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"Long Live Play"


It's about time someone knocked Minecraft off its high horse. Goodbye Minecraft say hello to the new king. #2
Around $10? You're joking right? Sorry but these are AAA masterpieces and Sony is not desperate to push these games. They are selling great without a discount. Xbone games belong in the bargain bin. #1.1.3
Maybe Microsoft should start following the laws instead of doing whatever they want. I swear they think they're above the law because they have so much money. +1 to China for taking them down a peg and not living in Microsofts pockets . #12
He doesn't know? I'll make it easy for you Mr. Spencer. You won't , you can't , you never will beat the PS4. Whatever they are paying this guy is way too much. #85
Wow. Talk about exploiting the death of a figurehead to make a buck. Bad taste move. #1
But I thought The Vita was dead?Goes to show it still has plenty of life in it. #4
What a troll article. Heavy Rain is a gaming classic that many devs take inspiration from today. It single handedly created a genre and showed that video game story telling can surpass even Hollywood. And to top it off the author gives this game an 8/10? How is it better than Heavy Rain again? #9
10/10 fixed. The clickbait is strong with this one. Read at your own risk. #1
I think it's pretty obvious there will be a successor to the Vita. Sony hasn't even stopped supporting the Vita yet. With the massive success of the PS4 Sony will no doubt aim to dominate the handheld market as well. #4.1.1
Oh boo hoo. In case you didn't know gaming is an expensive hobby and Sony has ALWAYS been the high end brand. If you can't afford it don't buy it but don't expect Sony to release cheap low end electronics. #1.8
Microsoft has NOTHING left to show. It's just the same stuff they've already been talking about. I think they may have given up and rightfully so. #29
Sony's weakness lol? Isn't the PS4 destroying the Xbone in sales? Yeah that's what I thought. Get these troll articles outta here. #38
I don't approve of using Xbone parts on the gorgeously engineered Vita. That's like putting junkyard hubcaps on a Ferrari. #3
I am all for a Sony monopoly . They are the only gaming company that have the gamers best interest in mind . If there has to be a monopoly Sony is the one to do it. MS have made their bed and they will have to sleep in it. #6.3
Wrong. You can try to spin it any way that makes you feel better but the FACT is the PS4 has won this gen by a landslide and the Xbone failed miserably. There is no coming back from this. The PS4's sales continue to tighten the screws on the Xbone. Why can't you just accept that? #1.13
Those ain't great numbers yall. Not this late in the game. #41
Let the domination continue. #9
Amazing list. It's funny, the gaming media wants you to think the Vita is dead yet what was the last noteworthy 3DS game that came out? The Vita has much more going for it than the 3DS and it's looking like it will have a longer life than the 3DS as well. #4
Then why are you even commenting here if you don't own a Vita? I think you've forfeited your right to criticize the Vita if you sold yours. I and many others love our Vitas and I think this is a brilliant service Sony is offering. #3.4
I think they should go for a native-American angle. Kratos already looks like a naive-American so the switch would be perfect. I can just imagine Kratos ripping the guts out of a bear or mountain lion. Then single handedly wiping out the American army and society for wronging the native people. #13
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