Long Live Play
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So many butthurt Xbots in here.

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Nice. Sony will continue to dominate the other consoles this gen into dust by the time it's over. It's not even close.

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Sony nails it again. It looks gorgeous.

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It's the best bargain in gaming hands down.

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Honestly does this surprise anyone? Of course PS4 won Black Friday.

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Exactly. This game was just too deep for many to even understand. Jodie is like an onion with many layers of character not seen in video game characters. Gamers these days need to shoot virtual people to have fun. It's sad really. That's why I love Playstation games because they put story first.

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"You heard from a mate?" I have never seen such abysmal journalism in all my life. You come in here trashing the PS4 when you haven't even played the Xbone version? Hmm, I wonder what kind of fanboy you are? Now you get called out on it and you're back peddling. Just leave. I heard from a mate that you should quit game journalism and never type another word.

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The BEST value in gaming by far. So many amazing games I can't wait to see whats coming next. The competition doesn't come close.

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Wow , ROFL fail Xbone.

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Sony know how to do updates. No need for a ruckus like some other companies do.

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Stop trolling when you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

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Oh but I thought the Vita had no games. Funny I see them releasing all the time.

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Do people actually buy this junk?

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Two years of dominance.

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Exactly. This is what happens when every attempt fails to beat the PS4 in sales. They have to resort to a smear campaign. Pathetic really.

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Lol , just because Cloud is going to Smash Bros. does not mean a thing. If you think FF VII is coming to the NX then you seriously have problems. Sony is the reason this game is even coming so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to release on a Nintendo console. It's an unofficial first party Playstation game.

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Meanwhile, in the rest of the world Sony still dominates. You see , this is not even a blip on Sonys radar. Not even a bump in the road. The PS4 is already the victor of this gen.

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Wrong. Sony is the discussion here. This is a backstabbing to Sony and FF7 fans. Trust me , if you played the game you would understand.

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Bad move Nintendo. Sony is going to end you.

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Exactly. This is a low blow from Nintendo to Sony and a backstab from SE. Now we know why Cloud wasn't in Playstation Allstars ( the better game) you can thank Nintendo for that. Cloud is associated with the Playstation brand NEVER Nintendo! This is nothing but Nintendo trolling Sony which is pathetic . This really has me pretty angry , especially when the PS4 is killing the Wii U in sales .

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