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"Long Live Play"


What is the point of this garbage article? How about a top 5 best Vita games you trolls. #1
If you don't own a Vita and you pass on this deal , You Are Not A Gamer. No excuses. #8
This is being blown WAY out of proportion. Most likely by people who don't own a PS4. I think it's a genius way to force the player to actually be good at the game. Instead of button mashing your way through the game you will have to use your skills to win. #115
LOL NO. That is not going to happen. Sony has 2015 owned by September. #36
Without a doubt the best graphics on ANY platform. Mirages ? Who would've even thought to put such a minute detail into a racer? Honestly is there anything this game can't do? I discover something new in Driveclub EVERY time I play it. Seriously best racer of all time. #8.1
Wow , IGN really had to stretch to not give this game a 10. "Average looking"? IGN is a joke. After their The Order 1886 review they have lost all credibility. I know for a fact that if this was an Xbone exclusive it would have scored 10/10.Complete rubbish site. #14
The media needs to STOP acting like The Order 1886 was some kind of disaster. The gamers spoke with their wallets and silenced the hate critics. It is an amazing game. Now can we move on. #33
If you ever played ICO or SOTC then you would know that the hype was very real and The Last Guardian will deliver 10 fold when it is released. You obviously have NO idea what it takes to craft a masterpiece. #17.1.1
It's not Sony's fault this moron doesn't have a strong password. There's no accountability anymore, people screw up and they expect to be rewarded for it. I think it was very generous of Sony to even refund $150 to this rube. Make him pay for it and he will learn a lesson. #50
After The Order I've lost a lot of respect for the gaming media. So much unwarranted hate towards that game for trying something different. Those who actually played it know it is an excellent game. #34
Take your time Naughty Gods. The PS4 already owns 2015. #32
It's funny , the sales of the game beg to differ. Just another site jumping on the hate bandwagon. #3.2
It's much easier to run off HDD with the Xbone compared to the PS4 due to the PS4 being a much more powerful console . PS4 games are HUGE compared to the Xbone games which lets face it , aren't exactly that demanding. It will take a lot of research and development to figure out how to run PS4 games through an HDD. Give Sony time and they will figure it out. Either way this is an amazing update that boosts the performance of the PS4 to the next level. #26.1
You do know that this is what the Vita is for right? Haven't you ever heard of remote play? I could see if Sony had no portable but the Vita is literally a console on the go. #8
Is anyone really surprised? Sony has been dominating left and right , nailing expectations while also exceeding them. All I'm seeing is Greatness coming from Sony since the PS4 launched. Another nail in the Xbones coffin.

Long Live Play #62
Leave it to Sony to perfect VR. They know how to make the best of anything they try. #1
So now trophies are destroying the industry? I swear the media loves to invent new reasons to hate on Sony. #7
Put on the list of sites to not trust on reviews for PS4 games. 4/10? What a joke review and late might I add. Just another site jumping on the hate bandwagon. #2
So what's the big deal? Nobody won and they are redoing the contest so it' s like nothing happened at all. This is something that could easily happen to anyone so Sony gets a pass. I always find it funny when people feel entitled to something they were never guaranteed to get. #18
SMH , Sony was protecting it's customers from an obvious shake down from EA and now they are being vilified for it? This community is completely falling apart . Has everyone already forgotten how Sony saved ALL GAMERS from always online requirements from Microsoft? How much do you think Microsoft paid for this? They think they can buy their way out of any problem. I can't believe so many people are falling for this hook line and sinker. #79
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