very soon as well. #11
Do you think you could do any better troll? No other developer can match what Naughty Dog does so save your critiques for yourself because nobody cares what you think. #2.3
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Yup , and by the looks of the sales charts Sony's genius strategy worked. The Xbones sales have stalled out and there is no sign of an uptick any time soon. There's no way Microsoft can afford to sell Xbones for any less than they are now. #1.3
Sorry but Street Fighter V is NEVER going to be on the Xbone. Sony owns the rights to the game because they codeveloped the game with Capcom . Do you really think Sony would allow Street Fighter V on the Xbone lol? #1.5
Capcom went with this generations winner and there is nothing wrong with that. With over 20 million PS4s sold , SF V will be a huge seller. The Xbone is a FPS console while the PS4 has a more diverse catalog , fighters being a big genre on the platform. This was a brilliant marketing decision. #23
Anonymous could destroy Lizard Squad so they better listen. Anonymous have killed people. #47
Those bastards didn't get me. I'm starting to think they're all talk. Sony know how to defend against them but they got Microsoft today. #78
The level of detail Naughty Gods put into their games is staggering. No one else in the industry puts this kind of detail into their games. This PS4 exclusive is shaping up to be the best game ever made. Theres no way I'm going to get to sleep now. I need this game. #9
Are you joking? Kratos is a video game icon . They're not just going to get rid of him . There is plenty of story left in Kratos . Now that he's killed all the Greek gods he can go after the Norse ones or even Satan. Or maybe Kratos goes to the modern world and rips stuff up. The possibilities are endless really. #13.1
It's nice to know SOME companies know what they're doing with their properties. This was the only way to get the best possible Street Fighter V. The power of the PS4 was no doubt what drew Capcom to Sony on this EXCLUSIVE deal. Only on Playstation baby!!! #15
Well Kotaku will take any chance they can to troll Sony so this is not surprising in the least. It's pathetic really. Regardless Sony always comes out on top smelling like roses. #1.1.6
Oh but I thought the Vita has no games? If anything the Vita is stronger than ever. Support for it is in overdrive. #5
Naughty Gods why are you so good to us? I don't even know what to say. These graphics are the best I've ever seen. #88
Congratulations LBP and Sony. #2
The first Fat Princess was an instant classic.This will be the game that makes it a gaming staple. #3
Titanfall , Ryse and Sunset Overdrive are the games I regret buying the most this gen. Very disappointing games all around. I won't even get started on the Master Chief Collection. That was just a flat out epic fail. #54
Articles like this are hilarious . This games already been crucified by the media so when the reviews start dropping be sure to add 3 points to the score they give to get the true review score. It's so obvious that Microsoft have been paying websites to talk negative about The Order to make Sony look bad. The PS4 will still be the #1 console in the world though. #10
Sony is just returning fire. They didn't start these sleazy business tactics , Microsoft did. Frankly it's a genius business move on Sonys part. Microsoft can keep Tomb Raider, I think Street Fighter 5 is the most anticipated game anyway. #91
Makes sense. Playstation has always been the console for fighters and Capcom would want to release on the much more powerful console. Amazing. #9
Greatness Awaits my friends. Did you not know that? #13
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