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"Long Live Play"


Neck and neck? Sorry but no , not even close. The PS4 is dominating the Xbone worldwide. PS4 is king. #14
Sony owns the rights to Spiderman. They should put an end to these multiplatform games and make a PS4 exclusive Spiderman game. Imagine how epic a Spiderman could be if it was developed specifically for the PS4. #4
Talk about a clickbait article. The PS4 is the #1 selling console in the world and has the best exclusive games. This article reeks of desperation . #9
This is HUGE. Jaffe is a Playstation legend so you know this is going to be an instant classic. I literally have tears in my eyes right now. #11
LOL WUT? The PS4 is dominating the sales charts around the world. Nintendo isn't winning ANY battles with the Wii U. The Last of Us destroys ANY game on the Wii U. #17
Nintendo didn't invent 8-player local multiplayer. It has been around for a VERY long time. #2
Does that surprise you Ron Danger? Microsoft aren't known for their high morals and ethical behavior. This is just another disgusting thing they have done among many , many others. #1.2
This article is spot on. Unfortunately not many would admit this because it's "cool" to bash the PS4 right now. #40
Say goodbye to your warranty geniuses. #5
The gap between the PS4 and Xbone is only going to widen as the PS4s killer exclusives continue to drop and dominate the sales charts. After the holidays Microsoft has NOTHING while Sony has a slew of amazing games ready to drop. By this time next year the PS4 will be sitting on over 30 million units sold. 2015 is the year of The PS4 . #15
Yup. If I bought an Xbone day one I would be furious right now. This is how Microsoft treats their customers. #53
The media has been trying to bad mouth the PS4 since it was released and against all odds it has become the biggest success story in gaming. They want it to fail so bad but the PS4 is bullet proof. Literally nothing they can make up or lie about has effected the PS4s sales. In fact it's had the opposite affect lol. That's because the gamers have empowered themselves with the truth and see through the lies #1.4
I don't understand , the PS4 IS more powerful than the Xbone. The more powerful system is going to output a higher quality game. That is just a fact that can't be argued.
To all the disagrees , I'll ask you one fair question.Who would win in a race between a Ferrari 458 and a Kia Soul ? No matter how much you blindly adore Kia Souls , you can't argue that it would ever have a chance against a Ferrari 458. This is a fact. #9
He's been more right than wrong.Why are you so salty about him? He is a major asset to the Playstation community. #9.1
The PS4 graphical potential has not even been close to fully tapped. The games we are seeing now are like 1/16th of what the PS4 is capable of which is mind blowing. The Xbone on the other hand has pretty much hit the ceiling on it's graphical potential so you won't be seeing much of a performance boost from here on out. #16
This no doubt crushed ANY chance of the Xbone making a comeback. This was Microsoft's only shot and they literally blew it. Meanwhile the PS4 has only gotten more popular. You don't have to be an economist to see that the PS4 is this generations clear victor. #32
I don't think Microsoft is going to like the answers they get. #3
10 Playstation Classics for sure. #1
Wow , this is not good for Microsoft. This is their flagship franchise and they can't even get the MP right. My friend who works at Gamestop told me that they're getting a lot of trade ins or returns for this game. Many angry customers. #10
This was a tragedy for gaming. All gamers lost that day. #7
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