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"Long Live Play"


Sony are masters of surprising their fans. This years E3 is proof of that. This game is going to be a masterpiece. #11
Thank you Sony! #3
Who approves these TROLL articles? Do you think Sony would announce a game that is not far along in development at the biggest games show of the year ? FFVII Remake has been years in the making and will most likely release early next year. This article reeks of clicks desperation from a salty fanboy that's upset that a certain game isn't coming to his console of choice. #5
I can't wait to see that griffon in full battle mode. I'm expecting epic monster fights. How sweet would it be if you could ride on its back and shoot arrows at your enemies or just eat them or crush them underfoot . I want to see the griffon rage out. #2
It doesn't matter why. Only thing that matters is its here now and we get another PS4 masterpiece to add to the library. The game is better for it and so are we. #25
Funny how you Xbox fanboys suddenly act like you love indies. When the PS4 was getting loads of them you didn't care and even slammed the PS4 for it. Now that it suits your needs your tune has changed drastically. This is why the PS4 is #1. #2.1.4
The wait was worth it. This is the most beautiful game I've ever laid my eyes on. Plus you know it's going to be an epic emotional story. Only on PS4 baby!!! #1
Sony never fail to impress at E3. They won it hands down with bombshell after bombshell. MS is running scared right now with tail between legs. Damn it feels good to be a Playstation gamer . Greatness has arrived. #6
Sony wins E3!!! #19
It's hilarious watching these Xbox fanboys do their damage control while Sony crushes it.
-The Last Guardian
- Final Fantasy VII Remake
- SHENMUE III kickstarter
There has never been a better announcement at E3. Sony wins. Sony wins Sony wins. #3.5.2
Just funded $600 to this future Playstation exclusive masterpiece. Don't be cheap guys, this game needs to be made. Get them wallets out. #22
I think Mr. Spencer just wet his pants. There's no way MS isn't nervous right now. Sony has crushed E3 AGAIN. #3
Looks amazing. Unlike anything that's ever been made before. Media Molecule are geniuses period and have crafted another gaming classic. Can't wait to play this. #2
Looks like someone is nervous about The Last Guardian. If MS had more to show they would have shown it today . Sony wins E3. #6
Sony wins E3 with this gorgeous Exclusive masterpiece. I am in tears right now. Backwardscompata-What? Greatness is here. #10
Simply amazing. I'm in tears right now. Sony has already won E3. Backwardscompata-What? #3
18 games? ROFL What a complete fail. This is the feature that the fanboys are saying will kill PS Now? #73
Micro$oft does not care about gaming they care about money. They have no interest in pushing the medium , they just want to line their pockets. Micro$oft has never been about gaming or gamers. They're just a bunch of corporate scumbags. #2.2.7
Nice try TROLL but Naughty Dog have the most integrity out of any game developer in the industry. They don't have to "milk" ANYTHING because they have the talent to create brand new IPs that dominate the sales charts. But you wouldn't know that because you've never played any of their games. #2.2.1
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The Xbone hasn't done anything of note this year and they don't have anything on the horizon for the rest of the year. Meanwhile the PS4 has been killing it with must own exclusives. I can't keep up with all the greatness. #18
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