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"Long Live Play"


It makes you wonder where all that subscription money is going. Certainly not back into the infrastructure. #8.2
I wouldn't say good riddance but I think Sony found a brilliant way to free up space on memory cards. You can still use YouTube in the browser. #13
Everyone needs to calm down. Did anyone use these features anyway? I hardly ever did and truthfully won't even miss them. The Vita is a gaming machine first and foremost so when a couple of frivolous , bloatware apps get cut it really is NOT a big deal. My guess is Sony has something better they are planning to replace these apps with anyway. #59
You have no right to just dismiss The Order without playing it. The bad press you have been seeing is nothing more than a smear campaign meant to hurt sales of the game. And you fell for it hook line and sinker. #4.3
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Just as long as Kratos is back Im all in for this game. Why no mention of him?He fit in perfectly with the MK universe and added some much needed personality . He had the best fatalitys of MK9. #1
Troll review. If you're going to post a review this late it should reflect the updated game. 7/10 would have been pushing it when DC released but now it deserves nothing less than a 10/10. You won't find a better racer. #5
Well lets see, there are like 10 million more PS4s sold than Xbones so I would say its a give . Not to mention this is Naughty Gods we're talking about here. They only make the best and the next Uncharted is shaping up to be the best game they ever made. Halo doesn't have any hype around it so Im calling Uncharted by a landslide. #54
Wow I thought it was suppose to be 10 million and this is not sold units it is SHIPPED. Guess slashing the price didnt do anything. Not good news for the Xbone. #21
Nope. They can't just flip a switch and then the Xbone is magically more powerful than the PS4. Wishful thinking really. #17
Well Han I hate to brake it to you but Drake's going to kick your butt. Developers have been gunning for the Uncharted series since it first released and brought the Uncharted-style gameplay to the gaming world.Naughty Dog invented this genre and they own it. #8
Nah it's over for the Xbone outselling the PS4. You can tell MS is getting desperate when they slash the price and start announcing vaporware peripherals like hollowlens. Sony did it right with the PS4 and they are reaping the rewards for it. The PS4 owns 2015 with exclusives. Just imagine how big the sales gap will be a year from now. #14
The only ones who crucified this were the ones who NEVER played it.It's literally the best racing game ever made. You WILL NOT find a better looking game. #18
I could look at these all day. Sometimes I'll just stop in the middle of a race to take in the gorgeous scenery. A guilty pleasure of mine while playing DC. #20
They're both amazing buys but if I had to chose I would go straight Vita 2000. It's the best portable gaming system ever made and it has really been picking up steam in sales lately. Plus there are many great exclusives in the works. #1
Another amazing exclusive coming to the PS4. 2015 is going to be an expensive year. #3
The Last Guardian is NOT "Lost in Limbo". Sony just commented very recently that it was STILL in development. Gamers today need to learn some patience . Besides the PS4 has plenty of other exclusives to keep us busy in 2015. #2
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It's not that big of a surprise. The Vita isn't doing as bad as the media would like you to believe and the 3DS has lost it's thunder which is why Nintendo made the New 3DS. Also you can't do remote play on the 3DS like the Vita can. #4.5
I knew this was fake. Sony doesn't need to redesign the PS4 when it's selling like hotcakes already. #5
We can expect Greatness. It's going to be epic. GOTY #18
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