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"Long Live Play"


Does this guy expect Sony to show all it's cards? I like that they're keeping things secret. I have way too much to look forward too anyway with what they already announced. And TLG is coming so you have to be patient it's going to be amazing. #4
The Vita has better games than the 3DS that's for sure. It does a lot more too. #8
The Xbone controller feels too cheap for PC gaming , like it could break in your hand or something. That's why I use my trusty DS4. #9
This is what Titanfall wishes it was. Glad I'm a Playstation gamer cause this aint coming to Xbone ever. #7
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This just shows what a class act Sony is. Literally no one else would do this. Sony takes care of its people. #4
But I thought the Vita was dead? SMH , seems to me that the Vita is doing better than ever. This is a well deserved win by Sony and just the beginning of the domination. #8
This stuff will go good with my PS4 Jordans. #3
Amazing. This is what Titanfall wishes it was. Sony continues to surprise me by delivering exactly what the gamers want time and again. This looks like a GOTY to me. #62
Is anyone surprised? Microsoft is going to make you pay them to post Minecraft videos. They truly are scum. #6
Well i guess I know what Im spending my next paycheck on. Jordan and Sony , two icons brought together in Greatness. These are going to be worth a LOT of money. #7
This is justified hate though. The game is awful. I've never been more bored with a game. I can't believe so many fell for the hype. #12
Microsoft ruins everything they touch. This is the death of Minecraft. I will never play another Minecraft again. #29
I knew it would flop. I never thought Bungie was a talented studio myself. All they can do is Halo. #10
Sorry but Sony just announced over 100 games that are coming to the Vita. I think Sony is supporting the system pretty good. All these hackers have done is hurt the gamers. This will freak out other developers from making new games for the Vita. If Sony stops supporting the Vita this will be the reason why not poor sales. #16.1
Stop trolling the Xbone is huge and looks like it was designed 15 years ago. IT most certainly requires a redesign. The PS4 is sleek as hell though. I don't know if it's possible for Sony to slim that down anymore. #8.1
Wow you must have horrible taste in games then so your opinion isn't really valid. What's the point in posting in this article? I think I smell a TROLL. #7.3
SMH Nope, the Vita is the adult handheld and Nintendo caters to the children. This is obvious when you simply look at the Vitas mature lineup. I wouldn't let any kid play Soul Sacrifice that game is for adult eyes only. #4
Those Halo/Bungie days are LONG gone and they ain't never coming back. That era is over my friends. #3
Let’s face it, Japan doesn’t really care about consoles anymore
The PS4 begs to differ :) #25
I suppose you think Sony should give you the games for free too. Do you not understand how much it costs to run multiplayer games? Sony is giving you the best value in gaming and people still find reasons to complain. SMH #1.4.1
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