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"Long Live Play"


So now trophies are destroying the industry? I swear the media loves to invent new reasons to hate on Sony. #7
Put on the list of sites to not trust on reviews for PS4 games. 4/10? What a joke review and late might I add. Just another site jumping on the hate bandwagon. #2
So what's the big deal? Nobody won and they are redoing the contest so it' s like nothing happened at all. This is something that could easily happen to anyone so Sony gets a pass. I always find it funny when people feel entitled to something they were never guaranteed to get. #18
SMH , Sony was protecting it's customers from an obvious shake down from EA and now they are being vilified for it? This community is completely falling apart . Has everyone already forgotten how Sony saved ALL GAMERS from always online requirements from Microsoft? How much do you think Microsoft paid for this? They think they can buy their way out of any problem. I can't believe so many people are falling for this hook line and sinker. #79
Not surprising . Does Microsoft do ANYTHING original? They need to start coming up with their own ideas instead of copying Sony. #25
Better hardware. Better exclusives . Better online. Better price. There's no reason not to buy a PS4 anymore . If you haven't bought one yet you're going to be left in the dust. #24
Average? So you think the game with the best visuals this gen is average? Sorry but the only thing average here is this joke site. Below average actually. Sales have already spoken for this game and sorry to burst your bubble but it is a success and seen as an excellent game by the gamers. Sorry your smear campaign didnt work. Maybe you should focus on gaming news instead of opinion pieces because your opinion is terrible. #12
Fillion is the most underrated actor today. He should play Drake in the next Uncharted. That would make so many people happy. #2
More like 50 million. MS thinks they can solve any problem by throwing money at it. Unlike Sony who take their time to craft gaming masterpieces . #7
Well deserved. The Order has earned every one of those sales and I cannot wait for the sequel. Many review sites showed their true colors with it's release. I think we know who to ignore from now on. #54
Yes and no. We Sony fans needs to be vocal in our outrage of the treatment of The Order by the media. Anyone who has actually played the game knows where the review scores should be and it's not a 6. Reviews like this are a complete joke that push an anti-Sony agenda. There is no need for such negativity in a review of a new IP trying something different because this will only stagnate the industry. #2.4
Come on, you could have given it a 9 . You obviously liked the game and it would off set these obvious troll reviews that keep popping up. The Order deserves all the support it can get for trying something new. Something all gamers ask for yet when somebody does it they are slammed for it. #4
Exactly. The gamers have no problem with The Order yet the media keep telling us that we hate it. Stop telling me how I feel and get back to reporting gaming news, you know the thing you're supposed to be doing. Sony needs to weed out these hate monger sites and no longer offer them review copies. #1.1
Happy Birthday Vita!!!! #7
I think Sony should stop sending review copies to certain sites that have shown negativity towards Sony in the past . There is so much unjustifiable Sony hate in the media that it is only doing more harm than good. The Order tried so many new things and all it got was hate for it. Sony should look at all the review scores for The Order and stop doing business with any site who gave a 7 or below. The production values alone in The Order warrant at least a 9. #20
Did you line up at 4AM @ Best Buy to get your toy this weekend? Nintendo has been trying to shed it's "kiddie" image for years yet they decide to release toys? I don't think they know what they're doing. #3.1.2
This is fine , I bought it at launch so this does not effect me. Drive Club is too special of a game to give away for free. The entitlement of some gamers is sickening, though I suspect most of the people making a stink are just Xbone fanboys. #20
It's the best portable console ever made yet the media has been wanting it to fail since the beginning*sigh. There is plenty of life left in the Vita . It's just another Sony product demonized by the media. #9
Time to show the children how VR is done. #1
The game is at least 7 hours long. It's not really original anymore to troll the games length. #2.2
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